Preliminary Gender Results!!

7 10 2009

I had my OB/MFM appointment today – it went really well.  I had my favorite doctor – she is due in 10 days.  We went through all of the issues I have been having:

1) I had a TINY spot of red blood on Friday, followed by a little pink but only after I peed.  I cannot believe it but I did not totally freak out – I called them that day and they told me to keep an eye on it, and I have had no other issues since then (U/S looked great today, internal exam revealed a long, hard and closed cervix – the main suspect is a UTI and they are running a test for that);

2) I have had some serious round ligament pain on and off – sharp, shooting pains low on either side;

3) Whether to get the flu and swine flu vaccines – I have decided to after much deliberation and fear;

4) My upper abdomen is very swollen and hard most of the time – especially at the end of the day – she said it was all the abdominal stuff getting pushed up.

We then got to the good part – the ultrasound.  My practice does not doppler, they do in-office scans (is that awesome or what) and the babies both look fabulous – great heartbeats, great movement.  I asked her that, even though it was early, if she would mind looking for girl and boy bits…she did not mind at all but said that she could always be wrong and I am only 15w5d.

The first shot showed a baby’s bum with his (yes, his) legs spread and she pointed out the tiny spot between his legs that looked like a little boy part – as she continued to scan him, she said, “yes, that is definitely a boy”.

The next baby was being a bit more difficult but we got a nice shot between her (yes, her) legs and there were three bright lines, which is pretty much a solid indicator for a girl.   I feel so protective of them – so vulnerable, little people and they are going to have thoughts and feelings and dreams and I am so excited to be their mom.

We honestly did not have a preference – we had no secret desires – and would be happy with live, healthy babies, regardless of the gender.  That being said, it is an entirely different world knowing what they probably are – it is breathtaking – and I was filled for most of the day with hopes, fears, daydreams, fantasies, shock and amazement.  I think I am going to have a son and a daughter.  I have to say I am crying thinking of that actually happening – it is amazing and I feel like the luckiest woman alive right now.  

So, I am going to buy them something this weekend – my first baby purchase.  Ever.  I am really, really excited about that.  We are also going to start planning the nursery.  And thinking of names.  Holy shit.




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7 10 2009
The Nanny

That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you guys 🙂

7 10 2009

That’s so awesome!!! Congrats!!

7 10 2009

Such exciting news….and you are SO lucky. 🙂

7 10 2009

Yay for a boy and a girl! CONGRATS!! I can’t wait to see what you buy for your little girl and boy … please post a photo to let us see! 🙂

7 10 2009

Oh congratulations! That is simply wonderful news, and very exciting. I am so deeply, honestly happy for you. Hurrah for the “sometimes this works” contingent!

7 10 2009

Wowwww!!!! That is so amazing. One of each!!! Ofcourse it doesn’t matter, as long as they’re healthy and happy. So excited for you going out to buy baby stuff. I am so excited for you!

7 10 2009
Melissa G

Holy Crow That IS amazing!!!! I am so very happy for you! Enjoy shopping this weekend. You totally deserve it, you’ve waited long enough.

Big, Big Hugs!!!!

8 10 2009

Fantastic news! I am so incredibly thrilled for you. A huge congratulations for the two babies – how wonderful to have one of each. xx

8 10 2009

That is amazing! I think boy/girl twins are awesome!!! They get each other as their closest person without some of the added competition that the same gender gives (of course, that is my thought, I have no idea and others may tell me I’m wrong). How freaking exciting! enjoy shopping and planning a nursery!

8 10 2009


8 10 2009

yea for a boy and a girl 🙂 it’s truly amazing!!


8 10 2009

I am so happy for you, reading your words about the hopes and dreams for your children is so wonderful. Happy tears for you.

8 10 2009

holy happy shit indeed!
Very very happy things are ok- that the blood did not spell doom or insanity (how did you DO that? good for you!)
and so glad your little ones are looking perfectly wonderfully fine.


8 10 2009

I’m smiling so hard for you, congratulations! So exciting. Enjoy the happiness!

8 10 2009

Oh sweetie I am so excited for you! I bet you’re like me and start getting teary eyed in the baby section of Target. LOL!

Have a blast with your *first* baby purchases!!!!

8 10 2009

HOORAY!!! One of each is a dream come true!

9 10 2009

yay! a boy AND a girl! so glad they cooperated so the Dr could get a good look. congratulations!

9 10 2009

Akkk! A boy and a girl!! How perfect is that!? I am SO happy for you Lisa!!!!! Wonderful news! Thanks for making my day!


9 10 2009
Miss MVK

You’ve received (aka worked your ass off to get) the HOLY GRAIL of infertility treatment outcomes! BOY GIRL TWINS!!!! Congrats, myself I knew it all along. 🙂 Oh and I have to tell you I think of you everytime I get a toilet facial. The other day it was a PUBLIC toilet facial (posh restaurant, but STILL.) Hope you are feeling well and we are all so freaking excited for you!!! Hugs!

9 10 2009

That is fantastic!!! The best of both worlds!

10 10 2009

WOW!!! congratulations!! all the best to you all!!

10 10 2009

A boy AND a girl!! Congratulations on the terrific news. I’m so happy for you.

On another note, the blood is probably from a UTI – at least that’s where mine came from two months ago. Good luck with that! I hope they’re able to cure yours better than mine. HA!

12 10 2009

What an amazing moment! Congrats!!!

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