Anniversary; 11 Weeks; Doppler; Survival

4 09 2009

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary with Mr. M – we have been together for 8.5 years.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I did not know that I could love so much or that I could be loved so much.  He really, really is amazing.   And funny too – my mother wanted to know what our theme for our nursery was…I was like WTF are you kidding me I am 11 weeks and terrified of fetal death every day, I am NOT thinking about winnie or a safari or princesses or fairies…but Mr. M told her that we do have a theme – “Survival”.  Hahaha – not survival as in he thinks the babies are going to die but survival as in him thinking “I am 51 – going to be 52 around the time the Sprouts are born – how the hell am I going to keep up!”  I love him.  With everything that I am. 

Okay, so woo hoo!  I am 11 weeks today.  Kind of in shock.  Kind of like – is this really happening to me?  But very happy because…I got a doppler!  Yes, yes, all you naysayers, go ahead and flame me, shame me, berate me but I heard them (well at least for sure one of them – still getting the hang of it).   Really amazing.  So, my fears about showing up to my NT scan on Tuesday and them telling me that they are dead have been alleviated.  And I know that so many things can happen – but I am 11 weeks and my chances of miscarriage continue to plummet…right!?!?  My goal is to start enjoying, really enjoying my pregnancy.  Starting now.   And I am not going to be dopplering every day – I am going to set a maximum and stick to it.

I still feel sick here and there (I am still taking the zofran) and I threw up at work the other day and got puke all over my shirt.  Sigh.  That smell really stays with you.  I later spent the late night hours dry heaving and throwing up bile.  It was reassuring in a really sick and twisted way.  Grow Sprouts, grow!!!!

Finally – I also had to yank my sisters back – they are sweet and planning a shower for me where I grew up six hours away.  I told them that I probably would not be able to travel after Januaryish so they were going to do between Xmas and New Year’s.  Fine.  And then my older sister, the eternal optimist, got worried about the weather and wanted to do it in…OCTOBER.  I was like WTF and laughing so hard I almost peed.  I was like NO WAY.  That is ridiculously early but I have to say – they are so cute and so excited for me and know everything that we have been through.




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4 09 2009

There was a point in time when I thought dopplers were, uh, cheating? on what, i’m not sure, but I’m sure that my husband would get one on the black market for me if he thought it would keep the dbt’s at bay.

4 09 2009

happy anniversary! happy 11w – 2nd tri is just around the corner! sorry to hear you are barfy – enjoy the holiday weekend!!

5 09 2009

happy 5th anniversary and 11 weeks and doppler-ing! you are brave to try the doppler….i think the anxiety it would cause me if i couldn’t find the hb far outweighs what it might feel like to hear it, at this point. i admire your courage!

5 09 2009
Miss MVK

Do it. HAVE the shower!!! I’m glad the Zofran is working for you. Not as much luck over here. I am happy you’ve decided to make the conscious decision to enjoy your pregnancy. Who could possibly deserve it more than you? Hooray!

5 09 2009

Happy anniversary! So glad you heard a baby heartbeat, must be really reassuring. Glad life is going well apart from the puking…. I am still amazed you manage to carry on with your job every day feeling so sick! Good to hear you are upbeat and happy, and with good reason – the second tri is nearly here!

5 09 2009

Happy anniversary!! this is wonderful that you have so much love for each other and that this love is now multiplied, sprouted into two lovely babies who will share your lives.
what can i say about the doppler…. if you can’t get any peace of mind any other way, than… go ahead. But I do like that you are setting limits to yourself.
I’ve been reading a lot about pregancy after IF, and everyone says to enjoy our pregnancies as much as we can. We can never turn back the clock.

5 09 2009

Happy anniversary and contgrats on week 11. I’m so glad you’ve reached a place to start celebrating. That sounds wonderful and I wish you all the best in the weeks to come.

5 09 2009

So cute about your sisters and the shower! I am having mine early too…but I live in northern NY and we have a hard season…so I’ll be having mine at about 27 weeks, or so I hear:-) Besides that- totally do the doppler. I checked a ton of sources and there is no danger. I do check mine every single day but only for a few seconds, to reassure myself so that I can move on. I actually read a post online by an OB/GYN who said that if dopplers or u/s’s were bad for babies, his first son would have major issues b/c they did daily doppler AND almost daily u/s’s! He mentioned something about his oldest’s inability to spell but then admitted it was a family trait:-) So, no worries. Listen in and allow yourself to relax! Enjoy!!!

5 09 2009

oh girl…you are stronger than me! when i could only hear one that would freak me out even more! 😉 just don’t go crazy with it and you will be totally fine. 🙂

congrats on 11 wks and happy anniversary!!!


5 09 2009

Happy anniversary and yay for fetushood at 11 weeks! I will live out my doppler yearnings vicariously through you. 🙂

5 09 2009

Happy 11 Weeks, and Happy Anniversary! It’s so fun to hear about how much your family is enjoying your pregnancy with you!

7 09 2009

YAY for good doppler news 🙂

And I eagerly await with you as the weeks slip away and the risk plummets and you can truly enjoy your pregnancy and share with us pics of cribs and bassinets.

8 09 2009

that is so great,
and happy anniversary– it is such a wondrous thing to find someone so compatible – so worth celebrating.

(sneaking on from work, where I can get on wordpress!)

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