30 06 2009

That is all I can say.  Bloodwork this morning revealed that my progesterone is .9 – which is good, obviously I have not o’d yet and my LH is 4.9 up a whopping .4 since Sunday.  Surge does not look like it is around the corner.

If I do not surge by Thursday morning, this cycle will be canceled.  This sucks.




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30 06 2009

Sigh. The human body can be so damned frustrating! I hope tomorrow your LH soars and you don’t get canceled. HUGS.

30 06 2009

That sucks L,

This friend of mine hers has been sitting at 1. something for 10 days and she was saying she needed it at 20…

Hope you O soon..

Thanks again for the support you give me 🙂

1 07 2009

Thinking of you – and hoping for a big surge soon, x

1 07 2009

Oh gosh. I hope your surge is just around the corner. Hang in there.

1 07 2009

Hey L – sorry I haven’t been around much, just catching up. Good luck – I hope your surge happens soon!! ((Hugs))

1 07 2009

Well shit– this is not what I ordered! Send it back!
Seriously now, I am so sorry for this cycle’s weirdness for you– I hate the waiting, the WTFing, and not being able to do anything about it.
I imagine IVF is not an option otherwise you’d be in there already, but I wish it could be.
I wish that you surge and are able to move forward.
I am so sorry, I’ll do an LH dance right here right now, I promise that it is likely that it WILL frighten the gods into taking action.

thinking of you,

1 07 2009

Ugh. I am so sorry. Nothing worse than waiting for our bodies to do what the hell they are supposed to do. Hoping you surge this evening.

1 07 2009

Hoping for your body to kick in, any moment now! Good luck.

1 07 2009

CRAP. Why does this have to be so hard? And the trigger is totally out of the question? What about a half trigger? My RE would probably let me do the trigger if I promised that I would reduce if more than 2-3 took. But I certainly understand being conservative especially if you would not consider selective reduction.

Thinking of you and hoping that you surge.

1 07 2009

Oh gawd. WTF?

1 07 2009

Oh no! I’m hoping and praying you’ll get there and won’t have to give up on the cycle!

1 07 2009

I’d probably be asking about the trigger and getting another scan. By now, I imagine the top 2-3 are overripe, so you probably have 2-3 follicles that are in the good range if you were to trigger. Sorry it’s so bloody frustrating!

1 07 2009

What the heck??? I am sending lots of surge vibes your way.

2 07 2009

WTF! Ugh that totally sucks. I’m so sorry this cycle isn’t cooperating with you.

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