The Most Beautiful Photo Ever: My 4w5d Ultrasound

22 07 2009


Wow.  Just wow.  One beautiful, perfect healthy looking sac – and as a bonus – we saw the yolk sac too – you can see it in this picture as well.  Amazing.  Just amazing.  I am in love.  Also, my hcg was 2942 today!  I am in shock.  I am very, very happy and very, very hopeful.  I have decided I am going to refer to my little one as “Sprout”.  I love you Sprout, please stick around.  

That being said, the last 12 or so hours went like this:

  1. About 15 minutes after I put my suppository in last night, I had a teeny, tiny spot of pink when I went to the bathroom.  My freak out level was about 40% – I figured it was from the suppository but still – I really do not need that, especially after the fluttering I had in my uterus last night.
  2. I woke up at 3am – pretty nauseated.  I slept on and off after that – very restless.
  3. To keep myself occupied, I shaved my legs.
  4. I almost cried three times before the appointment.
  5. I forgot my wallet and could not get a drink on the way to my appointment.
  6. Mr. M met me at the appointment – he is the best.
  7. The u/s tech was a total BITCH.  She called me back – I asked if Mr. M could come and she said “no”.  I was shocked – he turned around and went into the waiting room and then she was like – oh – this is not a regular ultrasound, it is an early pregnancy ultrasound, sorry – I will go get him when we are done taking the measurements.  I was annoyed but my friend already told me that is how they do it at this clinic.  
  8. I put my feet in the stirrups and got acquainted with Wanda.  The tech asked how I had been feeling – I told her I had some pains on my right side on and off and a little m/s but nothing major.  I told her that I was really, really nervous and that I have a history of loss and that this is the furthest I have ever made it without major bleeding and an impending miscarriage.  She was a bit nicer after that and I asked her after about 10 seconds if she saw a sac – she said yes.  She also said my right ovary was very enlarged and that is what the discomfort is from (yay – no ectopic!).  She then typed a bunch of crap – never turned the screen towards me – and then went and got Mr. M.   
  9. Mr. M came in and she turned the screen towards us and said there is the sac – she enlarged it and I was like – is that the yolk sac???  And she said yes.  I teared up and was clutching Mr. M’s hand.
  10. My next u/s is next Friday – I will be 6 weeks and if there is a hb, they will release me to my ob.
  11. I had two tiny drops of pink at work after the u/s and called the nurse – she said it was normal after the u/s – and that I will probably spot after the progesterone supps and after sex – if Mr. M is lucky enough to finally have it again.

I cried a few times today out of sheer relief and happiness.  I know that so many things can still go wrong but for right now, things could not look any better.  

Symptoms – much better yesterday and today – I have been able to eat.  My sense of smell is pretty keen – most everything STINKS.  My bbs started to HURT yesterday – nothing before that but they really ache now, even when I walk.  My mouth still tasted like metal/sour milk.   I am having some cramping as well – very, very minor but enough to send me to the bathroom 100 times to check for blood.  I know it is normal and a good sign but it scares me.

So yay me and yay Sprout!!!!  BTW, stalkers – thanks for stalking me – I appreciate the support so, so much. 





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22 07 2009

Stalking paid off. I’m glad I got to read this at work even though it’s making me weep with happiness.
Congratulations to you and your perfect little Sprout!

22 07 2009

YAY SPROUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay yay yay yay yay



22 07 2009

I am sooooooo happy for you!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m glad you posted!!!!

I had cramping after my ultrasound too….it completely freaked me out, but I was told it was totally normal.

22 07 2009

Yea! Spotting is pretty normal. Really normal. A little over a week until the next u/s. Hope you can stay calm until then. It’s so hard to not expect the worst.

22 07 2009

Very good news and what an amazing photo u/s photo! It’s so easy to see everything in the picture. Hope you are relieved, hope you can TRY to relax a bit until next week’s apppointment. Very, very happy for you…. 😉

22 07 2009
Melissa G

Oh what a relief that must be!!! I am so thrilled for you!


22 07 2009


lucky bum…

today I have MAJOR blood and MAJOR cramping!!!


I think it’s time for some MIDOL. EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYOUCH!!!

hope this sprout grows to be a big and strong MR/MS blossom

22 07 2009

I am so Thrilled for you!! This ultrasound is wonderful! Congratulations once again on your wonderful news. Bring on the morning sickness.

22 07 2009

Best news all day!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

22 07 2009

YEA!!!! So happy for you!

22 07 2009

Ya from Sprout.. Contrats to you and Mr.M on all that today meant to both of you.

Sorry about the tech, it sucks that we have to pur out our hearts in order for them to find their compassionate chips..

So excited for you.. happy and healthy 8 months to you and your little sprout ❤

22 07 2009

Wooohooooo! That is such great news!! Congrats momma!!!!!!!!!!!

22 07 2009

Nice pic!

22 07 2009

Wonderful news for you, Mr. M and Sprout!! I’m sorry your tech was so out of touch, but soooooo happy for your beautiful ultrasound.

22 07 2009
Hannah & Jason Lamb

Just found your blog today.
We are 4 weeks 5 days today as well!
I’m excited to follow your blog.

22 07 2009

Very very cool! Congratulations and good luck! Sprout is beautiful!! 🙂

22 07 2009

Awesome! I am so jealous that you got to have an u/s so early! I might insist on one next time at about 5 weeks (hoping there is such a thing of course) because that wait is horrific.

I HOPE with the deepest of hopes that you get a heartbeat next time, and that you can sigh the big (much coveted) sigh of relief.


Oh, and I think that’s a good sign that you saw a yolk sac so early.

22 07 2009
Mrs. Spit


(is the cramping, cramping, or could it be constipation? – they can feel quite similar)

22 07 2009

Yay! Yay!
It is a rather pretty picure!

22 07 2009

Love the pic of Sprout! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

22 07 2009

Hey I’m so glad you had a great ultrasound even if you have to explain everything for your tech to be nicer….a heatlhy baby growing in there, is always a good ultrasound!

As to blood, I’ve been pregnant 5 times, 2 of them IVF pregnancies supported by medications, it’s more likely than not your bleeding is your inner vagina and cervix being irratated. The progesterone supps make it very sensitive, have you noticed it’s more swollen as you put in the supps. You don’t have to anwser that…just saying. Sorry if it’s too much info here. But it’s true, the prog supps will irriate it more, just a few more weeks of that.

As to the metal taste, I get that too. I believe it is the prenatal vitamins, if you can find non-iron ones it may help, usually it means you have an abundant amount of iron. There was nothing I could do to take the taste away, but chewing minty gum did help me a bit.

Good luck and great to hear you got a lovely little sac in there!

23 07 2009

Absolutely beautiful photo! I can’t wait to see the others that follow. I’m so happy for you and Mr. M! 🙂

23 07 2009

YAY! So very happy for you! Such wonderful news and everything looks and sounds like it is going great. Lovely photo too, Sprout is obviously very photogenic! 🙂 Now go and RELAX!

23 07 2009

Yay!! that is a beautiful picture! So happy for you!

23 07 2009

Thinking of you the morning after the beautiful ultrasound, where you’ve had a whole night to soak it in. I hope you are doing wonderfully, feeling joyful and crazy and astonished and not overwhelmingly fearful most of the time.

I am just sending love and wishes for you for a wonderful day,

23 07 2009

YAY SPROUT!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how nervous I was opening your blog today. I was praying you had some great news to share!!!! I’m so glad everything went perfectly and I can’t wait to hear about the hb next week…then the gender predictions can begin 🙂 LOL.

Enjoy this time. I know how stressful it is, and how uncomfortable m/s can be, but try to enjoy it as much as you can. It will fly by.

Love and hugs!!

23 07 2009

What a beautiful sight! I am so so so so happy for you! I can’t even tell you. Oh and thanks for your note on my blog – been MIA (mainly being sick) but will update in the next few days. Hugs!!!

23 07 2009

What absofreakingloutly fabulous news. Thanks for sharing your beloved photo with us. Wishing you all the best for your next u/s.

23 07 2009


23 07 2009

so happy for you. we hope to see a sac next week too so your post has given me hope!

23 07 2009

YAY!! Grow Sprout Grow!!!

23 07 2009

I’m sorry I’m so late to this party!

10 01 2010
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