Roller Coaster

19 07 2009

Please be patient with me while I experiment with new themes.  I am having a hard time finding just the right one.  

I am out of state for a closing so I will not be able to post/read much – but I am thinking about all of you and hoping that you are well.  I am very scared still that this is not going to work out – but I am also trying to enjoy every second that I am pregnant.  I do not think the fear will ever go away – I am just trying to manage it instead of it managing me.

I have not had any bleeding or spotting.  The good news is:  My nips are getting very sensitive, I have nausea on and off – mostly in the middle of the night and after I eat.  I have had some on and off very minor cramping – feels like a hint of AF coming – I know that is “normal” but it is freaking me out.  Mostly, I am just tired, really, really tired all of the time.  I will take every m/s symptom and I hope that it means that my baby bean(s) is/are making terrific progress.  3 sleeps to u/s.  Please let this work.




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19 07 2009

WOOHOO!!! Cramps are a GOOD sign, sweetie. Really. Every pregnancy I’ve had, I’ve been crampy for several weeks, and this time was the worst of all. Cramps = Baby.

And doesn’t middle o’ the night nausea suck? I mean, nothing like sitting bolt upright with a panicky urge to dash for the toilet. Hope it subsides enough to let you sleep but sticks around enough to be reassuring. I know I find it reassuring even while I bitch about it.

Please let this work, indeed. A prayer for all of us.

Oh, and I like the new theme! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

19 07 2009

Everything sounds good, and I’m praying it continues to be that way. Can’t wait for your update after your u/s!

20 07 2009

Looking forward to your u/s. Remember that there is very little YOU can do to make this NOT work now. It’s kind of out of your hands…so try to relax and let your body do its thing. I know, easy to advise…harder to do?

20 07 2009

All your symptoms sound great (although I know they are annoying). Don’t worry if cramps/tightness get worse, mine and friends of mine were pretty bad off and on until about 8-9 weeks, I stressed the whole way through but the cramps were GOOD news.

I know it’s such hard advice to follow but try and relax as much as you are able to, sleep as much as you can even if it’s going to bed at 7pm when you get in from work and staying there until 7am next day. The tiredness won’t last forever.

So excited for you! Looking forward to your u/s!

20 07 2009

Hey Lisa!
Love the image up top– mysterious and beautiful.
And you– hang in there sweetie, two more sleeps– but right now? It sounds like everything is just right– Good luck managing your fear, and I hope some moments of WHOA sneak in and bring wonder and delight, but the worries and the scareds, how could they be otherwise? I just hope they treat you gently and give you a break.

I humbly ask the universe– please let this work-

20 07 2009

I like this better than the last one!
Sounds like things are going as they should be–it is so awful thatwe know more about what it feels like to lose a pregnancy than to have one thrive!

20 07 2009

Let us know how the u/s goes! I can’t wait to get the update! I’m so excited for you!! 🙂

20 07 2009

loving the new themes…
3 more sleeps.. I can’t wait to read all about it..

20 07 2009

Love the new theme, looks really good.
Can’t wait to hear how the ultrasound goes, exciting times for sure!

Try not to stress too much about the cramping, I had it too, remember your body’s gotta make room for a baby in there!

Safe travels…

21 07 2009

Yes yes yes, please let this work. Symptoms are GOOD! Hooray!

21 07 2009

I love the new theme 🙂

Get as much rest as you can whenever you can get it. I’m keeping you and your bean(s) in my thoughts. I want this so badly for you!!!!

21 07 2009
Melissa G

Wooo! Your symptoms sound GREAT.

And thanks for the tip on the FRER’s. Those are exactly what I ordered because of your enthusiasm about them in some of your previous posts!

Hope you continue feeling REALLY crappy. 😉

21 07 2009
Melissa G

Oh and if I may, this format makes the other comments difficult to discern…. maybe bc the font is soooooo tiny!

But I like the Mast Head.

21 07 2009

Not too sure about the black. I think you should go with something a tad more cheerful to celebrate the bab(ies).

22 07 2009

I’d be scared too!

I’m scared every month when I don’t know IF and still want to do everything/live my life as IF I’m NOT because I don’t want to get excited for nothing but I also don’t want to hurt anyone, plus I want to relax. But it’s hard to NOT freak out when you don’t know because you ‘think’ the stupid p-sticks don’t work for you/me. Grr…


Hope everything works out for you 🙂

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