One Sleep Until Beta; Crazy Dark HPTs

15 07 2009

Today was a fabulous day.  No spotting.  No bleeding.  It. was. marvelous.  This is my favorite part of this roller coaster.

I could not sleep, I was up at 4:45 this morning.  I had some nausea, the horrid metal taste was back in my mouth but now with sour milk.  My nips were in a bit of pain as well.  I have The Bloat – really some of the craziest bloat I have ever had and The Constipation.  This is TMI it feels like I am trying to lift a ram just to get some rabbit poo out.  I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF THE SYMPTOMS.  It is making me feel like this is working, that this is a good, healthy pregnancy and that my uterus is not expelling it.  

And, did I mention the pee sticks?  My hpt was super dark last night, this morning and my hpts tonight???  The test line was showing up even before my diluted 7:45 pm pee went through the window tonight.  I have never seen anything like it – I have never, ever, ever had an hpt look like this.  And I bought a First Response Rapid Result – I have read that the sensitivity for that test is 100 but I also 50 – do you guys know which is true?? is out of action but 100 was reported in multiple searches and 50 a few times (okay – I think it is 50 according to peestick paradise (great name!)).  Crazy positive, crazy dark.  Crazy, crazy glee.  Super joy.  Amazing hope.  THIS. COULD. BE. IT.  Wow, just wow.  The bleeding still has me a bit freaked – but less so knowing that my little bean has continued to grow and I am hoping for a sick, crazy high beta tomorrow – I am pushing that bleeding into the back of my mind and letting the happiness and hope take me away. 

Top was from 10dpiui and 11dpivi, middle was from yesterday 11dpiui and 12dpivi morning and the bottom was from last night (11dpiui and 12dpivi):



This is from this morning, 12dpiui and 13dpivi:


This is from tonight 12dpiui and 13dpivi:


And this is from tonight but it is the First Response Rapid Result – I am dying to know what the real sensitivity is on this test:



And this is a picture of my hpts together from the last few days on the First Response Early Results (I hate how I smear the writing –  I need to learn to insert text or something but I hope that these are my last pee sticks ever):





19 responses

15 07 2009
Mrs. Spit

Things are looking up!

15 07 2009

Dude, me thinks you are definitely knocked up! Those pee sticks look great! Woohooo!! Good luck tomorrow!

15 07 2009

Holy smokes!!! Those are some suupper super dark HPTs! That is uber cool. Woooohoooo! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s result. Fingers crossed!

15 07 2009

Those are some beautiful pee sticks you have there! Can’t wait to hear your numbers!

15 07 2009

Holy HPTs!!! They look great. So happy to hear about the lack of bleeding and the plentiful symptoms! GL!!!!!!!!!

15 07 2009

A fabulous day, indeed! Seriously looking fantastic. Cannot wait to hear your second beta, because you KNOW it’s doubled – I’m just wondering by how much. Thrilled that the bleeding was a one-off. Seriously, at 11dpo, could it have been implantation bleeding? It’s not something my body’s ever done, but damn, those HPTs look healthy!

Can’t. Wait. to Hear.


15 07 2009

I love the progression! I hope this is the first picture in your baby’s baby book!

15 07 2009

Good grief, I do love me some pee stick pictures! I’m so happy for you, it looks like this is going just swimmingly!!

FWIW, I had near-constant spotting with a few day-long breaks here and there through 2 of my pregnancies (up until around 9 weeks). So when you read that spotting can be normal in a healthy pregnancy, I am proof that it is true.

Keep the faith, and keep sharing that unabashed job with us — I love to read it!

15 07 2009

Job? Job? WTF? I meant JOY! Unabashed JOY! 🙂

15 07 2009

Holy dark pee sticks, batman! Can’t wait to hear the numbers…I’ll be thinking about you!


16 07 2009

I lve that you are counting sleeps. This has always been my favorite way to mark time 🙂

Those are some dark pee sticks!!! I’m so glad that you had a fantastic day and know that it will continue on into tomorrow!!!

16 07 2009

Woohooo!!! The pee sticks look beautiful! Yay – big big hugs and good luck for tomorrow! Can’t wait for your update! Congrats!

16 07 2009

YESSSS!!!! Soooo happy to hear this! I REALLY have a good feeling on this one! Send me an email when you know as I may not have a chance to check this until late tomorrow.

16 07 2009

Yea!!! Looks great! I totally know what you mean about the constipation and rabbit poop…enjoy all of those miserable symptoms! : )

16 07 2009

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Truly, those are nice dark lines in a nice progression, and you, my dear sweet Lisa, are pregnant.
tell yourself that. remove the maybes. this is for real.
I am so happy for you SO HAPPY FOR YOU and so relieved.

So glad you had a good day with nothing scary and all good things pee-stick wise.

Hoping for a great beta for you today (how could it be otherwise with lines like those???)

YAY yay and more yay,
and I hope these are your last pee sticks EVER


16 07 2009

Yay!!!! nothing much to say, just a bunch of cheers! Can’t wait to hear you beta number!!!!

16 07 2009

Can’t wait to hear your numbers today. Yay!

16 07 2009


16 07 2009

I think I am stalking your blog, refresh refresh refresh
will be away from internet for hours tonight and cannot wait to see what your wonderful numbers are!
thinking of you,

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