Sick, Sea Bands and the Mall (And Lurkers)

1 08 2009

Wow.  I said I would welcome every symptom, every pain, every inconvenience if that meant I would have a healthy baby.  I still feel that way but it is already kicking my ass and we have only just begun!!  I still say bring it on – I just want them to be healthy and to LIVE.   Having twins is sinking in – I am going to call and ask for another u/s, I am going to start researching as to who the best MFM in my area is and I am going to start having fun thinking about baby stuff.  Dreaming about the day they will be here .  Fantasizing about what they will look like.  All of the things I have been too terrified to feel, to want, to need.  I am going to throw myself into it.  Right now, I am pregnant with twins and I want to love every minute that I can.  I am going to start a journal/scrapbook for them.  I started one with my first pregnancy, Baby P, actually before, during the 2ww, but did not do that for my next two.  It hurt.  Too much.  I am going there though – I am going to have no regrets this time.  No matter what happens.

I woke up this morning and felt 0kay – kind of queasy but nothing serious.  I ate my breakfast – One – and about 10 minutes later I was SO nauseated – I ended up vomiting but the weirdest thing was it was not my cereal – it was yellowish bile and really, really acidic.  Major TMI coming up – it went through my nose and I thought I was going to die from the nasal pain.  I then proceeded to shower and had a hard time not heaving in the shower.  

I have not bought new clothes in a LONG time.  I always said I would when I either lost the 15 IVF pounds pushing me into overweight territory or when I got pregnant and stayed pregnant for longer than 5 weeks.  I also vowed that I would be comfortable when I was pregnant.  I went out and bought some new comfy clothes from the G.ap – obviously not maternity clothes – but some really comfy stretch pants and matching hoodie from the body line, t-shirts, undies and a new pair of pants.  

Most importantly, I bought two new bras.  My tatas – already a D – were busting out of my bras and they HURT so bad, also around my ribs by the end of the day.  I bought two “double support” bras.  I told Mr. M that they would really get his motor running…they probably look like what most grandmas are wearing…

Before I went shopping at the G.ap, I stopped at a drug store and bought sea ba.nds for morning sickness – the nausea was bad – and put them on.  I should post a pic…anyhow, Mr. M was laughing so hard, he was almost crying, he was like that is not going to do anything.  I told him that he knew nothing and not to laugh at me although I was almost crying from laughing too.  So, in the dressing room with the bras, I felt so, so sick.  I got really hot, so nauseated and almost panicky in my need to get the hell out of there.  And – the sea bands were really hot around my wrists and I felt suffocated by them!!!!!  I ripped them off and laughed out loud thinking of telling Mr. M.

I am at home now, sitting upright in bed, trying to keep my Oliv.e Gar.den lunch down and just really, really content.  Right now, I have two babies growing inside of me.  Right now, I am feeling sick, sicker than I ever have during a pregnancy, so that makes me feel better that my babies are continuing to grow.  Right now, I am still trying not to freak out over the heart rates – so many sites confirmed that they really look for between 90-110 right now.  Right now, I am listening to my husband interact with his son and just marveling at what an amazing dad he is and how lucky these little ones are to have such a tremendous father.

Oh, and Lurkers – thank you so much for coming out of the darkness and posting!!!  Make sure you leave your blog if you have one.




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1 08 2009

I’m with you – trying (trying, oh how everyone laughed!) to enjoy this. Trying not to get overwhelmed.

As far as the Sea bands go – I used to use them when I worked on a ship, and I’ve used them with success during this pregnancy. (Or at least so I assume. My nausea’s been mild anyway, so maybe I’m fooling myself.) They did work when I was onboard the ship and had to work despite nausea. The trick is to start wearing them before you feel ill.

Of course, maybe it’s just the distraction of looking like a refugee from the roller-skating 70s that does the trick…

So delighted you’re feeling crappy, though hoping that the crappiness eases up so that more of the delightfulness can sink in.

You’re having twins, girlfriend! Oh. My. God.!!!

1 08 2009

I love the Olive Gard.en!

1 08 2009

I am so sorry you are having such bad symptoms but like you said–bring them on! I know you are relieved to know those hormones are doing their thing.
Sorry about the grandma bras, that cracked me up! I’ve often wondered what the heck would happen to me (short and petite but with ample boobage) if I got pregnant, and then I remember my sister and it’s downright scary! I think she got into a H bra at one point, and definitely had to have a lift post-breastfeeding. But, what a problem, right??
Enjoy every second!

1 08 2009

Oh my goodness!!! I missed your last update…so CONGRATULATIONS x2!!!!!!! What wonderful, wonderful news.
Sorry you are so sick. I never tried the seabands, but vomiting bile is my expertise – yes even out of my nose 🙂 It is lovely. Actually, as sick as it sounds, I would rather the bile than a full tummy of food.
My assvice, get a bella band or the mother.hood version asap – comfort is key especially when you feel crappy.
I am over the moon happy for you!!!

2 08 2009

Omg, TWINS!! I’m so happy and excited for you! Wow! Sounds like there’s gonna be a lot more nausea and even bigger boobies in your future! Love the sonogram pic!

2 08 2009

Oh Lisa, Sorry you’re feeling so sick! It must be reassuring though at the same time! I know I’m loving whenever I have symptoms, but mine have been nothing like yours. Oh! I am just bursting with happiness for you!


2 08 2009

🙂 wahoo!! seems like all of my bloggy buddies who are getting pregnant right now have twins! i’m super psyched for you! don’t wait too long to ask for zofran to help with the nausea. seriously. you need to gain a lot of weight. i lost 8 or 10 lbs at the beginning and have kind of felt behind the 8 ball ever since. 😦


2 08 2009

Yeah, even though we’ve wished for these symptoms for so long, it’s still rough. My RE said the nausea is always worse with twins. Don’t hesitate to ask for Zofran…it really helped take the edge off for me. I don’t know if just having a good week or what, but my nausea really started to subside ( knock on wood!) this past week, so I will hope the same for you!! Just eat what you can and rest as much as possible. ((HUGS))

2 08 2009

I’m just catching up on your news!!!!!!! I was offline all weekend and this is the best news to come back to! Congratulations!!!!!!! Yes, you can pick my brain all you like :-). We actually just got back from a whole weekend on classes on multiples so I actually know alot more than I did a few days ago. I bet you and DH are just totally over the moon! Many hugs and welcome to the twin club. Jxxxx

3 08 2009

doubly the plancenta/progesterone, double the nausea!

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