Crisco Tampon

6 07 2009

My father (the cook in our home) was a big fan of Crisco.   I think these progesterone suppositories are made with Crisco.  I just cannot believe that I am about to advocate for PIO.  My journey started with IVF and PIO – I thought it was monstrous, how huge those needles were, how thick the PIO was.  I then moved on to an IUI and used Crinone gel.  Forget about it – when you google it and read that women have to “get cleaned out” from it, it is enough to keep you off of the Crinone.  (BTW, I have a few left of the Crinone if anyone is a fan – they are yours for FREE – I will even mail them to you)  

Now, moving on to the progesterone suppositories, it is just like gently inserting some trans fatty Crisco tampon that has been refrigerated.  And then when they melt – good grief.  I sleep au natural and when it feels like there is warm Crisco between your legs, it is just WRONG.  I am truly distressed over what I have done/what has been done to me in the name of reproduction.  I may beg to use PIO again.  Oh, btw, today is 4dpIVI and 3dpIUI.  Sigh.




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6 07 2009

Oh Lisa! When I read the title of this post, I knew exactly what you were referring to!

Sorry the suppositories are a pain. I actually preferred them to the PIO – and certainly to the hives I get from PIO – but I wore a pad to bed and that made all the difference (ruins the au natural thing, tho).

I have my fingers firmly crossed for you. It’s time for this to work for you!


6 07 2009

LOL! Endometrin supps aren’t too bad because they are a solid tablet – still a little gooey upon melting, but a liner keeps it managable. 20 weeks on them and counting down to my last day of them on Thurs – wooo!!!

6 07 2009

Let me know if anyone takes you up on that Crinone offer…I have 2 boxes of that stuff I would love to contribute to someone’s cause! I hated it so much that I literally begged for the PIO!

I get so used to the shortened 2ww from IVF that the real 2ww from IUI”s seems to take FOREVER! Hang in there though, among the infertiles, you are pretty darn fertile! Hoping to hear good news soon.

6 07 2009

*snort* Yup. Actually, my favorite is the fact that since I use pale peach colored prometrium AND blue Estradiol tablets, the, er, discharge is always sort of easter-egg colored. And on top of it, I STILL have to use the PIO (my doc is a big believer in “cover all bases”, and who am I to argue?)

The things we do. I fully intend to embarrass Sprog with this, someday…

6 07 2009

Oh wow… I always wondered why the hell I was stuck with the damn PIO when a lot of other “lucky” people could just get away with using suppositories. Now… I KNOW that they are not so “lucky”. I am sticking with the PIO thankyouverymuch!!

6 07 2009

I called them peanut pellets because they are usually made with peanut oil. Nice, huh? Well…so happy that you “have” to go through that anyway. Because, well, it means you’ve got something in there that needs it!! Yay! Waiting for the POAS…. 😉

6 07 2009

I’m on prometrium. It’s much better than those waxy pellets from the fridge. Still oozes (and if you don’t want to end up with a yeast infection on the outside like I’ve currently got, change that pantiliner every time it gets wet!), but nowhere near as bad as the pellets. Seems to absorb well too. I’m on 200mg three times a day.

6 07 2009

ewww, crisco tampon. that cracks me up and gives me the willies all at the same time!

6 07 2009

I was also pretty ewwed out by the progeterone suppositories–I asked for PIO as well, but my RE suggested endometrian. I have a box waiting for my next foray into the world for reproduciton.

6 07 2009

Hang in there! It is very unpleasant but you are doing so well! Hugs. x

6 07 2009

I remember it being like a warm, thick slug trail. Gross, but true. It’s just yet another nasty thing we subject ourselves to in the name of babymaking. I eventually switched to PIO even when they allowed me to “trade up” to the crisco tampons because I was losing my mind — every time I felt warm slime *down there* I was sure I was spotting or bleeding or whatnot and ran to the bathroom. That made for a couple of seriously unproductive weeks before I switched back to PIO.

I can’t believe it’s only been 3 days (piui). I’m ready to see some pee stick pictures already, but it’s just not time yet!!

6 07 2009

Ewww…that does sound bad! I guess I’m on the lucky end of progesterone supplementation with my PIO. I so hope this 2WW goes quickly and ends with a BFP!!!! So excited for you!

7 07 2009

I second the preference for PIO over P4 supps.

7 07 2009

I had the oily supps, the one my clinic uses are more waxy.

3dp where have I been.. my bendies are clossed for you..

7 07 2009

Oh yes, totally beautiful! Haha!! Au naturale is soooooo not the way to go with those lovely little bits of meltiness. Despite the annoying-ness of the situation….I really hope you have to use them for a long, long time….unless you get to switch to PIO at some point. 🙂

8 07 2009

I love your description of the suppositories as a ‘crisco tampon’…ickily accurate. For the record, I loved crinone (no fuss, no muss and certainly no “cleaning out” …???) Wishing you a positive at the end of your 2ww!

9 07 2009

I’d take the crisco anyday over my misery with PIOs. The bumps on my behind took over 3 months (3 months!!!) to vanish. Just wear a pad to sleep and don’t think about it.
Good luck!!!!!

10 07 2009

we are on our first IVF journey and my SIL is carrying for us since i no longer have a uterus. she started PIO but is having extreme soreness so the RE switched her to the suppositories. if no one has taken you up on your offer, please let me know. we would love to have that donation. anything helps! i love your blog and will continue to come back and read. good luck.

17 07 2009
Not A Clown Car

congratulations on your good news – I’m just reading some of your back entries and catching up and this one caught my eye…

I hated prometrium when I was doing IUIs – I thought they were the most revolting things on the planet. Now that I’m doing IVF and I’m doing PIO, needle be damned, nothing could thrill me more than to not have to stick anything else up my hoohaa. My clinic has started switching their protocol to endometrin suppositories and I said, “NO WAY NO HOW” – first of all it’s THREE FRICKIN’ TIMES A DAY (which I know I’d never be compliant with) and second of all, I’ve had ENOUGH things in my lady bits. I’m done. I’ll take the evil 1 1/2 inch needles. At least there’s no gooey dripping. Gah!

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