6dpIVI and 5dpiui; Questions for Internets

8 07 2009

Does this 2ww feel like it is dragging for anyone else?  Time is moving so slowly!!!  Madness ensues!

Yesterday morning I was driving to work, repeating the words my new RE said to me, “YOU WILL GET PREGNANT, YOU WILL STAY PREGNANT, YOU WILL HAVE A BABY” and I almost started crying from hope bursting from my heart.  Later that day I felt what is written below – I am on an emotional roller coaster and I want to get off.  I did some yoga Sunday and I have been walking – it does help and I need to do more of it.

Intellectually I know that it is too early to be feeling symptoms but I keep going back to my other pregnancies and looking for how I felt on these days.  It was much easier for me to not overanalyze after my 3dt IVFs – the 2ww was much shorter.  After my first natural IUI – the one where I got a bfp on 10dpo and miscarried a day or so later – I could feel my nips start to sting and I had twinges starting on CD5ish.  I was not on any progesterone that cycle so I cannot say it was the progesterone.  I am on progesterone this time and I believe the progesterone is doing its evil deeds.  Bloated?  Check.  BBs huge?  Check.  Twinges in uterus?  Check.  I want my nips to feel like they are on fire – that is a surefire sign for me.  They stung a little bit yesterday – but that means nothing – it is well and truly too early.   Again, I know it is really early to start symptom checking.  


Okay, so now that I got that out of my symptom, questions for you guys.  As a recap, I was on 100 mg clomid from days 5-9.  On CD 15 this was me:

LH 4.5, Prog 0.5, E2 698, Right ovary 5 follicles measuring 22, 21, 18, 17 and 14, Left ovary 1 follicle at 17.

So my questions are:

1) On CD 19, I was surging and my LH was 22.9 and my progesterone went up to 1.9.  Do you think it is possible that one of my follicles (probably the 22 or 21) had already burst, therefore the corpus luteum was releasing progesterone?

2) By how much do follicles grow per day on clomid?  I have read varying accounts but mostly 1-2 mm per day?  That would mean – if it was 1-2 mm per day – that my follies on day 19-20 (surge and suspected ovulation days) were  26-30, 25-29, 22-26, 21-25, 18-22 and 21-25.  I have naturally huge follicles – on the first IUI I got pregnant with a 28mm follicle.  So, I am hopeful that we had more than one to work with based on the answer to the question below.

3) My LH surge was much stronger than my first one – it was 12 the day before O on the cycle I got pregnant – so how many follicles do you think a natural surge would burst?

These are all of the things running through my mind – through the doom and gloom, through the positivity.




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8 07 2009

I know nothing about Clomid cycles, I just wanted to tell you I’m thinking of you, and wishing this time would pass a bit faster for you. Hate the wait. Hate it hate it hate it, though I’m really hoping that it’s a worthwhile one for you THIS TIME, not some time in the future.

Because your RE is right, you know. You WILL get pregnant. You WILL stay pregnant. You WILL have a baby.

Thinking of you.

8 07 2009

Yes, IVF 2WW are a piece of cake. The IUI 2WW is a full two weeks and it’s so very hard. And being on Progesterone just messes everything up (Can’t trust any symptoms, emotional roller coaster). I’m sure you got some great follies released. There are plenty of chances here…ad good as any IUI I’ve every seen. You have more follies on Clomid than I did with IVF. They would not even let you trigger so that has to be a good sign.

8 07 2009

Hmmm…so many questions. I’m kinda with peeveme on this. You had what seems to be really nice results on that Clomid. And, it’s just plain too early to tell anything….and I would bet the symptoms have varying degrees of differences each time, so don’t lay on that one too hard. Find some ways to distract yourself…yeah the 2ww wait just bites. But, in the spectrum of things (like this whole process) it will be here before you know it. 🙂
P.S. No thanks on the Crinone. I guess I don’t know what that’s for, except I think maybe I was given peanut pellets in it’s place. (Pro.metrium?)

8 07 2009

“Okay, so now that I got that out of my symptom, questions for you guys.”
Hee hee You ARE obessing! You said “symptom” instead of “system”! Ok, I’m just teasing ’cause I’m obessing over symptoms just as bad!!! 🙂 I don’t know if my nips really hurt or if it’s just from me poking at them!

OMG, I can’t believe you got so many follicles! Somehow I forgot about that! I only got 2 on 150mg Clomid. That’s awesome! Good job, MeInsideOut’s ovaries!

My follicles grew at 2mm/day. Keri the RN told me that anything between 20-30 is ideal. I don’t know the answers to any of your other questions, though. That probably wasn’t much help.

8 07 2009

Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and praying this cycle works. I was on Clomid for a few cycles, and I think the 1-2mm sounds accurate. You have a lot of follies on Clomid. I only got two each time.

As far as the roller coaster of emotions, there’s not much you can do about. Good news or bad news, I always was all over the board and eventually attributed all of my symptoms to being in my head or due to progesterone (even on my successful cycle). Just try to hang in there and know that I’m rooting for you!!

8 07 2009

I’m sorry I don’t know much about the clomid cycle. When I was on clomid they didn’t give me much feedback about the size of follicles etc.

We are here for you, and thinking of you ! xx

8 07 2009

Gah! I’m sorry. I am a crappy blog reader these days and I’m sorry to say that I haven’t kept up with your story. Let me get this strait, you’ve done IVF before and are now moving on to donor iui? Correct?

I would have bawled if my doctor said that I would get pregnant and stay pregnant and have a baby. And I hate crying. My doctor keeps saying how pregnancy is an inefficient process. But seriously!!!???

I did clomid IUI. Sounds like you had some good follies and a good estrogen level.

Hoping for the best!!!

9 07 2009

I hope all those little twinges and bloating and all are the real thing. You really deserve this. I’m sending you lots of sticky baby vibes. Hang in there.

9 07 2009

It will work, you will get pregnant, and you will carry a baby:)

9 07 2009
Melissa G

Hey there!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m always glad to find other DI gals. I haven’t had a real TWW in about seven months, but your post sounds pretty similar to all the things that used to go through my head back then. Right now I’m calm bc I haven’t O’d yet, but I have no doubt the crazy will show up any minute after that. I love what your RE said. Keep saying that to yourself, even if it makes you cry.

As far as your questions go, I apologize, as you know I’m new to IUI’s and haven’t used any of the meds yet, so I don’t have any brilliant answers for you. This time. =)

Hang in there.

9 07 2009

sista, please take your mind away from nasty thoughts. It’s so anxiety causing and totally counterproductive. Do the walks, the yoga, listen to happy music, do whatever you can just to feel good, and take your mind away from this 2ww.

(and answering your question, last IVF we did half and half with the ICSI, but now they’ll be all ICSId)

9 07 2009

Hey, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you hash that all up. I know it’s depressing. I was just really curious about your story. Makes me kind of wonder if we have a sperm problem, since we do have a morphology issue. I’ll have to sift through your blog soon and find out how they figured out it was a sperm thing.

And… those progestone suppositories, CRISCO is the perfect adjective for them! haha! They are so greasy. I detested them.

Again, sorry for making you rehash it. I hope this cycle is IT for you! Once and for all, graduated to the OB, big baby bump and the whole deal…

9 07 2009

all waits suck
I wonder why time flies when we’re having fun and comes to a dead halt when we are waiting— so
one of my clomid cycles was about 40 days. I thought I was going to go nuts. No idea about the follicle size, they did not monitor me.
and you
your body did all the right things (on it’s own schedule of course), but
everything ended up where it needed to be all at the same time.
almost one week down in your wait, and I know it does not feel like it but you’ll make it.
come on by and make haiku.
keeping my fingers crossed for you.

11 07 2009

Eek I have no idea on all those specifics about how much of a surge bursts how many follices. But I do know this: those are some good numbers you have there! I am so sorry the waiting sucks, just know that I am rooting for you (ok here’s something funny, I first typed “rotting” for you, geez!) and so hope that this is finally the ONE. Everything is crossed!

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