Sisterhood; Woo-hoo Mo & Will; Testing, testing and more testing

24 05 2009

Thank you Maria!  Maria has honored me with the Sisterhood Award.  I “met” Maria when I was a lurker during my first IVF.  Maria’s bfp came about twelve days before mine last May and I was hoping that we would remain pregnant together and begin to blog about our babies in January of this year.  I am so happy for Maria – she was successful after enduring 27 MONTHS OF TTTC, 5 IUI’S, 4 IVF’S AND 3 M/C’S and she now has beautiful little EJ from the last of her frozen embryos.  Maria has been a constant friend to me – through my other failed IVFs and miscarriages and now through our journey with donor inseminations.  Maria – like so many of you – continues to give me hope that this could work, it can work if I do not give up.  Besides giving hope, your sisterhood has given me community – a community where I can open up and get it all out, the good, the bad the ugly and feel love and acceptance everyday.  As far as passing it on, I give it to all of you – thank you!!!!

As I posted before, another couple that has been to hell and back, Mo & Will, got a bfp on Friday and I am so gleeful inside for them – truly, it is making me smile for them – and I am begging the universe to let this be it for them.  Mo has also been a wonderful sister to me and we have been on the same schedule more than once – Mo, I am begging you to leave me behind!!!!  No more cycles together, do you hear me!

So, the nurse from my new clinic called me yesterday, below is a rundown of what I have to do.   My period has not made an appearance yet – my last PIO was on Wednesday night, where the heck is this hag (no hope of pregnancy – beta was negative remember!) so I will not be able to do another insemination this round.  I am oddly okay with that – maybe I can lose some of this weight I have gained in the last 14 months of TTC.  BTW, my new RE, Dr. 100% Chance, may be on vacation for the next possible time I can cycle after missing this round.  First, that is great she told me now – no one told me those things at my last clinic and second, she told me that sometimes he does not let the other docs do procedures on his patients, he considers it carefully but that he may let another one do my IUI if he is gone.  I really respect that and am grateful that he seems, at this point, very careful and invested in his patients.  BTW, his nurse seems fabulous.

Okay, so the list of stuff I have to do:

1) Pick up records from old clinic from March to date;

2) If all the viral testing my old clinic did is okay with new clinic,  no more viral testing for Mr. M and me;

3) Get pap smear results sent to new clinic – if pap smear did not include a culture for stds, then get a culture performed for new clinic;

4) Day 3 testing – FSH, Prolactin U/S for antral follicles – also, thyroid and thyroid antibody testing;

5) Sonohysterogram;

6) Counseling session with counselor at new clinic (I did not have to do this with old clinic – do any of you know what I should expect?);

7) Call with financial counselor at new clinic; and

8 ) Pick up donor insemination packet from new clinic.




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24 05 2009

Thanks for all of your continued well wishes and constant support. We do keep ending up on the same schedule, don’t we.

For the record, I don’t want to leave you behind – I want you to come and join us! : ) Mo

24 05 2009

Aw, you gave me the warm and fuzzies {{HUGS}}.

I’m not sure what the counseling would be about. Maybe since you’re doing a donor cycle they want to be sure you and DH are ok going through that process?? I know I would have to go through counseling if I decide to donate my eggs.

24 05 2009

Wow Lisa, what a great post. There is a true sisterhood here in the blogosphere to which I feel fortunate to be a part of. Don’t get me wrong I wish none of us what a part of this club, but we are and I’m glad we have each other to see us through the good, the bad, and the down right ugly!

It sounds like your new RE is wonderful. You deserve someone to be upfront with you and that’s what you are getting. I did have a counselor appointment with my clinic’s shrink before starting IVF. It was silly in my opinion, but a formality for my clinic. He basically asked J and I a bunch of questions to make sure we weren’t crazy. I was/am super annoyed that we have to go through this to use ART to have a baby, but many crazy girls out there are having babies naturally every day. Uggh, so is life. Good luck!

24 05 2009

hmmm. I’m wondering if you have to see the counselor because you are using donor sperm and they want to counsel you about disclosure? They do that at my clinic, but so far, only with Egg Donation (haven’t done a DIUI yet).

I did South Beach Diet starting in Feb, as well as pilates, and I’m only 5lbs from my starting to TTC weight 3 years ago. I could get those off if I went back to phase one of SB.

how long til the cruise?

25 05 2009

Busy, busy, busy! It sounds like your new clinic is wonderful- and that can make all the difference in how you experience your treatment.

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