OPKs and Still Waiting

27 06 2009

Sorry, this is a bit of a duplicative post – I went to modify my other posts and screwed it up.  For those of you who commented on my other posts, thank you – I apologize for my technical limits.  Today is CD 14 and I felt some ovarian discomfort last night BUT STILL NO SURGE.   I am so paranoid I am going to freaking miss it.  I have to remind myself that my “normal” cycles involved surges on CD 15.  I am going to do as little as possible today.  I do have to do a bit of work but not as bad as it has been.  

A bit of bad news – they (they being my firm) cut salaries on Thursday…sigh…I do not have the energy to vent about this – I have classic arguments for and against. I have also posted pics of my OPKs from the last few days below.  ALL of the digital OPKs have been blank – they are so helpful in confirming what my eyes see on these tests.  Please let me surge soon, please let me get pregnant NOW.




3 responses

27 06 2009

So sorry to hear about the job! 😦 Our company cut a bunch of us to 32 hours, including me. At first it was really scary, but now that we’ve adjusted I actually kinda like it (shh :).

28 06 2009

So sorry to hear about the wage cut, but thank goodness you still have your job!!

And it looks like the second test is darker…going in the right directions 🙂

28 06 2009

Sorry about the job news. 😦

I really hope you O soon!! The waiting is the WORST part. Ugh.

Btw…ummm…what are man goodies?? Or do I want to know? 😉

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