M/S Relapse and Baby Registry (Puking, Pregnancy and the Dreaded BRU Mentioned)

13 10 2009

So, I started to wean myself off of the zofran about two weeks ago.  I was taking 4 4mg tablets per day.  I then went to 3 for a week, then two and then 1 on about Wednesday of last week.  I started to feel like total shit.  (warning – lots of puking mentioned) Friday I threw up everything I ate and drank.  Saturday I kept most of my food during the day down but we went to a charity event that night (at which, one of my co-worker’s husbands tried to sell us life insurance for our not-yet-born-babies – yep) and I ate a variety of foods.

On the way home, I pulled over at a gas station and asked Mr. M to run in and get two plastic bags.  I switched to the passenger side.  He handed me the bags and I proceeded to vomit like crazy.  The bags were great but I missed them the first couple of times and puked all over myself – the seatbealt, my pashmina, my dress, my new blac.kberry tour that work just gave me.  The best part is that my bladder was sort of full so every time I puked, I peed a little.  It was disgusting.  I also weighed myself and I was down about 1.5 pounds.  Needless to say, on Friday I took 3 zofran and have been on 3 since then.  I called my doctor’s today after I woke up feeling like total and utter shit just to fill them in and they sort of read me the riot act.  I am to go back up to 4 4mg per day and up to 6 4mg per day if I need to.  They said it will take a few days for me to feel better again.  Sigh.  I feel like I was trying to do the right thing but it seems as though the hyperemesis is here to stay.  FYI – total weight gain at almost 17 weeks is 10.5 pounds which is not too shabby but I really, really wanted to be doing the 1 pound per week thing and gain at least 24 by 24 weeks.

As I mentioned before, my sisters are awesome and are dying to throw me a baby shower where we grew up – we compromised for November 29, (still too early in my paranoid book) which also happens to be near my 35th birthday (they wanted to do this month, I don’t even look pregnant for f’s sake).  They are sending out the invitations.  Soon.  Full blown panic set in.  I threw caution, suspicion and terror out the window and registered at BRU.  I also started an online one at Tar.get.  Yeah, it is freaking me out.  It is sort of fun but mostly like trying to learn a new language.  I have no idea what I need – no, let me rephrase that – what two newborns are going to need.  My sisters have been awesome and are helping me navigate this foreign territory.  Of course, in the car on the way to register, I was like, this is going to jinx this pregnancy faster than you can say lap pad, but it has been a day and my doppler this morning let me know that all is well.  I still feel in shock most of the time – is this really happening?  To me?  Did I really get this lucky?  Holy shit.  It is amazing.  Then I read stories like the ones that were recently featured in the New York.Times about how dangerous twin pregnancies can be and terror comes knocking.

Okay, the best part of the last week or so – I can feel them moving.  It is like little flutters, the most amazing, purest, holiest thing I have ever felt.  They are amazing.




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13 10 2009

Ah yes, the little flutters. I only had one day of a little popping at 18w2d. Then nothing for a couple days, and then little kicks started that I swear I can feel from the outside.
I hear you on the avoiding jinxing stuff. I only started looking into car seats last week. Haven’t registered for any kind of birthing class, though hypnobirthing has always intrigued me. I’ll probably end up registering too late…
“Oprah” would describe my Mum pretty well. She wants to have a big talk at some point so I can understand her better. I just spent an hour sniveling and crying on the couch and trying to write a big long email to explain how I feel, because I can never seem to get it out in words when we’re together. I just get interrupted or contradicted at some point, or end up crying too much and too frustrated to continue. We’ll see how that goes. It’d be nice to have a little more mutual understanding in place before the kiddie comes along…
Oh yeah – sorry to hear about the puke-fest. If it makes you feel better, DH took me to a fancy restaurant in NYC to propose. We stuffed ourselves silly, and on the walk back to the hotel, I started to feel queasy. Yep, I puked up my engagement dinner and dessert into a gutter in front of him on a pubic street in New York, while people were still walking past. I think he tried to hold back my hair for me. Lovely! Hope that zofran kicks in soon…

13 10 2009
Miss MVK

OMG with the puking. I am with you. Make it stooooooop. And you saved me from having to blog about peeing whilst puking. Today in the car it was so violet and so uncontrollable, I peed through my pants. Was freaking awesome. I went straight to the shower when I got home. SICK! Btw, I am taking 8mg of Zofran three times a day and a Phenergan at night. I have to say I am so sad that you are still so sick at this point, both because I know exactly how you feel and because that means it might not stop at 15w like everyone is telling me!


Anyway, exciting about feeling the flutters. I loved feeling my son kick and I’ve heard that you can feel twins much earlier. Btw, did I tell you I caved and rented a doppler? Drive the dog crazy!

13 10 2009

I’m so so sorry about the puking. That must be so difficult to endure. I only had mild nausea and I never vomited but It made me feel horrible.

Baby showers- when you first learned you were pregnant were you against them? And then did you come around to them as time went by?

14 10 2009
Melissa G

I’m sorry the m/s has been so brutal. It must really suck to feel so crappy all the time. Keep up on the Zofran, the doctor’s are right, taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of those babies.

Woo Hoo for registering! I know it must seem a little weird, but once you’re knee deep, you’ll forget about the scary stuff. And woo hoo for movements. That must be amazing!

Thanks for the update!

14 10 2009

Sorry about the morning sickness but YAY!!! for feeling movement. It is so much fun. The greatest thing I’ve ever felt….and it gets much stronger from where you are to where I am…and then later in the pregnancy we’ll be able to see them from the outside! How cool is that!?!?! Besides that, I am having an early shower too…and was slightly paranoid about it but I live in a very cold, snowy place in the winter and my due date is middle Feb so didn’t want to do it too late but also not hit the holidays…so mine is getting set for Nov. 21. I think after the first 14 weeks, we just have to sit back and go with it and try not to worry. You are just 3 short weeks away from the fun anatomy scan:-)

14 10 2009

Ok, so I can actually say that I am right there with you. FINALLY! (Not in the puking part….yet.) But in the “OMG, I am going to jinx this pg” too. And, admittedly, I was on PB Kids the other day goofing around, not knowing what in the hell I was looking for or why. And, after my first OB appt (which I’ll post about later) I read the book they gave me and just about had a nervous breakdown! I am convinced I will be an unfit mother because I don’t know what the hell I am doing. And yeah, I read that stupid ass article in the times about twins too. Bitch. That was such a poor excuse for journalism, I can’t believe they ran that biased piece of shit. Anyway, sorry your barfed on your crackberry and your pashmina. Stay on your drugs like a good girl. 🙂

14 10 2009

Yuck, the puking sounds so horrid, please stay on the zofran for all three of your sakes! It is the right thing to do! 🙂

Really happy for you feeling them kick, and a little envious in a twisted way, that has been my favourite part of pregnancy and I agree, it’s by far the best feeling in the world and you still have months and months left to enjoy it get stronger and feel your babies developing their own waking and sleeping patterns. I love being woken up in the middle of the night by my little son, putting my hands on my belly and feeling him move around and respond, it makes me feel so close to him and I will really really miss it in a few weeks when my belly is empty again! I know how you feel about the shower. Just try and enjoy it so you don’t look back and be sad that you were so worried during the experience. I know it’s hard though.

14 10 2009

Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well… Hugs. xx

14 10 2009

Ugh, I’m sorry the m/s is back with a vengence…that sucks. Our baby showers are on the same day! Good for you for starting to register. I have to do that this weekend and I am looking forward to it yet dreading it at the same time if that’s possible. It’s just overwhelming! Feel better and enjoy feeling them flip around!! It’s the best!

14 10 2009

Ugh! I can’t believe you are puking this much. How awful! I’m so sorry. 😦

As far as the shower details, it’s definitely scary to give in and start registering. I did some online but I’ve been inside the store at least 6 times! It does get easier, I promise. If you are interested or think it might help, you can email me and I’ll tell you my last name so u can check out my BRU online registry to get some ideas for twin newbies. My email is ericalynnloz@yahoo.com

hope the Zofran starts to make you feel better soon.

15 10 2009

evil about the barfing, I am SO so so so so sorry. Sounds like zofran is not optional, can you take yourself off that hook for a little while?

and OH the magic of feeling them move! I am delighted for you and in awe.

And– yeah, about the jinxing, you know what? some people get pregnant and have real, live babies, so I know it is possible. I am thoroughly convinced it will happen that way to you.

thinking of you and hoping you are already feeling better.

17 10 2009

Ugh. Every time I read about your vomitting, I feel for you. I can’t wait to read the post that says it is all gone. My shower is going to be November 29th too- and I feel the same way. I figure I’ve just gotta suck it up and go with the flow.

There’s an award for you waiting on my blog. 🙂

20 10 2009

I wish the puking would get better for you. But I’m so glad that you’re really starting to enjoy and get excited about your pregnancy! 🙂 Your sisters are awesome!

7 11 2009
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