Quick Update – NT Scan at 11 weeks 4 days

8 09 2009

I had my NT scan today – it was the first time I saw the babies move and it was out of this world phenomenal.  So, yes, the babies look fine and were right were I thought they were (I found both hbs on the doppler on Sunday – not planning on using it again until I get crazy anxiety).

Baby A:  measuring 12w5d (what???  I was like is this okay, measuring so far ahead and they said yes, completely fine), heartbeat 156, nuchal measurement 1.2 (which is awesome – they want to see below 3)

Baby B: measuring 12w1d, heartbeat 150, nuchal measurement 1.6

So yes, my little Sprouts are growing and doing just fine.  It was amazing to see their skinny little legs, arms, fingers and toes.  It really is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  

I have lots sadness, weird guilt almost, still a bit out of place – about all of my fellow IF and recurrent miscarriage ladies out there – I think of so many of you every day.




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8 09 2009

Great news on the NT scans (and doppler)! Sounds like you’ve got one big baby in there if it’s a few days ahead. Though measurement error about now is supposed to probably be 5-7 days.
I succumbed and listened in with the doppler at work again today. In another 2 weeks I’ll out myself, and then won’t be ashamed to say I’m sneaking in to have a check. For now, I’m just “casually wandering” around L&D if I’m on call or doing epidurals, and heading into the triage room as if I’m bored (while secretly just checking if anyone’s in there).
Freaked myself out today though since it took me a little while to find the heartbeat (had totally moved house from last time).

8 09 2009

Great news! So awesome to see them moving!!!!

I understand your mixed emotions. I’m feeling them too.

9 09 2009

I think of you very often too Lisa. And I’m really sorry that I have not been as supportive as I’d like to be usually. Terribly sorry about that. Thanks for always reaching out to me and letting me know you care. I tear up each time I get a note from you. But no, don’t stop writing – it’s not that type of tears. 🙂

Glad all’s well with the sprouts!

9 09 2009

Fabulous news! I was grinning from ear to ear while reading about little arms and legs and good god girl, things are looking great. How wonderful and magical is that? Congratulations and sending much hope and love for more great peaks in the weeks and months to come.

9 09 2009

I love your wonderful news, and keep on keeping on Lisa– this is so wonderfully great. It fills my heart right up.

happy happy happy 11 weeks and great scan,
another Kate
we run in packs.

9 09 2009

Great news!!! I know, I’m so glad we did the NT scan just to see them moving around! It was so cool!

9 09 2009

I’m so happy for you!

9 09 2009

I am so glad that you are sprouts are doing well. And thanks for thinking abt me. I am at a point where almost all my fellow blog buddies that I started with are either PG or already have a baby. So its very hard to find the motivation to blog and be positive abt it. Thanks for letting me know that you are there. ((HUGS))

9 09 2009
Miss MVK

Awesome news! So happy all is going well and your Sprouts are thriving. Good job, mama. 🙂 I know that you feel betwixt and between, but remember that your happiness is important and does not take away from the sorry or sadness you feel for others. You can feel both.

9 09 2009

Lisa, what fabulous news!!! I’m so happy to hear that the NT measurements were great and that you got to see the Sprouts moving about–it must have been absolutley amazing?! Did I miss that you got a Doppler? Where the heck have I been.

I hear you on feeling like you’re in a weird place. I’m right there with you. I feel guilty posting my happy news when others have such sadness in their lives, but after much thought I decided that I’d want them to do the same. I know that when I was going through a loss I’d just stay away from the pregnant bloggers until I felt ready, so I hope they do the same. The last thing either (any) of us wants to do to a fellow IFer and recurrent miscarrier is to inflict more pain and I just hope they know that.

9 09 2009

It has got to feel SO GOOD that they are measuring so far ahead- I know I would breathe a big sigh of relief that the m/s didn’t keep them from growing as well. When’s your next u/s?

9 09 2009

This all sounds so very exciting and good!

10 09 2009

Great news! Sounds like you have two strong healthy babies in there! Take care.

10 09 2009

Yay, wonderful news! I’m so glad you and DH and the Sprouts are all doing great and coming along!

11 09 2009

so glad to hear about the good scan. 🙂 it definitely makes it a little more real, right??


12 09 2009

YEA!!!! So happy that all is going well!

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