CD 16 No Surge; No Trigger

29 06 2009

No surge last night or this morning…sigh.  I called my RE’s office this morning – they called me back in like 10 minutes and said basically no way on the trigger, that the chance of multiples is way too high.  The nurse was really sweet but she was like you have too many follicles for a trigger.  They usually only like to see 2-3 follicles in an iui and since I have sixish, they want my surge to determine how many eggs are released rather than a trigger shot, which would guarantee all six would empty out.  This confirms my consult with Dr. Google as well.  In a natural surge, I may only have two-four follicles rupture.  That being said, during IVF I never had an egg in each follicle.  If e2 levels would be similar with clomid and the ivf drugs, based on my e2 level, as of yesterday, I had about two mature eggs (IVF – my e2 was generally 350 per egg) cooking.  So, here is hoping that my natural surge releases at least two eggs.  

I will test again tonight and tomorrow morning.  I have more b/w tomorrow morning as well.  So, if any of you have success stories for girls who ovulated on say day 18 or 19 I would love to hear them!




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29 06 2009

I know EJ was an FET baby, so he probably doesn’t count, but that cycle I O’d on CD 18. 🙂

Good luck sweetie. I’ve been thinking a lot about you. HUGS!

29 06 2009

Ugh. So very sorry.

Um, yeah. My last pregnancy – the natural one – I ovulated on CD 19 or 20, near as I can tell. Which I never EVER do. I’m a day 12 or 13 girl. Which was why I knew I couldn’t possibly be pregnant.


Seriously, do not give up hope. I’m thinking it’s going to be soon, and it’s going to be a spectacular one. Come on, eggs!

29 06 2009

Isn’t it common to o late on clomid?! I never o’d at all on the crap, but I think I distinctly remember reading that many girls o later on it. You may be one of those girls, so don’t lose hope yet! Thinking of you and hoping for a surge very soon.

29 06 2009

Gosh, almost seems like you should convert to an IVF. Would they let you do that? Probably too late for that planning now. Well, I guess it’s any day now right?

29 06 2009

I didn’t ovulate this round by day 18 so they gave me the trigger shot, but I only had 2 follicles. I was thinking the same as K, wouldn’t IVF be a better option? That way, your boys wouldn’t thaw!

29 06 2009

My RE let me trigger with 5-6 mature sized follicles the last time I did an IUI. We had serious talks about multiples and selective reduction, but she left the decision up to me. I figured given our MF and my previous losses, chances of more than 2 sticking around for the long haul would be slim. Little did we know, we’d get the worst semen specimens ever that month, and certainly did not even get pg. So much for the “high risk” IUI!

Hope the surge comes soon.

29 06 2009

Hoping the surge comes soon! Good luck –

29 06 2009

hoping that by the time you get this you are done waiting–
wishing you a speedy surge,
and a great IUI
and the best possible outcome


29 06 2009

Come on surge! Sorry they wouldn’t trigger you, but maybe you’ll just be a late surger this month and get a really nice surprise!

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