Ultrasound at 17 Weeks 1 day

17 10 2009

I had an ultrasound today – it is definitely one boy and one girl!   I went to one of those elective u/s places and took my MIL and my two SIL.  It was amazing.  They are side by side, our little boy is on my right side with his head down and our little girl is on my left side with her head up, so when they kick, they were kicking each other in the face/head area and just really interacting with the movement of each other.   I am overjoyed and just so happy to see them, to know that they are growing and that so far, everything looks fantastic.

Our little girl:




Baby boy’s foot in her face:


Our little boy:






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17 10 2009

OWIE, too bad you can’t scold him to not kick his little sister, hehe. Soooooo cute! What is an elective u/s? Do you pay out of pocket for that? Is it pricey?

They are seriously so cute! How amazing! I remember reading your blog when you were 7 weeks along. How time flies. So beautiful.

18 10 2009

So cute!! Time really is zipping right by!

18 10 2009

Wow – they look perfect. What a special time – Enjoy every minute of it sweetie. xx

18 10 2009

Uh oh. Looks like you may have dual ninja fights on your hands sooner than you think. 17 weeks and wow how cool is that! Keep up the good gestating.

18 10 2009

LOL! Early sibling rivalry?

The little boy looks so squished in there, feet over head.

Elective ultrasound places? That sounds awesome!

18 10 2009

They are so darn cute already L! I love, love, love how little baby boy is lying all acrobatic like on his head–too cute! I would LOVE to treat us to a 3-D ultrasound in January as a late x-mas gift. 🙂 Keep up the great baby bakin’ momma!

18 10 2009

soo cute L…

18 10 2009

Oh Lisa they are absolutely gorgeous, you must be so happy! A boy and a girl as well…. I know we are all delighted if/when we finally get pregnant and the sex is immaterial but still…… one of each! Yay! 🙂

18 10 2009

Wow, instant family! Glad they’re both doing so well.

18 10 2009

holy moly!! this really makes me crazy for november 6th to get here!!! i can’t wait to find out what we’re having………time is slogging by. 🙂 i’m so happy for you!!!! 🙂

19 10 2009

Great pics. I’m going to be stalking your past posts a little more, I think. 😉

19 10 2009
Miss MVK

Amazing, precious pics of the wee ones. So heartwarming. And more confirmation of blue and pink. Awesome!!!

How is the not so awesome puking? Mine? In full swing. Last week I went through 30 Zofran. Eek!!!

19 10 2009

The pics are fantastic! Congratulations. 🙂

19 10 2009

Aww, so cute. Congratulations on having a boy and a girl! So wonderful to see your pictures. I hope you’re starting to feel better, it’s hard to be sick like that for so long (I know from experience). I am really excited for you guys!!!! Jessica

20 10 2009

the pics are amazing! I just love the one of his foot in her face. A sign of what’s to come… 🙂 Congrats!

21 10 2009

I was totally thinking of you today and wondering how you are doing! I love your pictures.

Please take good care of yourself. You are doing a good job growing those babies, but I want to remind you that you have to take care of YOU too. and that takes care of them.

Big big hugs to you and those yummy cutesy babes.

22 10 2009

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I find it SO helpful to find people following the same journey. Your U/S pic just warmed my heart – so awesome!!

27 10 2009

Oh I just loved going for ultrasounds! Glad you got to share it with your IL’s 😉

27 10 2009

I’m a little late to the party, but wanted to say congrats on your boy and girl! SO EXCITING!!

30 10 2009

Sorry to just be commenting now, but I have to say they are GORGEOUS! So happy for you Lisa : )


31 10 2009

I swear I posted a reply saying congrats yesterday, and that I saw a whole bunch of choroid plexus cysts in med school be referred to the high risk clinic, and if there were no other abnormal markers on the ultrasound, they were universally told to not worry about it, they shouldn’t mean a thing. A lot of the time, they’d resolved by the next scan.
And FYI, I have an anterior placenta too. I am feeling lots of movement at 22 weeks, and for the last half a week, have been seeing lots too. As your uterus gets bigger, I think the placentas will take up proportionately less territory. Might take longer for you with two placentas, but I’m pretty sure you’ll eventually see little bulges when they kick.

31 10 2009

Love the babies’ pics!! How scary that had to be when the tech told you that about baby girl. I’m so glad it looks as if everyting with her will be just perfect!

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