1st Trimester Screening Results; End to M/S???; Doppler Adventures

17 09 2009

I got the results of my first trimester screening back – my chances of having a baby with down syndrome is 1 in 5900.  I still have not figured out how they get the results for twins…

Knock on wood, but I felt fabulous yesterday and today.  Fabulous.  As in not much nausea at all and no puking (I have not puked in about 8 or 9 days).  I will be 13 weeks tomorrow so maybe, just maybe this is my reprieve from the m/s.  One morning last week I got up and was still so, so sick I almost started crying and contemplated asking for short term disability at work.  

I love being pregnant.  I love the Sprouts with all that I am.  Nothing can take away from that.  I hate complaining about how sick I was but holy shit was I sick.  I honestly have never felt so bad physically for so long.  Never have I been so (1) unproductive and (2) shitty at my job.  I could barely function for many, many days.  I would go through a million times worse for them, I would do anything and everything to make sure that they get here safely.  I am still on zofran – I am taking 4 4mg pills every day – my doctor told me I could take 6 4mg pills each day but I have not – maybe I should have – but I think it really did save me from much worse.

Okay, so Sprout update – I had another doctor’s appointment with my MFM practice this morning – they did an u/s in the office – love that place – and the babies were moving like crazy!!!  It was incredible – one was on his/her hands and feet like a V and kept jumping up and down on his/her feet.  The other one was swinging his/her arms like crazy and just dancing around.  They were beautiful.  Every time that I think they could not be more beautiful and amazing – they are more so the next time that I see them.   I have another appointment on October 7 – they will do another in-office scan (I requested the cool pregnant doctor I saw the first time and I am hoping she will look for girl/boy bits) and then schedule me for my anatomy scan at around 18-20 weeks.

Finally – I had some really, really good times with my doppler – I found both heartbeats 90% of the time and the other times I would just hear one.  I never got freaked out though – I just knew that the other one was okay too.  The doppler COMPLETELY erased my dead baby thoughts.  I am so glad I sprung for it.  That being said, I feel great and I am in uncharted territory and I have this bliss, although I know a billion things could go wrong, I feel confidant.  So I loaned my doppler to my IRL friend who is also pregnant with twins after 3 IVFs and a miscarriage – she is four days behind me.  I did tell her that if I call her in a panic, we need to meet so I can get my fix!!!  (KA – if you are reading this – you looked awesome tonight!!!)

Holy shit.  I cannot believe this.  I cannot believe that I am pregnant.  With twins.  That I am 13 weeks.  That these babies are alive and seem to be thriving.  How did I get so lucky?  There are some moments where I am so overcome with emotion, gratitude, humility, excitement, disbelief – I am in awe and thrilled and wow.  This is happening.




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17 09 2009

I love that everything looks so good. I love even more your emotions and how excited you are. This makes for great reading and leaves a smile on my face!

18 09 2009
Melissa G

I am thrilled to hear that you are feeling so much better. Whether its because you are entering your second tri or because of the zofran, I’m just happy for you. You even seem perkier!

I’m glad to hear that your scans went well and that your doppler was worth the money.


18 09 2009

I feel sick…wondering could it be…could it be the same ‘sick’ you felt feel?? I sure hope so! Otherwise it’s just the flu, but MAN does it ever suck!!! and I’m to start a new job on Monday…oh dear.

18 09 2009

I am so glad you are feeling better! Hopefully it is the end of the m/s and you can start weaning off the zofran. You are basically in the second trimester…the magical trimester, they say, where you feel great and hopeful and healthy:-) So far, so good for me…second tri is great;-)

18 09 2009


18 09 2009

Congrats! It sounds like everything is going so, so well. That is just wonderful!


18 09 2009

I am beyond words thrilled for you!!

18 09 2009

Everything sounds WONDERFUL!!! Embrace this luck–don’t question, you deserve it!

18 09 2009

I love this post. This is such a happy happy post. It is so refreshing and brings so much hope that one day I will be writing such a post too!! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to hear more about your sprouts. YAY for the 1:5900 result and double YAY for the relief from m/s. ((HUGS))

18 09 2009

aww you have me smiling reading this post..

18 09 2009

i completely relate…especially with your last paragraph…except the twin part! 🙂

19 09 2009
Miss MVK

Awesome news!!! What a relief to have that behind you. And way to go with the doppler work. I haven’t ordered mine yet but I’m going to soon. 🙂

OMG. So happy to hear there is possibly an end to the m/s. As you know, I am on my last legs here! And YES, thank you so much for suggesting the ODT version, I switched to those and they work much better, though I’m still struggling a lot. It seems to be getting worse in the afternoon now. Sorry about this complaining comment!

Thank you for the comments on my blog. 🙂

19 09 2009

Wonderful, fabulous, awesome, magnificent, incredible, amazing. That is what you are, what the twinsies are and how I feel for you. What a great friend to loan out your doppler too. Wow. I score you some extra karma points for that. 🙂

19 09 2009

I am so excited for you. And so glad things with your little ones are looking perfect and normal. The sickness sounds beyond awful and I am really impressed you even made it into work (I would have been a crying heap on the sofa for several weeks if it were me, I found constant nausea bad enough). Part of me is glad you have had it though in a weird way, a) because it is such a good sign of your babies strength and health and b) because hopefully this is the one “bad” thing you will have in pregnancy and things will go well from here…. I know that’s strange logic but it’s how my mind works!

So pleased you are getting to the really fun stage of pregnancy now where you can really start to know and believe that you are mum to two little babies and you can look forward to and enjoy the coming months. It is such an exciting time, hope you enjoy every second!

20 09 2009

Yay for the great test results! I’m so glad you’re feeling better, too! I hope it keeps getting better! And look at you – weaning yourself off the doppler already! 🙂 You’re doing great!

20 09 2009


20 09 2009

I’m so glad for you. Hoping that the M/S goes away soon so that you can enjoy this even more.

21 09 2009

so incredibly glad that all is well and that you are feeling better! about time you get to enjoy this without gakking. I hope nothing but great things for you always!


22 09 2009

So glad you are feeling better! I know, I hated to complain about pregnancy sickness, too, but it was really tough!! Great NT scan results!!! Woohooo!!

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