After.birth: It’s What’s For

5 07 2009,8599,1908194,00.html

This, well, I am not sure that I have words for this.  I do not know what to think.




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5 07 2009

I know what I think … crazy and wrong! Of course that is my personal opinion and you won’t catch me eating afterbirth. Yep, we are mammals and most mammals eat the afterbirth, but we are also humans who have more control over and access to nutritious foods. Therefore, we don’t “need” to consume the valuable nutrients found in the placenta. I’m not squimish and I’m rarely grossed out by much (I worked in wildlife epidemiology and necropsied animals), but the thought of eating my placenta disgusts me. To each their own, I guess.

5 07 2009

OMG!  I am squeamish and disgusted!  And I’ve never even seen one!Congrats on the IUI!!  Yay!!  Welcome to the 2WW!!

5 07 2009

It’s actually pretty common among mid-wifery clients. Mine was a very big fan of it, and I will point out that midwifery clients have very low levels of PPD.

6 07 2009

I think I’ll pass!

6 07 2009

OK… that is just the most disgusting thing I have seen in a while!!

6 07 2009

Not for me…

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