11dpivi and 10dpiui – HPT Update

13 07 2009

IMG_0639So, I peed on FRER at 6:30 this morning, and unlike yesterday morning, I could start seeing the line almost immediately.  The line is still pretty faint but unlike yesterday, I did not have to tilt the FRER to see it or squint or basically spend 10 minutes finding it, nor did I have to tilt it for the camera in order to see it on “film”.  It seems a bit more filled in too.  Yesterday’s FRER dried darker than it actually was but the one from this morning still definitely looks darker.  So.  I have broken the record for my past two pregnancies – no bleeding after a bfp and a darker hpt!!!  Yippee!!!  That being said, I am a bit more scared today.  I do not feel as nauseous when I woke up.  My mouth still tastes like a copper mine though.  I could use some reassurance about morning sickness coming and going…

The below hpts were from my first IUI in April – I had a bfp 10dpiui and it was darker that night but lighter on 11dpiui.  I think my current 10dpiui is much darker than the one below – my hcg on 10dpiui last time was 6.5.





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13 07 2009

I am so thrilled for you Lisa! As it is such early days, I wouldn’t worry too much about pregnancy symptoms. I didn’t start to feel anything until about week 6 or 7, and even then the symptoms now vary in intesity on a daily basis. That being said, I can understand that it is an exciting and scary time. We are here for you. x

13 07 2009
just me

Sending lots of sticky thoughts. 🙂

13 07 2009

Horray! So happy for you!

13 07 2009

WOOHOO! Definitely darker! I wouldn’t worry even a teeny bit about “symptoms” at this point. Little guy’s just getting going in there, and you have plenty of time to get sick as a dog. As far as the darkness of the line goes, um, remember when I could barely get an HPT to show positive and my hCG was at nearly 800? I don’t think you have anything to worry about. This early and showing a line at all? You’re golden!

Oh congratulations, sweetie! So very very exciting!

13 07 2009

Definitely darker line there! Yay!!! Good luck – here’s to darker lines, good HcG numbers, and a sticky sticky embie in there!

13 07 2009

Absolutely darker! I’m so excited for you, Lisa!!

13 07 2009

C’mon little bug, stick stick stick and STAY PUT!! That’s an ORDER!!!

Don’t worry about the symptoms, mine came and went too. Just rejoice in that beautiful test!! Woohooooooooo!

13 07 2009

Awesome! Can;t wait for Beta!

13 07 2009

Looking good!!! Congrats! Ditto what Sprog said – put no stock in symptoms at this point. My m/s was not steady until almost 8w and now it still comes and goes. When is beta??

13 07 2009

you know you have Arrived when sprogblogger moves you to the pregnant section of her blogroll– whoo hoo!

Congratulations Lisa! That’s a mighty fine second line.

and don’t worry about symptoms either…


13 07 2009

Oh ya, that’s darker! Oh and did I say I LOVE the ticker! I agree with the PP that you shouldn’t put too much stock in the symptoms–they wax and wane throughout the 1st tri. Some days I’d have stronger nausea and others I’d have very little, if any. Oh and mine didn’t really start until the 6th week, so I’d say that the fact that you’ve had any is a good sign! I’m crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms, and anything else I can that you get a strong beta this week! CONGRATS!!!

13 07 2009

Wooohooo… That is frigging awesome! Congrats!!!! Sending your positive thoughts and keeping my fingers crossed for a really strong beta!! And hell yeah.. I am moving you to my “Success stories section”! 🙂

13 07 2009

Congratulations! Sending TONS of sticky baby dust your way!

13 07 2009

Congrats! That is such exciting news. Thanks for your comment- it’s reassuring.

13 07 2009

OMG! I’m so excited for you! Wow! Congrats!!!

I didn’t recognize your blog when I first got here! Looks great – especially with that ticker up top! 🙂

13 07 2009

Wooohoooo! I see it, I see it, I see it! I think you’re officially knocked up! Also, I didn’t have any symptoms in the beginning and the nausea didn’t hit me until about 5.5 or 6 weeks. So excited for you! Congrats!

13 07 2009

Looks good looks good!!!

13 07 2009

I am soooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is it for you I know it is!!!

13 07 2009

Great news!! Here’s hoping for a darker line each day!

22 07 2009

I am obsessing over HPT and lines so came to look at yours..
Mine looks to be lighter tonight:(

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