7w5d – Zofran

12 08 2009

Today was really bad – lots of puking.   I did keep dinner down last night with a ginger ale.  This morning and afternoon – I threw up about 4-5 times, some food, some water and some bile.  I was starting to feel “better” but my RE’s office said to call them if it kept up – so I let them know and they said to go to an ER.  Sigh.  So I did.  My urine had a concentration of ketones that indicated dehydration was beginning to happen.  So, basically, they wanted to give me a shot of Zofran and give me pills to take home to start really keeping stuff down.  I was pretty resistant at first – I really do not want to take anything…but they said my other option was severe dehydration, hospitalization and potential harm to the pregnancy.  Sigh.  

So, I took the shot of Zofran in the bum and went home with some pills.  

I cried this morning after I threw up the third time and called my husband – it is just so frustrating.  I want to eat and drink and be merry.  I have been feeling pretty positive about the Sprouts but after today I was scared for the Sprouts.   I am having some GI upsetness and that is scaring me, that it is a precursor to miscarriage.  

I am so tired, I have so much work to do, I am not “out” at work yet and just generally miserable.  BUT, nothing is more important than the Sprouts, so if I have to out myself at work early, I will.  

I was told to take the Zofran 3 x per day – but the on call doctor, knowing my resistance, said I could try just taking it before I will be nauseous based on what has been going on, i.e. when I wake up.  However, the sickness has been vacillating and moving.  I am going to try and take it sparingly. 

So – please, those of you who have taken Zofran, please tell me how safe it is and that the Sprouts will not be adversely affected.




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12 08 2009

I know nothing about Zofran, it’s not often used in Canada. Diclectin is used extensively in Canada, and has been for about 40 years. I feel your pain. I actually lost 20 pounds in my first trimester (I had it to lose). You have to keep eating and drinking, so drugs may be your only option. The Toronto Sick Kids Hospital has a great research program called MotherRisk, which provides good solid risk information. Unfortunatley, they haven’t done any thing wtih Zofran, and the few google resources I found said that there are no long term trials.

Now, that’s not as bad as it sounds, because it is ethically problematic to perform any drug trial on a pregnant woman, which unfortunately means you are often left with a “well, we don’t think there are any problems with it. . . . but, we dont’ know for sure.”

The MotherRisk Website:

12 08 2009

Hey sweetie – I don’t know anything about Zofran, but I would listen to the Doctor…If the Doctor thinks it is the best option, I would take it. It will make getting through the day easier, and hopefully will result in less dehydration and stress on your body. Don’t beat yourself up too much for having to take medication to get through this tough patch.

12 08 2009
The Nanny

I haven’t taken it, but I know someone who had to take it multiple times daily because she was so, so sick. She, like you, was scared to–but did, out of necessity. She had to to keep food and drink down to nourish her baby, and now her baby is a GORGEOUS, healthy, happy four-year-old.

Your sweet bubs will be fine 🙂

12 08 2009

I know people who’ve taken meds for the same thing (don’t know if its Zofran) but they turned out just fine. *hugs* oh sweetie I can *feel* your mixed emotions of fear and nervousness. I hope your nausea eases soon and your sprouts are A-OK.

12 08 2009

You may have a stomach bug, not just m/s. The GI issues along with the vomiting make me suspicious…Either way, I hope it all goes away soon!

12 08 2009

Julia at here be hippogriffs took it and her twins are healthy. Take care!

12 08 2009

Well I used to work on the antepartum unit with the ladies who had to be hospitalized because of morning sickness and we gave it constantly. You do what you have to do! Hang in there!

13 08 2009

I’ve heard it is fine to take but try this option too – vitamin B6 only 25mg 3x a day. For some people it helps significantly, others not so much. It did help me stop puking here and there…though I still had some nausea…but it was a very noticeable difference. You may be able to lower your dose of Zofran if you try it. (it was recommended by my RE’s office so is completely safe…in the small doses recommended). Besides that, lots of women have had to take zofran and went on to healthy babies!

13 08 2009

I’ve been taking it on and off, probably about three 8mg pills on average per week. Early on when I was so sick, I really didn’t want to take it but then you have to weigh it against the fact that the babies are not being nourished as well as they could be. We bought a pill cutter and halved the tablets – however the half dose only took the edge off slightly. Once I was past 12/13 weeks I felt more confident taking a whole tablet and I needed fewer than one per day. I did still get sick alot but for me that was an acceptable level without taking too many pills. I’m sure I’m over-cautious with it as well. My OB, peri, CC.RM and two doctor friends of mine all said it was fine to take. It’s been around for about 10 years and no adverse effects have been noted. I doubt you will need three per day – my prescription said take four per day and I’ve never done that. I took two per day for a two day period at 13.5 weeks when I had to travel for work with two full days of meetings. I hope your sickness isn’t too long-lived – unfortunately mine is still around at 19 weeks, in fact I just lost my breakfast again (sorry if tmi). Hang in there, I know how utterly miserable it is. I ended up in tears several times, feeling so wretched. Hugs.

13 08 2009

no experience with the drugs, just hoping you feel better soon! I guess I would trust my RE and hope for the best – taking the lowest amount possible seems like a good idea. Good luck!

13 08 2009

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest something natural to try. It might be hocus pocus or it might make you worse, so there is my disclaimer. Try smelling a fresh cut lemon. Maybe even stick your tongue on it. I think the trick is to do it before you are in complete hurl mode. And, I think you’re in the midst of the worst of it now. It WILL get better, I hear. 😉

13 08 2009

My doctor prescribed Zofran for me in the beginning. I never ended up taking it because I wasn’t puking regularly and was able to keep fluid and food down. Both my RE’s nurse AND my regular OB said it was safe to take – apparently it’s a Level B med, similar to Tylenol.

Hang in there sweetie! I feel terrible for you that you’re so sick – you will eat, drink, and be merry soon. 🙂

13 08 2009

I remember someone in a blog I used to read that had to take Zofran. And she was fine after that, baby was fine. So you do what you have to. You have to be strong and healthy yourself to be able to nurture your babies anyway.
Also pay attention to anything that your body is accepting naturally, any fruit, vegetable or whatever that does sound appealing, and eat that. Our bodies usually, even when sick, will feel fine with a few items. Sometimes just white (or brown) rice by itself too. I know someone who had to stop eating any meat during her pregnancy, because it would always make her sick. Hopefully with the medicine you’ll feel stronger soon and be able to figure out a more neutral way to navigate the moods of your stomach. Good luck.

13 08 2009

Oh Lisa, I am so sorry you are suffering. I hope you feel MUCH better with the zofran, I have heard nothing but miraculous things about it.
You staying healthy is best for the sprouts, and I simply wish you equilibrium and some good sleep.
Thinking of you and wishing you well,

13 08 2009

Wow – sounds like m/s is kicking your ass, I’m sorry.

I hope the meds help.


13 08 2009

Hey to you and the sprouts

Sorry m/s is kicking you in the butt, my last pregnancy I had hyperemisis and diclectin was my BFF till about 16 weeks. I know you are scared about the meds but happy mommy happy sprouts.

those gingerbread cookies at starbucks were great too.. and mints like mint anything helped.

Thinking of you.. 🙂

14 08 2009

Just wanted to stop by to cheer you on and send wishes for feeling better! I don’t have any personal experience with Zofran, but given that it’s prescribed for hyperemesis and severe m/s I’d feel comfortable using it. Think of it this way … the babies need mommy to be able to keep food down so if the meds help then that’s what you need to do! Here’s to hoping that you can eat, drink, and be merry soon!

14 08 2009

Zofran totally saved me. Made me feel human again. The m/s had gotten so bad and I didn’t even realize it until I got some respite because of the zofran.

Take the Zofran. you don’t have to be miserable, and the babies will be fine. Better than fine, because you will be taking care of you. Which is very very important.

8 01 2012

I am 10 weeks and have been sick since week four. Two hospitalizations due to severe dehydration. The ketotic state your body goes into at that point is far worse for your pregnancy than the drugs. I had protien in my urine as well as ketones – my body was starting to break down muscles for energy. I am taking 25mg Gravol, Diclectin, and Zofran. All maximum doses, three times a day. I can now somewhat function but I am still constantly throwing up.

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