Internets – ICI Plus IUI??? Fab.ulous Sex

20 06 2009

I really have high hopes for this, my Clomid debut.  I am thinking about doing an ICI at home the night I get my surge with the IUI the next morning at my RE’s office.  Please see poll below to vote – I think I figured this poll thing out!!!!  Also – TMI,  I had the most amazing sex dream the night before last, I did not want to wake up, it was delightful.  I remember having dreams like this on stims – must be the clomid.  So far, the side effects have been that starry feeling, fabulou.s sex dreams and today I have had some aching on my right side, I am hoping it is my ovary growing at least two follies!  I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight!




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20 06 2009

Wooohoo for fab.lous sex dreams. I, myself, am rather missing fabul.ous sex, since my doc doesn’t want us, er, enjoying, whilst attempting to get knocked up. The irony just slays me every time I have to say it out loud. “Sorry, dear. Remember? We’re trying to get pregnant.”


I say go for it. The more chances, the better, I always say.

Fingers crossed! Go right ovary, go!

21 06 2009

I’m with Sprogblogger, the more chances the better.
so glad you’re feeling good- ahh sex dreams, i am envious.

hang in there and good luck!

22 06 2009

Have you had orgasms in your sleep yet?? Those are simply divine, but only occurred during clomid/stim cycles. I miss them 😦

Ditto the others…get it while you still can! LOL.

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