8 Week Ultrasound Pictures of the Sprouts; Trip to BRU

16 08 2009

Yep – I went in for an u/s on Friday.  Thursday night I thought I saw a small pink stain on my tp – I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me or assumed it was nothing – so I forgot about it and went to bed, trying to push it out of my mind and reminding myself how vascular my cervix probably is.  Plus – I have Hyperemesis so I was somewhat confident the Sprouts were doing just fine.  Then, Friday at work, I noticed what could have been a brownish-pink stain on my panty liner.  Minor panic set in – I called my RE’s office – THEY WERE AMAZING.   They were like – just come in for another u/s if you want.  Yes I did want.  So I went in for the u/s – no problems seen – they assumed it was my cervix and told me not to worry.  Both Sprouts were measuring 8 weeks exactly and Sprout A had a heart rate of 167 and Sprout B had a heart rate of 172 so they are looking fabulous.  So, I am trying to push the little pink stains out of my mind.

I did start on the zofran – and I am not throwing up anymore but I am still very, very nauseated.  I still feel bad about taking it but it was either that or ending up in the hospital, dehydrated.  I definitely do not want to go there.  I think I am on a low dose – 4mg – and I am taking it twice a day right now.  I was starting to get afraid about my job – I was totally non-functioning much of the time and not producing my normal level of work due to how sick I was/am.  

I had to go to Babi.es R Us for a friend’s baby shower.  Fuck, was that overwhelming or what.  I peeked at a few of the double strollers and got totally overwhelmed.  I just ran for her gift and got the hell out.  Not before I saw some petite beauty pregnant with twins walking around with her tanned, dimple free legs.  I am already a beast (thanks 3.5 IVFs, 2 IUIs and 1 Clomid IUI for the extra 15 pounds) and I am going to be well over 200 pounds with the Sprouts.  I am determined to meet Dr. Luke’s guidelines – I am counting myself as overweight since I was technically by 10 pounds at the outset.  So the book says 20 pounds by 20 weeks.  I have not weighed myself but I plan on it this week – gasp – just thinking of the dreaded scale at the OBs office – my first OB appt is Wednesday.  

I am letting myself get a wee bit excited – I watched a few twin videos on youtube and it was pretty cool.  Enough of my babbling, I give you the Sprouts – does anyone know what that line is next to the baby standing up, both babies have it but I forgot to ask what it was – also, I love how the baby on the right is chilling on his/her side (BTW, somebody pinch me – is this really happening to me – this is my life?  I feel so lucky today):





15 responses

16 08 2009

I’m glad your doctor’s office was so quick and willing to help ease your worries. The babies look cute, I hope week 12 comes very soon!

16 08 2009

It is happening. No pinches needed.

16 08 2009

So, so cute! Don’t worry about weight gain–this is the one time to be completely un-concerned with that–the Sprouts need you to EAT! I’m glad the Zofran is at least keeping you from throwing up. I worked briefly on a complicated antepartum floor and let me tell you, being hospitalized for dehydration for hyperemesis and having to be tube fed…not fun at all. Well, from the looks of it anyway…
You’re really making some progress!

16 08 2009

Not a clue about the line. But those are nice pics! Glad all’s going well.

16 08 2009

They look so sweet!! I have no idea what the little line is, sometimes you just see funky little things on an u/s.

Dont’ worry about the weight gain, it will all be worth it!

16 08 2009

I didn’t do well on the zofran. It backed me up totally. I hope it’s better for you!

17 08 2009

The pics made my day today!!! Thanks for sharing. ((HUGS)) They are toooo cute!! I am so happy for you! Ahhh… life is good!

17 08 2009

you are on a low dose of zofran. technically i think that you can take 8 mg every 8 hours or so…but don’t quote me on that (check with your doc).

you are totally pregnant with twins 🙂 the stroller that i wanted is in transition right now. the ’08 models are phasing out and the ’09 models are phasing in. seriously? come on! can’t just something be easy???


17 08 2009

Beautiful Babies! And so glad you are not puking, so sorry you are feeling crappy, and so so glad you had such a good ultrasound.

thinking of you, and happy happy happy 8 weeks,

17 08 2009

So sorry you are superduper sick, but you have some superduper cuties in there!!!

17 08 2009

Aww, they just keep getting cuter by the day Lisa! Congrats on the great u/s! Isn’t BRU like some intimidating foreign beast?! Glad to hear that the Zofran is helping even if just taking the edge off. I look forward to more great updates and pics of your little sprouts!

17 08 2009

I love seeing your babies’ u/s images- they get me so excited to know what I will get to see soon! I am glad you are doing a little bit better.

18 08 2009

thanks for sharing that. :)))
and I’m glad to learn you are finally doing better with the Zofran. Yes, you have to be strong and eating to be able to function and help your babies grow.

18 08 2009

Oh my gosh, that picture is so amazing! Great news that they are doing fine and I’m sorry you have to endure the awful nausea. Best wishes for more great news in the weeks to come.

19 08 2009

What beautiful sprouts! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!
I’m so glad you’ve gotten the puking under control. I wish it helped more with the nausea, too, so you could enjoy your pregnancy a little more.

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