10w3d; No Doppler For You; Ripping Pains

31 08 2009

I had an interesting weekend.  Not too much nausea on Saturday but a horrible headache.  I did not leave my house once.  I was totally on bed rest.  I loved it.  I had a headache on Sunday and terrible nausea.  I went for a short walk, bought some conditioner and two pies for a party the neighbor was having.  You would think that I freaking climbed Mt. Everest – I was totally exhausted when I got home and had to sleep for two hours.  

I called my doctor’s office last week to ask them about a doppler…they said they really recommend against it, and that in their experience, it creates more anxiety than anything.  Mr. M agrees and does not want me to get one (although I did contemplate getting one and just keeping it at work – I am such a junkie) and one of my IRL friends thinks it would be a bad idea too…damn them all (yes, holly – you too – and by the way, when I sneezed in my car, my uterus fell out)!!!  I called my doula friend to see if she had any doppler connections and struck out.  I then wracked my brain wondering who I might know that would have a doppler…hmmm….

That brings me to what I am calling ripping pains.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night and felt as though something was ripping on my left side – of course, I was terrified that it was a placenta ripping away from my uterus – but it only lasted for a few seconds and I was able to go back to sleep.  I had some minor twitching and pulling on and off all day, with some slight sharper pulsing pains on my left side for just a few seconds.  No bleeding.  And they are totally on and off and not persistent at all.  So, I called the doctor’s office and they said it is my uterus stretching and maybe even the round ligaments stretching too – I was like, this EARLY????  And they said yes – especially since it is twins.  So, Internets – please tell me this is normal at this stage with twins!!???  I am trying, really, really trying not to freak out.   I want to call the doctor’s office and be like – if I had a doppler, all of this would go away!!!!!!!  (I know I would be too obsessive with the doppler – I was already obsessing when I was researching them – they say to use in moderation – yeah right, I would have that sucker on me every morning – I would probably have to get a special purse to carry it with me all day…)




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31 08 2009

I’ve had some short, sharp pains too and I just saw our babies toay and everything looked good, so I think you’re okay. It’s really amazing all that’s going on down there. I’m sure everything is just fine.

BTW, not to feed your doppler addiction, but they are very easy to come by on ebay. I got mine there, but I couldn’t find their h/bs until about 13 weeks with it, so I wouldn’t do you much good now anyway. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! It is getting better for me, so it will be easing up on you soon too!!

31 08 2009

I HAVE heard of women carrying twins having stretching pains & RL pains this early. Though you’re stronger than me. I’d have that doppler in hand already…

31 08 2009

I’ve heard that it might be less of a good idea with twins – hard to differentiate between the two, then you freak out because you think you can’t find one.
Then again, if I weren’t able to access something to have an occasional check through work (I’m going to try to keep the checks at one a week), and if I lived in the US and didn’t have to worry about import duties or taxes at the border, I’d probably buy one myself. Only you can know what’ll keep your stress level lower. I am glad I didn’t try looking till after 13 weeks though, cause I really did have a brief minute of heart-clenching panic when I didn’t find the kid right away.
I’d imagine the fact that you’ve passed the 10 week mark with all looking good is the best predictor of good things to come. Nearly everyone I’ve read about with a miscarriage lost the baby by about 9.5 weeks gestation. Just didn’t find out about it till the NT scan. So I think you’re pretty well in the safety zone now. Past miscarriages definitely don’t help put you at ease, even knowing that, do they? )

31 08 2009

Although I did like my doppler, it also caused me some serious anxiety when I couldn’t find the h/b immediately. My dh HATED it and threatened almost daily to send it back. Maybe it is better for your sanity?! Besides in a few weeks I bet you’ll start feeling flutters of the twins. K was feeling them by 11wks (granted she’s carried other babies), so I bet you will feel them soon too!

It’s funny that you mention the pain, pulling, and stretching of ligaments. K literally just sent me an email 5 minutes ago saying “Oh and all day today on and off twing, twang, twitch …. my ligaments must be a stretchin’!” So, yes it happens early with twins and it’s totally normal! Just think you are finally experiencing something that is totally normal. I bet it feels good to feel normal after all you’ve been through. Thinking of you and the little Sprouts!

31 08 2009

I had twitching and pain and stretching very early on…and I only have one. I think it’s very normal. My doctor said not to worry about it.

I would have a really hard time w/ a doppler. Especially the use in moderation part. I would need to check over and over again….that’s why I decided against it. I really think it would just create more anxiety for me.

31 08 2009

I **never** thought I’d get a doppler for the reasons your loved ones suggest but I think because of what I’ve been through, if I’m lucky enough to reach a stage where I can hear it on a doppler, I will get one. I can’t help that.

LOL @ the uterus falling out if you sneeze. TMI but I’m scared to have bowel movements, for similar reasons. We’re entitled to a little insanity after what we’ve dealt with I say.

I’ve heard the same about twins, that stretching happens early. *hugs and hopes your way*

31 08 2009

Sorry about the pain, but it sounds like RPL to me! I would not get the doppler – I wanted one, but never got around to ordering it and before I knew it time had flown by and I could feel the baby moving. See if you can hold out…

31 08 2009

The pains are completely normal.

Avoid the doppler. They’re anxiety inducing.


31 08 2009

Thanks for your comments on my blog..

I have heard like others have said the legiment pain can be awful, hoping it passes.

Happy 10w3d Friend!

1 09 2009

Hi, I have had pain on and off from 10 weeks. At first it didn’t seem like a ripping sensation but my uterus felt really warm like it was overheating (I know that sounds weird but it’s what it felt like!). Also quite bad pain around the base of the uterus and cervix from around 10 weeks. Still get it now at 30 weeks and have been told lots of times that it’s normal and just growth and later weight of uterus. I know it’s not exactly the same as your pains but just to reassure you that weird pains like that are apparently normal.

As for the doppler – my very strong view is step away from it! Now! No good will come of it! Not that that will stop you getting one I’m sure, I read the same advice and got one anyway. I got one at ten weeks and used it obsessively, couldn’t hear a thing other than stomach acid and my own pulse! Then spent two very frightening weeks convinced the baby was dead until my uneventful, healthy 12 week scan. My husband used to hide it from me it got that bad. Eventually he packaged it up and sent it back without telling me. But I am sure you will be more level headed than me if you do get one!

As ever, glad all is going well, not long to go now till the second tri! 🙂

1 09 2009

Round ligament pain was the one thing that sent me to the hospital during my first pregnancy at about 5 months with my first child. It was horrific and so scary and for me worse than childbirth because I had no clue what the hell it was! Once I was reassured that everything was fine then it it became less of an issue, but when I worked as a labor and delivery nurse this was the biggest pain related reason that we saw first time moms in labor and delivery, it is that common and that scary. And yes, the bigger the uterus gets, with multiples the sooner it will occur.

1 09 2009

My doctor told me the same thing about a doppler. I was in an absolute frenzy until I ordered one at 18 weeks, paid a ridiculous amount to have it shipped overnight on a weekend, and would do it again 10 times over. If you want a doppler, get one. It was absolutely the best thing I ever did. I used it every single day, even up to the day my baby was born. It kept me from going to the hospital many times. It absolutely saved my sanity to know that her heart was still beating strong in there. I would HIGHLY recommend it!!

2 09 2009
Miss MVK

Loving your comments on my blog. It’s like having a big sister who is just enough ahead of me to tell me what to expect. Sorry about the RLP. I had them late in the game with Piglet and man alive, they were brutal.

I’m on the fence about the doppler. I had one with P. but I’ve heard that with twins, it does actually cause a lot of anxiety because you can never tell if you’ve heard both or just the one twice etc. etc. Let me know what you decide! I’m sure I’ll follow suit. 😉

Hope you’re feeling better today. I on the other hand pulled over the side of the road and hurled on our way to the zoo this morning. It was awesome. Can’t wait for yours to end so I know mine might someday end too!!!

3 09 2009

Your pain feeling worries me a little. I don’t want to freak you out but now I am wary of doctors saying that pain is normal and just your uterus stretching etc. If you feel better then fine. But I think you should check everything with the doctor just in case.

3 09 2009

um…yeah….so i had round lig pain early. i convinced myself that it was actually placenta, too 🙂 it’s totally normal!!

BUT …i wouldn’t get a doppler. i’m someone who is trained in this area, and i still had some problems finding the heartbeats when i was at clinic. in fact, i only did it twice, then had to stop b/c i felt dumb with the fact that i was doing this thing that was supposed to be anxiety reducing, but was anxiety provoking instead. 😦

maybe it’s just my personality? i get worried about too much movement (what if they’re in distress and trying to claw their way out?), too little movement (what if they’re suddenly dead?), the fact that i have not had constipation (what the hell is wrong with my body….doesn’t everyone have it??), etc… there’s always something to worry about.

ok. longest comment ever, sorry 🙂

hang in there. 🙂 xoxo

3 09 2009

Those pains are totally normal and I had them that early on as well. It’s round ligament pains, esp the ones on the side. As for the doppler, I was really tempted to get one but decided that it would make me more nervous than I already was, so I didn’t do it. By about 18 weeks you’ll be able to feel the little ones so it’s a case of waiting it out for a few weeks and then you’ll know they are ok. I know it seems like a long time – for me each day crawls by really slowly….

3 09 2009

LOLing at you getting puke on your shirt at work, you poor thing!

I realize it’s may be too early to be buying this, but I just wanted to let you know JC Penney is having a massive breast pump sale. Huge deals!


14 09 2009

Totally normal stretching pains. They will drive you crazy every time because you will swear something is wrong. I suffered from repeated miscarriages and I am now a mother of 10 month old twins! Hang in there, round ligament pain is always their explanation! I used a doppler throughout my pregnancy and if it makes you feel better as it did me, use it!

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