Thank you – 6w5d

5 08 2009

Thank you all so, so much for your support, love and honesty, I really, really appreciate it.

I called my RE’s office this morning and told them how I was feeling and the nurse was like – just come in today if you want.  I was like, uh okay (who am I kidding, I was like yes, yes, yes).

The babies, as many of you predicted, look fabulous.  Sprout A was measuring 7 weeks with a hb of 123 and Sprout B was measuring 6w6d and had a hb of 120.  That has reassured me beyond belief.  They told me today that they only look for 100 or over at this point.  All of my insane searches revealed that a hb of 120 by 7 weeks is great – so being there already makes me feel so much better.  And their rise from Friday is fantastic.

I will post pics tomorrow or this weekend – I am too tired and I promised Mr. M a night of watching the beginning of the second season of Lost.

So, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.




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5 08 2009


5 08 2009

Great news! I’m so glad your nurse had the compassion to let you come in, have a peek and be reassured. Happy for you! Now go get lost in LOST!

5 08 2009

Great news! Congrats sweetie!

5 08 2009

Such great news.. Enjoy your evening with Mr.M..

5 08 2009

I cannot believe that I somehow missed this entire cycle!!!! I thought I had you on my blogroll, but I didn’t. Anyway, adding you tonight.

A very late, CONGRATULATIONS is in order!!! And I’m so glad to hear that the babes are growing nicely. Wonderful, wonderful news. 🙂

5 08 2009

Great news Lisa! This is just the news I wanted to hear today! CONGRATS momma! Grow babies grow!

5 08 2009

YAY!!! Wonderful news! Hurrah for tough (though dainty and adorable) little babies!

5 08 2009

YAY. I’ve been worried about you. I know how tough that dark place of fear is. I’m glad to hear that things are good.

LOST! A girl after my own heart. Season 1 and 2 are the best ones. enjoy 🙂

6 08 2009
Melissa G

Whew!!! What a relief!! That is so great that your RE’s office just took you in. I really hope that mine will do that. (someday)

I am just so glad that you were able to see them today and hopefully it will help you rest a little easier. Enjoy your evening with the Mr.

6 08 2009

I’m so glad to hear the good news. I hope that you feel better, and can relax and enjoy watching Lost with Mr M!

6 08 2009


6 08 2009

Yay, Lisa!!

I hope you enjoyed Lost and were able to relax! Your babies are doing wonderful!!

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