Sleep; Article About Terrible Mistake

16 06 2009

I slept about 12 hours last night and I feel like a new person today.  I was going to post about how tired and depressed I felt last night but I was literally too tired to post.

I have full on AF – weird, since it was 8-9 days early.  I had horrible shooting, searing pain on my right side last night but it was only like a 1/2 second at a time 5-6 times that I just tried to ignore it.  I have an appt with the new RE tomorrow – I will post an update then.

Until then, I saw this article today and my jaw dropped and my heart broke:Woman aborts other mother’s last embryo

I am not 100% sure what I would do if I was in that position – I hate Monday morning quarter backing – but I think I would have had that baby for the other woman…




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16 06 2009

Wow, that mix-up freakin’ scary! Good luck at your RE appt. tomorrow!

16 06 2009

Glad you got a good night’s sleep. I love me some sleep – it is one of my favorite things 🙂
That article is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

16 06 2009

Sleep is miraculous I truly believe it– and you– period here? YAY? on to the next cycle whatever it may be. Good luck with your new RE, hope it is a really good meeting that leaves you hopeful. You deserve hope AND success.

16 06 2009

That story is just wow, and how could anyone live with aborting another persons how sad..

Good Luck with your appt. maybe the pain was a cyst getting gone 🙂

Hope you have another great sleep tonight …

17 06 2009

Good luck with new RE! Hopefully, it will be a good change! Congrats on good sleep, hope it happens again very soon. And the article, well there are just no words…

17 06 2009

I had a conversation with a friend about this article yesterday. To be honest, imagine being the woman struggling with infertility for so long and then finding out that you are pregnant with another woman’s embryo…I would probably have had the child and kept it (at least in america there is a irrebuttable presumption that it is yours, right) and allow her access…maybe. I’m not sure. I know I couldn’t have aborted and I know I couldn’t have acted as a surrogate, so how is my life affected too? Also, and this is a really annoying IF like question- if they were approaching 40 and wanted another baby so badly, why didn’t they do another ER sooner? I mean, they waited 6 years and are now having fits??? Its amazing the embryo survived the thaw…! okay, now I am just being catty. It is an awful situation.

I’m glad you got a lot of sleep. Don’t give up hope. The new RE will move things forward and get you pregnant…you just have to be strong and persistent.

17 06 2009

Hi Lisa,

That article is so heartbreaking. I couldn’t imagine how that must feel.

I am so glad that you slept well. I am thinking of you as you see the new RE. Let us know how you get on.


23 06 2009

That’s a twisted article. Ugh.

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