The Bitch is Back; OPK Madness; At Home IVI; Bella and Niki

22 06 2009

Okay – updating post to add Niki’s and Bella’s BFPs!!!!  It is about time we had a string of bfps!!!

OPK Madness

OPK Madness


The side effects were really mild from Clomid up until today.  I woke up and I was ready to rip out someone’s eyes or pull their arms off.  I was in a horrid mood.  Sigh.  Today was the last dose thank goodness.  

My hopes are still high but right now I am just mad and angry that I can’t just get drunk, have sex with Mr. M and get pregnant.  

Okay, onto obsessions, which I am much better at doing.  Also, it is my checking behavior (thanks Mo) to “reduce anxiety”.  I am going to start testing for a surge tomorrow night, which will be CD 10.  I have posted a picture of my OPKs which is hilarious – I never took pictures of all of my IVF meds but for some reason I think this is a riot.  So, here is the plan – test at night with the Ovuquicks (has anyone ever used them? my RE recommended this brand) and test in the mornings with the clearblue sticks.  I am saving the digitals for when the sticks or cassettes, what have you, begin to look too close to call.  

Update on my sister – she is having a hard time (after her miscarriage).  😦 that crushes my soul.  She could not be around her sister in law tonight – she is pregnant.  My sister was like – “I never thought I would be like that” and I reassured her that she was not mean or evil and to be gentle with herself.  I wish I did not have to tell her any of that – it is so fucked up and I am so angry for her, for me.




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22 06 2009

Woohoo for the plan! Damned OPKs – it sounds like you have a good batch of them, though, to cover any contingency. Here’s hoping the guy-goodies show up on time, and that your surge doesn’t show up until its own on-time. Let’s have no surprises, here!

I am so sorry for your sister. And for you. And for all of us dealing with this crap hand we’ve been handed. I’m glad you’re there for her, though. I’m sure it’s easier for her, knowing she has you to lean on and talk to. She’s lucky to have you.

Fingers crossed!

22 06 2009

I know the clomid bitch too … she’s inhabited my body a time or two! ! You are serious about those OPKs … I used to love the 🙂 ones! I haven’t heard of the one your RE recommended, but I’m sure that they are good given he/she recommended them. I don’t know squat about home insems, but look forward to learning with you as you go! Please do tell us what you learn! I’m glad you made the decision to do both b/c now you won’t look back and regret not doing it. Plus, you’re just upping your odds this way! I’m hoping good things are in store for this cycle!

I’m so sorry that your sister has to go through the the aftermath of a miscarriage. It leaves you forever changed that’s for sure. She is very lucky to have you there to make her feel better about doing what she needs to do to protect herself. I felt incredibly guilty for not attending my bff’s baby shower that I was co-hosting the day after my 1st m/c and would’ve have felt a little better knowing that this was normal behavior. Thinking of your sister and continuing to wish her much healing as she moves forward.

BTW … thanks for the shout out! You really are wonderful! 🙂

22 06 2009

Ewie ewie clomid. Yuck.

I don’t have any assvice on IVI…but please share the story, LOL. Sounds like it could be rather interesting! Good luck!! 🙂

23 06 2009

Thanks for the shout out, sweetie! I am so sorry for your sister…I’m glad she has you.

As for at the at-home insemination, I really have no idea, but I am quite intrigued, so let us know when you figure it out okay?! Good luck!!

23 06 2009

Wow… clomid is really playing a number on you. I am glad today is the last dose though. Good idea about testing at the night as well as in the morning. I didn’t do that when I was doing IUIs and it drove me crazy. OPKs…. shudder!!
I am so sorry to hear abt your sister. This is such a tough time for her and I am glad that you are there with her. Its sad that any of us have to go through this crap. Why can’t the world be a peaceful happy place where everyone gets what they want!! Ugh.

23 06 2009

Please explain IVI?

23 06 2009

Hi you. Catching up on your blog…yes I am a freak of nature on Clomid. That is nasty shit. So you’re going to take the DIY IUI challenge? Hmm…advice….I suspect it’s a bit different with the kit. Are you using a kit? I haven’t seen one of those personally. Will you take a picture of its contents and post for us? (Along with all the details of course!). My DH actually used a French 5 catheter to get through my cervix, and then it was only partially, but enough to squirt everything in. I think in an IVI, I would try to get it as far in as possible (duh, right?) and lay down with your pelvis tilted back for maybe an hour or so afterward. Also, minimize any fragrance in the room (soaps, lotions, etc.) And, I would probably do a “dry” run through with how you will proceed, comfortable position, etc. Fumbling around with stuff after you’ve got the sample is NOT the way to go. Good luck…anxious to hear!!

23 06 2009

You seem to have a great plan in place and could start a second career as an RE, huh? All fingers, toes and all else are crossed for you!

23 06 2009


Praying you hit that surge and fertilize that egg 🙂

GL, GL, GL!!

24 06 2009

Best of luck to you this round! I’m struggling with the Clomid crazies myself this week.

25 06 2009

Thinking of you and your sister. Hugs. x

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