Heartbeat Thriller – Six Weeks Pregnant

31 07 2009

So, I went in for my ultrasound today.   I had a different u/s tech – thank goodness – she sucked, obviously, and was a biotch.  This one was really sweet.  So, I went back by myself and I once again got acquainted with Wanda.  After what seemed like 10 hours (it was probably 20 seconds) I looked at her and her eyes were pretty wide.  I was like oh no, there is no heartbeat.  So I asked her – do you see a heartbeat?  And she said yes – let me go get your husband.  She left – I started to cry a bit from relief.  She got Mr. M and he stood next to me.  

The u/s tech then said, your wife asked me if I saw a heartbeat and I told her yes, what I did not tell her is that I saw two heartbeats!!!  Pure shock and tears and wows and oh my gosh ensued.  I give you my Sprouts:

They were measuring a bit ahead at 6w1d each.  The babies are below the arrows with the yolk sacs looking like the ring part of the diamond ring.  We got to see AND hear their heartbeats!  So here is where my mild freak out came in – I was hoping that they were over 100 but one was at 95 and one was at 98.  But, she said and Dr. Google agrees, that they really just want them to be over 90 at this point, that they were good and strong and the babies were measuring perfectly and NOT TO WORRY.  So you know what, I am going to not worry.  Much.  For at least a little while.  For tonight maybe.  I know a lot can happen but HOLY SHIT WE ARE HAVING TWINS!   We are happy, scared, shocked, excited, awed, worried, etc.  It isn’t “real” yet.

They are releasing me to my OB but said that they are still here for me and will do whatever I need/want.  My OB appointment is August 19.  I am going to try and just relax between now and then.   But – I may ask my RE to do an ultrasound in 9 or 10 days just to help manage my emotions…

So, Niki – thanks for all of the preliminary research on twin gear – I will be using it!!!

Thanks for all of your support!




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31 07 2009

WoW!!!!! Big, huge congrats !

31 07 2009

OMG … this is the BEST news!!! When I scrolled down the photo of the Sprouts my eyes started to tear up (well they still are). CONGRATS x2! You girl deserve twinkies! Ahh, we’ll be a great twin baby gear researching team now won’t we?! 😀

31 07 2009

Holy Cannoli! I’m so, so happy for you! I lurk a lot, don’t post much, but check in with bated breath everyday! Congratulations!!!! What utterly fantastic news!

31 07 2009

That is FANTASTIC news! Not one, but two babies!! Congratulations to you and DH!!! You are going to be a great mother! xx

31 07 2009

omg! congrats! so happy for you…

31 07 2009

OH MY GODDDDD!!!!! Screaming here! So terrifically excited for you – no wonder your symptoms have been out of hand!

You’re having twins!!!


Could not – simply COULD NOT – be happier for you.

Congratulations, sweetie.

31 07 2009

I had this feeling about this….SERIOUSLY!!! I am so happy for you! Bask in this joy!!

31 07 2009


31 07 2009


How incredibly awesomely wonderfully cool, oh Lisa, holy shit. great great great great great
Happy to meet your sprouts!
here’s to your super cycle! yes it took longer, but hey, wow and wonderfulness,you’re pregnant with TWINS!!!!!
ask for what you need, there is no shame in managing emotions with ultrasounds, I totally get that !

Happy kate

31 07 2009

OMG OMG OGM! You can’ttell, but I’m jumping up and down and squealing with joy for you! OMG! So exciting.

I am beyond thrilled!

31 07 2009

Yay, Lisa!!!!! This is incredible news!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!

1 08 2009
Melissa G

HOLY CRAP!!! What a wonderful surprise!!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!

This seriously made my night. Congratulations, BIG HUGS!!!

1 08 2009

YEA!!!! So happy for you! And tearing up a bit too…. : )

1 08 2009

YAY!!! OMG that is such amazingly wonderful news! Yay again!!!! So happy for you!

1 08 2009

OMG… Congrats on being doubling blessed!
I heart hearing your excitement…

The ginger cookies at starbucks were a lifesaver for me..if you like that kind of thing…

Oh man I am just so happy for you..

2 08 2009

AKKK !!!! I missed this until just now. Lisa, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! No wonder you’re having such strong morning sickness!!!! This is the most wonderful news ever!!!!


2 08 2009
The Nanny

I’m lurker delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m wishing you a happy, healthy, full-term pregnancy and two beautiful babies at the end!!!

2 08 2009

Congrats on the twins!!!!!! That moment is just so darn exciting! Feel free to pick my brain anytime, but I have to warn you, I don’t know much about raising twins yet…but I’m getting there!! 😉 Congrats, sweetie, I am just so darn happy for you both and your little Sprouts!!

3 08 2009

OOOOMMMMGGG YYYYEEEAAAHHH for you and your TWO SPROUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be happier for you sweetie pie!!

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