Yesterday’s U/S Pics; Fa.cebook Faux Paus

6 08 2009

So, I have only told a very few people about being pregnant…just really, really good friends who have known about my miscarriages and they have been an unbelievable support system.  A few of them are at work.  But,  I trust these people not to say anything.  Mr. M, on the other hand, has told EVERYONE where he works – I used to work there with him.  On the one hand, I think that is great – he is really excited and really getting into this pregnancy so I cannot get mad at him – and I am not.  BUT – one of the guys he told posted ON MY FACE.BOOK wall something like congrats on the twins, do you know if they are identical or fraternal…  I mostly use to see what my cousins and sisters are up to – I rarely log on.  Of course, I freaked when I saw this and deleted it from my wall and emailed him privately.  Sigh.  

At any rate, here are the ultrasound pictures of my Sprouts from yesterday at 6w5d.  Can you believe how much they have grown from Friday – that is crazy and exhilarating!!!   My plan is to enjoy my life and this pregnancy and just wait for my ob appointment on the 19th.  





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6 08 2009

Ugh…I hate FB faux paus! Hopefully no one saw. The twins look great!! 🙂

6 08 2009

Beautiful babies! I got outed on Facebook too – fortunately since I’m such a slug about posting, I don’t think anyone else saw it! Love those U/S pictures!

6 08 2009

Look at those beautiful little ones!! Awwww, cute! 🙂

6 08 2009

Now that is a beautiful site 🙂

6 08 2009

THat sort of thing has happened to me on fb. I think you can go into your privacy settings and uncheck “friends can post to my wall” or something…maybe just for now. The photos are fabulous! It’s so amazing that they actually look like little people!

6 08 2009

beautiful pics!!! grow, babies, grow!!!

6 08 2009

What a gorgeous little picture of The Sprouts!

Don’t know if you’ve seen this ticker for twins…

6 08 2009

Here from LFCA…

Glad that your Sprouts are doing well!

Faux pas like that make me glad that I boycott FB.

6 08 2009
Melissa G

Beautiful pictures. Absolutley incredible.

I am just so happy for you.

Oh, and yikes on the FB thing. What a moron that guy is!!!

6 08 2009

I am soo happy for you. The pics look great!!

6 08 2009

Beautiful, Lisa– such great news just exactly perfectly timed.

6 08 2009
Aunt Becky

They’re just beautiful.

6 08 2009

Oh they are gorgeous, all your scans have been picture perfect so far! Such photogenic little babies! Really glad you have seen them and their fantastically normal development. Now go and ENJOY your pregnancy! 🙂

6 08 2009

so great that everything looks beautiful in the ultrasound.
my goodness, the FB wall is a source of so much trouble!!! it’s all out in the open, and people just say whatever. so tricky…

6 08 2009

Those are some beautiful little tiny babies you have there!

6 08 2009

Cute pics! Told you those other heartrates were fine!!
I nearly got outed on FB too. Luckily, the person who read about things on my blog only posted on their blog, and thus only my online TTC buddies got to see the post. Had she posted on my wall, I’d have totally freaked.

6 08 2009

Check out my blog…you have an award waiting for you!

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