My Head is Going to Explode and Other Moaning and Whining and Bitching

30 07 2009

Warning – this a really whiny post.  I woke up at 1:00 last night with nausea – yay – good m/s sign – but tossed and turned until I had to get up at 4:50am.  To catch a 6:40 flight to Atlanta.  For the wicked cool board of directors I serve on.  I arrived well – all was good.  Better yet – I have been feeling sick the last few days – as in nausea most of the day unless I feed Sprout something yummy.  And even then – I get nauseated most of the time after I eat.  So I am so hopeful that this means tomorrow’s ultrasound will be fabulous and show me Sprout and a sweet little heartbeat.  I am so tired – I am crying now just typing that.  Note to self – stop that – this is my bitch session.

Okay – onward with bitch session – my departing flight was at 8:11 pm.  I tried to get on the 6:15 – no luck.  Now, my 8:11 is delayed until 9:25.  WTF!!!!  I am not kidding you every time I fly I get delayed.  Every fucking time.  I am wearing my black suit that I love – and it loved me 15 pounds ago.  I am just a bloated whale – I cannot even (and have not been able to after IVF#3) button these fuckers.

And what is up with the Atlanta airport?  This place is a stinking madhouse.  And they have CNN blaring – all about that stupid incident with the cop and the professor and O.bama.  WHO FUCKING CARES?????

I just want to make it home in one piece – did I mention I am terrified of flying – and sleep and wake up and have my ultrasound.  That is it.  That is all I want.

I am feeling better.  Sigh.  I did want to mark some of my symptoms – the on and off all day nausea started Wednesday – the girls still hurt quite a bit – the veins on my girls are almost neon – I got a headache yesterday and I still have it – and my mouth still tastes like shit.  Either that or they changed the formula for Snickers – I had a mini one the other day and it tasted like dung.

I will update tomorrow – probably not until after work since I do not post at work.  Wish me luck!




13 responses

30 07 2009

Oh Lisa, thinking of you! That’s great you feel so blechy. I’m still not feeling so much, altho I wish I was! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and stalking your blog until you post an update!!!


30 07 2009

Wishing you super good luck at the u/s! All those symptoms–awful as they sound–seem so completely and utterly reassuring that you have a LOT going on in there! Can’t wait to see your update tomorrow!

30 07 2009

Good luck tomorrow!! Hoping for a beautiful h/b!!!

30 07 2009

Sorry you feel so bad, but it is oh so good! GOOD LUCK!!!

30 07 2009

Hey you…

you are allowed all the moaning and whining and whatever else you ned to.. because you are pregnant! ya.

Good Luck on Friday.. I will be checking for updates..

30 07 2009

Can’t wait to hear tomorrow – or see? Post pictures? It sure sounds reassuring, like things are a-growin’ in there! However, sounds like you’ve had a miserable 24 hours. Hope your flight is quick and uneventful – you must be boarding right about now. Travel safely and sleep well tonight.

30 07 2009

So glad you have so many symptoms, as miserable as they are! Can’t wait to see your update tomorrow.

31 07 2009

If it makes you feel any better, I laughed out loud reading your post. I have been a biyatch today too. It’s all about entitlement, my friend. And we’re all entitled! But seriously, looking forward the u/s update!

31 07 2009

Good luck on the u/s. I’m sorry you had a crappy and frustrating day. Here’s hoping that tomorrow makes it all up a thousand times.

31 07 2009

good luck with the us!!!

31 07 2009

Oooohhhh I was sooooo hoping to log on and get an update. I really hope you’re reeling with excitement right now from seeing a tiny little flicker on the screen 🙂

31 07 2009

This is your blog and you can bitch all you want! 😉 I’m thinking of you today and will be stalking your blog for an update! I hope to hear some great news!

31 07 2009

Ha ha, don’t you just love balancing those horrid (but lovely) symptoms whilst not slipping up once with the professional work facade AND keeping the biggest secret in the world AND all the while trying not to cry with tiredness and hormones! Men could never manage to juggle it all could they! 🙂
Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear every detail, really excited for you.

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