CD 15; Follie and BW Check

28 06 2009

I have not had my surge yet and even though I used three, yes, three different types of OPKs over the last six days I was paranoid that I missed my surge.  So, my RE’s office wants you to come in if you have been testing for five days and you do not get a surge.  I only slept about 4ish hours last night, got up this morning – a bfn on the opk so I went in this morning to have bloodwork and u/s (even though I am so cheap and wanted to avoid that!)  The results are great – I have not surged yet and my bw and us results are below (and now I know why I have had ovarian pain, especially on my right side):

LH 4.5

Prog 0.5

E2 698

Right ovary 5 follicles measuring 22, 21, 18, 17 and 14

Left ovary 1 follicle at 17

The nurse was like – we need you to know the risk of multiples.  Sigh.  I cannot even stay pregnant with one so I try not to even fantasize about “o Mr. M, what are we going to do if it is twins, etc. etc…….”.  

BTW, my response to 1o0 mg clomid is pretty much the same, give or take 2-3 follicles, that it was on 300 of gonal f and 150 of menopur.  Food for thought.

I will have to buy more opks today…I am so crazy for having run through at least 20 opks in the last week.   Yep.  I am elated about not surging yet.  Please let this work and please let me ovulate before day 20 as I have read that the lining could deteriorate and be unsuitable for implantation if ovulation occurs after day 20.




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28 06 2009

So glad it’s not the OPKs not giving a definitive response. Fingers crossed that you have a surge today! And I’m with you. The risk of ending up with multiples seems (and is) so much less than the risk of ending up with nothing, that I just can’t bring myself to get TOO worked up about it.

Let us know as soon as you get that surge!!!

28 06 2009

OPKs drive me crazy! I’m so glad you haven’t surged yet, and what a beautiful number of follies 🙂 I’m jealous of your response to clomid..all it ever did for me is thin my lining, and make me crazy.

Crossing my fingers for a surge today!!

28 06 2009

Wouldn’t they consider triggering if you’ve got a bunch of good-sized follicles ready to go? Is your E2 in US or Canadian units?

28 06 2009

Sending lots of O dust!! Great follie numbers by the way! 🙂

28 06 2009

Crossing my fingers that you ovulate today or that they go ahead and trigger you. I’m not sure why they didn’t do that already your follies are the right size.

28 06 2009

Come on surge! And hooray for beautiful numbers and follies!

28 06 2009

Great follicle numbers! And hope you get the surge tomorrow– or, tonight would be fine too.

Good luck, truly- I am glad you had the check up and know you are still in the game this cycle. A nice relief!

And I agree– why not trigger?


28 06 2009

Great folly numbers..

Good Luck L.. thinking of ya.. 🙂

29 06 2009

Well, I hope you either get your surge tonight or tomorrow, or else they agree to give you the trigger. I can feel your frustration – have been there and done that too many times to imagine. I’ve OPK’d once or twice a day for as long as 10+ days at a time. Thank you, PCOS.
Good luck! I _think_ all the numbers are looking good for where you are in the game. Hope to see good news from you tomorrow!

29 06 2009

I am so glad that things are going well. That is a high number of follicles!! I am looking forward to hearing how it goes. xx

29 06 2009

convert to IVF?

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