MFM Appointment

27 08 2009

I had my appointment at the MFM department yesterday at 9w5d and it was incredible.  From start to finish.  

  • First, the nurse was absolutely incredible.  If she was in charge of my care and delivery from start to finish, I would be happy and she blew my OB away.  So nice, understanding, empathetic, helpful – I was totally floored.
  • The doctor was phenomenal – I know, I am using some pretty big positive words here – she was 32ish weeks pregnant.  I have to say, we really bonded.  I told her my anxiety levels were coming down a bit and she was like, wow, tell me how you did it – and I said, well you have to understand the height from which my anxiety started…she totally got the “I think they are dead” every five minutes.  She totally got that I was scared of Zofran and talked a bit about it and the safety of it – they did tell me to double my dose since I am still getting sick.
  • The doctor did a quick u/s with a portable machine – the Sprouts looked fabulous.  Yay!!!  I really feel like this is going to work – that I am going to have these babies (I know that all sorts of terrible shit can still happen but for now I am uber optimistic).
  • The doctor went through a whole list of twin concerns – preeclampsia, preterm labor and gestational diabetes.   With twins – they test for GD at 16 weeks and again at 26.  
  • I will have appts about every 3 weeks through the 2nd tri and closer together in the third.  
  • We talked about the flu vaccine – I am terrified and have never received one – and the potential new swine flu vaccine.  We will talk more about it in October…what do you guys think of that?

The bottom line is that I found the practice for me and I am so happy and relieved.

Update on my morning sickness – I quit taking the Zofran last Wednesday – by Saturday night, I could not stop throwing up.  Sunday I threw up so much that I think I burst blood vessels in my throat – there were strands of blood in the toilet…so I went back on the Zofran Sunday night.  It breaks my heart a little bit to do that but I could see myself headed down a scary, scary road if I did not get it under control.  I am confident that I tried everything on the natural end and nothing really helped.  I managed to still throw up a bit this week, even on Zofran.  Apart from being worthless at work and screwing some things up, I do not mind the morning sickness in a hateful, resentful way – I really feel like it is something that is a part of me, of the Sprouts and we will get through it – in one piece and it is okay.  I would go through anything for them.  I cannot believe I am going to be 10 weeks tomorrow.  That is blowing my mind.




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27 08 2009

Hurrah, what a great post! I’m so excited for you! The MFM appointment sounds great. I’m still on Zofran every other day at 21 weeks…… I had a terrible turn on Sunday, similar to what you describe, just awful. i hope you start feeling better soon. Jxx

27 08 2009

I’m so glad you found a good clinic/doctor/nurse! That is a huge thing.

I’m sorry about the continued sickness…but try not to worry about the Zofran. The alternative is not good–hospitalization for severe dehydration, tube feedings…believe me, I’ve nursed people through that and it ain’t fun.

Yay for the sprouts!!!

27 08 2009

That’s great!

27 08 2009

I’m so sorry you’re still so sick. Ugh! That is definitely the worst. I am glad that the appointment went well though – a rainbow among the clouds of sickness. 🙂

27 08 2009

So glad you found the right place for your antenatal care. They sound absolutely great and just what you need, hopefully great care like that will help you enjoy your pregnancy as it progresses. I think your sprouts will be just fine too! Sorry you are so horribly sick – hope the Zofran is helping again now.
I am so indecisive about the flu vaccine too – please post what you decide to do, I cannot make up my mind! Veering towards going for it as I am severely asthmatic and my baby will be nearly full term by then but I hate the way they are having to rush the clinical trials through….

27 08 2009

how wonderful that you found a great doctor and that you immediately bonded.
and cool that she eased your fears about the zofran.
I’m sorry that you are still so absolutely nauseous and throwing up that badly.

27 08 2009

Awesome that you have found such a great doc and support staff! Seems to be rare, these days. On the Zofran note, yeah, it’s probably better than the alternative that could happen. (Dehydration, additional stress, not to mention starving the sprouts.) Hang in there. So happy for you! I would say yes on the flu vaccine (so would my DH.)

Thanks too, for the nice offer. It was very thoughtful of you, but I am going to be on follistim. 😦
Take care,

27 08 2009
Melissa G

I am so thrilled to hear that you are feeling so upbeat. And it’s awesome that you had such a great appointment.

Go sprouts, GO!

28 08 2009

having a place to go that you like makes all of the difference in the world!!! so glad that the new place is so good 🙂

…and i know you don’t want to take the zofran, but you need to consume some calories, girl!! 😉

28 08 2009

I am sorry you are still feeling so sick. You need to be careful, though. I’ve also been really sick and my OB has been concerned with my weight loss and dehydration. Make sure you are keeping track of it. Right now it is okay, but once you get into the second trimester they will want to really get it under control. ((HUGS)) I hope you feel better!

28 08 2009

Happy 10 Weeks (tomorrow)! 🙂 Omg, I am so, so glad you found a practice you are so happy with! The right Dr. and staff make all the difference.

Aargh, sorry about the continued nausea. I’d rather actually hurt somewhere than feel nauseous. I just hate it. Bless your heart, I hope it subsides on it’s own, soon!

28 08 2009

Hey there Lisa,
I am so happy for your great MFM appointment from nurse to doctor– understanding and rapport, and wonderful care… how great. And the zofran, sweetie, I am so sorry you feel so shitty, many many many women take this and you should not beat yourself about it. You are doing everything right–

Happy happy happy 10 weeks.
you’re my role model- hoping my crazy ass late ovulation cycle is my magical one as well.

29 08 2009

Happy 10 weeks and so happy you found the best fit for you in prenatal care!

I tried a couple times to go off m/s meds and it took till about 16 weeks.. hopefully in a couple of weeks all will be good. 🙂

29 08 2009

Oh my gosh eww about the bloody puke. Please stick to the Zofran. All that vomiting can’t be good for your sprouts.

29 08 2009

I’m so glad you had such a great appointment!

Happy 10wks!!! I’m so excited to watch our tickers climb! 🙂 Happy growing baby vibes to you my dear friend!

31 08 2009

Great post!

So glad you loved the doctor and are feeling happy 🙂

YAY Sprouts!

31 08 2009

Sadly, this is the kind of attention I would want if I were only pregnant with one! I’m so glad you are feeling understood and taken care of!

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