Negative Beta; Waffling

22 05 2009

Yes, beta was a big ol’ negative.  I am doing surprisingly okay.  I am sad of course but not devastated.  I felt more devastated when my girlfriend from work emailed me and told me that her scan revealed she was having a boy.  I am so happy for her but it made me want to crawl in bed for the entire weekend.

 My nurse at my clinic said she has not talked to my RE yet about scheduling my testing, WHAT THE &*^&.  But she said to just call on CD 1 and she would get me in for the testing.  When I went in for my beta, my favorite nurse and receptionist were there and were hugging me and telling me that they really want this to work, etc. etc.  I also called the new RE and had them submit orders for testing too.  I have not made a decision yet but I am set up at both places.  I really hate this.  I am scared to change, scared that it could be worse.  

Okay, I normally do not post about other life angst because IF angst is the center of my life and the following seems really idiotic.  However, a woman I met through my husband (she is engaged to one of his friends – she is super cool and I would love to be friends with her) has not returned two of my phone calls.  Background – I think her fiance is sort of a dick.  He is pretty flirtatious and has been with me in the past.  One night at dinner with mr. m and me, (without her) he asked me advice as to how he should tell her she should not snack at night (BTW, she just ran an entire marathon).  I was completely annoyed and told him that I thought that was rude and that he should let her eat what she wants.  I guess he does not want her “getting fat”.  He also has a young woman friend that he “works out with” in the gym.  Now, nothing may be going on but I still think that is borderline behavior – especially since he is a flirt.  He keeps telling Mr. M that I do not like him – he is right but I thought I was hiding it.  We then got a save the date for their wedding. The last time we were all out to eat, he put his chewed up grapefruit rinds next to my plate and I covered it up with my napkin and I guess he thought that was rude.  After that dinner – he told Mr. M that his fiance agreed that it seemed like I did not like him.  However, she gave me a big hug after we ate.  It was after that when I called her twice – about two weeks in between each call to go do something and she never returned my calls.  Bottom line is that I do not know her well enough to tell her she is marrying an ass but I guess I should try to be nicer to him, especially since mr. m just told me he is coming over tomorrow night for a pay per view event.  Ugghhhh.  So, I will really know that she was put off by me if we do not receive an actual invitation to their wedding, which I doubt we would attend at this point, and if when I ask this moron fiance of hers why she has not called me back, he avoids the subject.  Okay, I got it out and I feel slightly better but still stupid and rejected.




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22 05 2009

So sorry about your negative.

I am glad you got the tests ordered no matter who and how. And I have found if I like one person in a couple but not the other, it almost always ends badly– I hope you better luck than me (on many levels!)

Hang in there and know I am thinking of you. Wish that helped more! warmly, Kate

22 05 2009

I know it’s not funny, but I’m chuckling at your dilemma with Mr’s friend. Have been there…and there’s no easy answer. And I find we end up dumping the entire couple if one is an ass. BTW, your post does make the point that life goes on outside of IF…and we are all trying to still have A life. Even if it’s not the want we thought we’d have or wanted. For now anyway.

22 05 2009

Ugh. So very sorry for the negative, and sorry you’re having to deal with other angst on top of it.

As far as this guy goes, it sure sounds like he’s enough of a controlling jerk that he might have been putting pressure on her to not respond to you. Flirts really don’t like it when their flirting is not just rejected, but they are seen through as the schmucks they are. Not that any of that it makes it any nicer for you. Maybe she’ll get fed up with him before the wedding date?

A pox on all creepy men. Sorry you have to deal with him. He truly sounds vile. Blech.

22 05 2009

Sorry that teh HPT’s were right. Ugh.

22 05 2009

Hi Lisa,

I’m so sorry to hear about your beta. I am amazed at how strong you are.
Mr M’s friend sounds pretty challenging. I think it’s a bit rude of his fiance not to return your calls though. Keep us updated with how things turn out.

22 05 2009

Hey sweetie, a bfn and a gender baby announcement in one day is pretty frickin’ rough! I’m so sorry. You know I wish it could be different for you. You deserve something positive after all you’ve been through!

Although I wish you weren’t having to deal with this selfish, shallow guy friend, I’m happy to hear you share something outside of IF. It’s good for us to remember that we are more than IF. I’m not sure what kind of assvice to give on that one, but I’d have to admit that I’d probably drop him as a friend. Well maybe I’d drop them both … it’s rude not to return your phonecalls or at the very least to shoot an email saying she’s busy. Be honest an open with them and let us know how it turns out.

BTW … how are your friends with the micropreemie doing? I’ve been thinking of them.

22 05 2009

Sorry about the negative L..

I am one that has issues with change too, can’t wait to hear what you decide..

24 05 2009

Sorry about the BFN 😦 Hugs.

I hate when I have to hang out with people I don’t like. I do a terrible job at hiding my distaste for them. Maybe you should count your blessings and this could be your “out” from having to be friends with the guy?? It’s just too bad she’s acting immature and giving you the cold shoulder.

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