Feeling Bad so Feeling Better

27 07 2009

My father, stepmother, younger sister, niece and nephew (son of my older sister) came to visit me this weekend.  It was wonderful – we had a blast.  I was happy my father came down – I wanted to tell him in person about being pregnant.  I have to say that I was almost paralyzed by fear.  Complete terror that after telling them this news, I may have to go back and tell them about another miscarriage.  It was horrible.  I did not even tell them about the last pregnancy loss.  

Anyway, the funny part is I handed him my ultrasound picture (hilarious because it does not even look like there is a baby in there) and he and my stepmother just stared at it – then she said “are you pregnant” and my father started to cry.  He stopped – and then started again in a few minutes.  It broke my heart – he is a tough ex-marine who has been through more in one life than most of us would experience in five.  

The next night we had a party with Mr. M’s family – and he wanted to tell them since we told my family.  I am not kidding – I had the same cold terror about telling people.  On top of that, I spent half the weekend convinced that Sprout had died.   Mr. M told his mom, dad and sisters – everyone was very supportive.  

I am feeling pregnant.  My girls are killing me – I have never had breast pain like this before.  Ever.  And the pain has gotten worse so that has me encouraged.  The last few nights – when I have woken up – I have felt slightly nauseous but I have been able to go back to sleep.  I felt slightly nauseated throughout the day Saturday and Sunday.  This morning I felt pretty nauseous and I had a hard time eating my Fib.er One cereal – btw, this, plus a ton of water, is the BEST remedy for constipation.  I am generally tired most of the time and took the best nap on Saturday.

I have had some more achiness and pressure in my ute area.  Also, some really sharp, short stabbing pains on my right (could be my enlarged ovary) and less sharp ones on my left side.  

So, the bottom line is that I am feeling hopeful that Sprout is continuing to thrive.  His or her little heart should have started beating on Saturday – how cool is that?

I received a few questions – yes, as soon as I get my lazy ass in gear, I am going to check out maternity bras, I did think about calling my RE to get another hcg to alleviate my stress but I talked it through with Mr. M and I decided that I need to learn to manage my fears – I have not had severe or persistent cramping or any bleeding – according to Dr. Google and my pregnancy books, everything I am feeling is normal and expected.  Including the coming and going of morning sickness.  I hope to have a sane work week to help keep my mind occupied.   I have a one day trip to Atlanta on Thursday – I will fly down and back that same day – and my u/s is Friday at 10:30.  Only four more sleeps!!!




12 responses

27 07 2009

Glad you’re feeling crummy, if you know what I mean. Your symptoms sure sound normal to me.

Also glad you’re telling people. I’ve asked my parents not to tell my grandmother or aunts until we’re through the first trimester, but I love being able to give my folks happy news for a change. You can’t protect people too much – they love you, so they grieve with you when it’s necessary, but they should also get to celebrate with you when it’s time.

And I think it IS time to celebrate. You’re a pregnant lady, you know? Congratulations!

27 07 2009

Great news about not feeling so great, with all the pregnancy symtoms settling in..

I bet it was a moment like no other sharing your special news with your families..

Can’t wait to hear about Friday.. 🙂

27 07 2009

Happy that you are feeling crappy. I hear it gets better… ;)Your dad’s reaction is priceless – it’s great you could tell him in person.

27 07 2009

Great news all around!

27 07 2009

🙂 glad you told your families! i felt the same way before i told. in fact, i kept trying to convince B that we didn’t need to tell anyone and that we should just wait. i think if he would have let me pick i would have waited until we delivered 🙂 lol.

can’t wait for more good news! xoxo

27 07 2009

I’m so glad that you enjoyed your family weekend, and had the chance to share the good news. Can’t wait to hear the next update!

28 07 2009

Yay for morning sickness and sore boobs! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see how Sprout grows each u/s! Your Dad is so sweet. I’m so glad you have such great family support. Sprout is going to be one spoiled, adored grandbaby! 🙂

28 07 2009

You father’s reaction made me teary eyed.

I understate the fear. I commend your effort to keep it in check. Peace, my dear, until you next u/s.

28 07 2009

We all understand your fears and I am very happy to hear you have sore boobs. LOL.

28 07 2009

how beautiful that your dad cried! i love that.
well you did it! you went beyond fear and shared you wonderful news! it’s good that your parents can celebrate this with you now.

30 07 2009

I love the part about your Dad crying. It’s just so perfectly sweet and raw and right.
Glad everything is going so well!

30 07 2009

Sorry but happy that you’re feeling yucky. All good signs. I love the way yur family reacted. Good luck with the ultrasound!

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