11 08 2009

I have been pretty sad about the women who have experienced losses recently – there have been quite a few and it is so horrible and shitty and unfair.  My heart is just shattered for them.

I have been having some reassuring symptoms – intense nausea and some vomiting.  I had an especially hard time going to sleep last night, the nausea was so bad.  I got up and started dry heaving – nothing really came out but bile and a little bit of dinner.  But – I felt tons better after I threw up.  Has anyone else experienced this????

I think that part of the problem is that I am not drinking enough water – that became difficult about two weeks ago.  I have been able to drink some soda and smoothies – so I am trying to drink more healthy fruit smoothies – I even made one with tofu yesterday.  I used too much tofu and it was pretty nasty!

I almost threw up at work yesterday.  Not good.  I was going to try and make it to a semi-public bathroom on the ground floor of our building – but I barely made it to the bathroom down the hall.  I do not want to tell work until at least ten weeks.  I am telling them a bit early for a few reasons – first, I have told a few of my good friends who happen to be co-workers and I am afraid if I wait any longer, they will leak the info and I do not want certain share.holders to find out that way, second – if yesterday is any indication, I will be throwing up at work for a bit and third, if you can believe it, I think my stomach popped out a little bit.  

I have always had a “kangaro.o pouch” (heaven forbid a little kid google kan.garoo pouch and find this site) and the lack of exercise and extra IVF/IUI weight has given it substantial paunch.  But, I am noticing a distinct difference in it.  Which I found hard to believe until I started googling other twin pregnancies and found that a ton of women are in maternity clothes at ten weeks.  Which is where I am heading!  

My plan is to go to my OB appt on the 19th, have an ultrasound and then ask for at least a doppler at 10 weeks – if we cannot find a hb on that, then an ultrasound and if everything is okay, then I would tell work.  I have a tilted uterus so I am not sure how the doppler will work.

So, a friend bought me a book to read to the babies in utero – an adaptation of Dr. Seu.ss’s Oh the Plac.es You’ll Go.  I read it out loud last night and it really made me smile and feel connected to my Sprouts.  I really want them here.  I want them here – healthy and happy and here NOW.




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11 08 2009

So very happy for you and your sprouts – and yes, ultrasounds are your friend – anything that reassures is your friend! Here’s to maternity wear and telling the folks at work and enjoying this time. I am so very happy for you all.

11 08 2009

I could barely drink any water in the first trimester either and felt guitly as you’re supposed to drink tons of it. I was able to get it down slightly more easily by putting lemon and lime slices in. I tried sparkling and still and neither was good. I did start on my daily smoothies around 6 weeks and could keep them down, thank goodness. Still on them now. I blend ice, some milk, blueberries, strawberries, yoghurt (activia), a banana, some walnuts (for omega 3s) and a scoop of protein powder together. It tastes quite nice and I feel like it practically kept me alive for the first trimester when I was sick all the time. It’s rough, despite the fact that you’re happy to have such obvious a symptom. I hope it doesn’t hit you too badly (I lost 8lbs between weeks 6 and 10!).

I told my boss at about 10 weeks, which was earlier than I wanted but I was asked to go on a trip to CA and was advised against travel in the first tri so I wanted to be honest about why I couldn’t go.

I’m just so so happy for you!

11 08 2009

Hi Lisa!
heck, I had one and a belly that was *so different* than my usual, I am not surprised to hear about yours! And telling will be a relief, I am sure.

Sorry and glad to hear about the nausea– I hope you know what I mean.

Thinking of you and wishing you a nice reassuring level of pregnancy symptoms, and yes, I have heard if you just go ahead and throw up, you’ll feel better but it really goes against our instincts to do that.

hugs to you too and thank you for your sweetness always,


11 08 2009

I had a really hard time drinking water for the first couple of months. Squeezing lemon in it helped and I also drank club soda with lime. ( I think club is mostly water and I don’t know what quinine is, so hopefully it wasn’t harmful ’cause I did drink a shit load of it) I also had really bad nausea and puked a few times. The weird thing is I puked 3 days ago and dry heaved this morning. I have that pregnancy congestion thing though. (it is more common with twin pregnancies) My nasal passages are swollen causing random nosebleeds and overall congestion and post-nasal drip (YUCK!) I think that’s why I’m still gaggy in the morning. Oh well, it’s all for the babies…

Hopefully you’ll start to feel better in a couple of weeks. I felt significantly better by week 13. I know that feels a long way off, but you’ll make it. Promise. Hang in there!

11 08 2009

I’m sorry for the nausea/vomiting but know you like the reassurance!
hooray for early maternity clothes–I say, flaunt it as soon as you get it! This is only a phrase an IFer would get, right?

11 08 2009

Oh yeah, and I tried this Dunkin’ Don.uts Cool.atta this morning – Tropicana Orange flavored – delicious! Just get down whatever you can keep down. The nutrition part isn’t as important yet, but keeping food and fluids DOWN is!

11 08 2009

I knew I’d be in maternity earlier, but 10 weeks- oh my! School starts when I hit 10 weeks. I was hoping I’d be able to get at least 1 week in my typical clothing. Thanks for the tip about our ute’s being 6-8 weeks ahead. I think I’m still rockin’ the bloat, but I have noticed a little popping out below my belly button. I am marvelling at how that part is changing and what’s going on inside.

I’m telling my boss at about 9 weeks, because I know once my immediate co-workers know, then it will spread like wildfire. My immediate co-workers know we did IVF, so I give it 30 minutes after I’m back working in my classroom, for the news to get out. I’m thinking about trying to keep the twin thing a secret a while longer though. I’ll have to see if that works.

I’m glad you’ve had reassuring symptoms- have you tried taking vitamin B6? I don’t know if it is that (or the watermelon I’ve been eating- I’ve heard that helps with m/s too) but my nausea has tapered off a bit.

I always thought I’d be relishing just being pregnant- but I’m with you on just wanting them here NOW- healthy and happy.

11 08 2009

Sorry to hear about feeling nausea and getting sick at work, but at least it is a good sign. I’m so happy for any good sign and I hope your appointment gives you lots of great news.

11 08 2009

Hooray for morning sickness! (Though that sucks about the actual dealing with it)

That’s sweet that you try to break up your words so that small children don’t google and learn all about this harsher side of life so soon.

11 08 2009

Best of luck to you! I really appreciate your blog. You and others like you have really inspired me, so I have just set up my own page. It’s really helped me keep my humor about things. My best wishes to you and your future beloved.

11 08 2009

I was in maternity pretty early and I am just cookin’ one! Don’t wait – they are too comfortable to wait. The strawberry smoothie from pan.era is pretty good, so is milk, scoop of choc protein powder, pb and a banana. Gatorade works for me as well. Ice chips also helped during the worst of my nausea and when I had the flu. Just stay hydrated any way you can. 🙂

11 08 2009

aww I just love coming here to see you and your sprouts updates. I have the tilt going on too and never had a issue with the doppler..

rub your little belly and send me some good luck please 🙂

11 08 2009

The nausea is a great sign! 🙂 As awful as it is, at least it’s reassurance. I’m sorry you have to out yourself before you’re ready! Keep drinking that water!

12 08 2009

Drink up hun. Those sprouts need water. I did well with sparkling water. The bubbles made my nausea fade. I hope you feel better soon.

12 08 2009

All the crappy feeling and barf is a good thing! 😉 But, yeah, it sucks to be at work and try to hide it. Won’t be long now and the cat will be out of the bag. Enjoy the hell out of it. So happy for you. 🙂

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