Choroid Plexus Cysts

30 10 2009

I had my anatomy scan today and the bottom line is that the babies looked really good – baby boy is measuring 20 weeks and baby girl measures 19 weeks 5 days – their pictures are below!

However, they found two choroid plexus cysts (good article here) in choroid plexus area of baby girl’s brain.  After my u/s tech was done, she went to talk to the doctors and was gone for about 15-20 minutes I got a sinking feeling that something was wrong, that she found something.  She was pretty young (mid-twenties) and VERY chipper and VERY happy – and her opening line when she came back in the room was, “I am going to share some information with you but you cannot freak out…”  Yeah, ummm, mental freak-out ensued, my face dropped and my heart stopped.  She said they found these cysts and the doctors went over all of the rest of the findings of the ultrasound and the results of my first trimester screening and felt that there was not an issue and felt that no further investigation was necessary…Yeah, well, um, okay – she gave me the print out of the u/s and at the bottom, it talked about these cysts and the correlation between them and Trisomy 18 (I googled later and 50% of Trisomy 18 babies have these cysts).  Major mental freakout began…I had told Mr. M to leave since I had a doctor’s appointment right after (thank god) so I was alone and starting to panic a bit.

So, I get to my doctor’s office (same hospital) and wait to see the doctor.  As soon as I saw her, I started to cry a bit.  She was amazing.  She basically said that she loves and hates ultrasounds – loves them for what they can diagnose and hates them because sometimes they show things that scare us for no reason.  She stated that the cysts, while not common (found in 1% of 2nd and 3rd trimester ultrasounds), should not worry me because:  1) I have no other markers for a trisomy; 2) baby girl looks perfectly fine and normal – the doctor said that we would be able to see other malformations – hands, heart defect, etc. and that there were none of these markers present; and 3) these cysts have no neurological effects, will not affect her brain development, intelligence, etc. – they may go away or they may remain, there will be no adverse effects to her either way.  Of course the doctor said there is no way she can say any of this with 100% certainty but they cannot say most things with 100% certainty.  The doctor went on to say that if I were carrying one baby, they would not even do another ultrasound to check on them – and the only reason they will look at them later is because I will be coming in for growth scans about every 4 weeks.  

Now for the craziest part – I called my little sister to talk to her about this and she was like – I know I am going to make you feel better – and I was like – how – she told me that my niece (who is ahead developmentally in every way) had these cysts at her anatomy scan.  Now, I have no idea about the genetics of this but that blew my mind and, together with what the doctor said, made me feel a million times better.  

I was so scared for my little girl and a million different thoughts went through my mind – mostly that I love her no matter what and I would do anything to help her, to nurture her – no matter what.  But – it appears as though everything is okay and my biggest fears will be when she starts dating!

I have had a HORRIBLE taste in my mouth for weeks – it tastes like I drank a gallon of hydrogen peroxide…my doctor thinks it may be anemia and tested me for it – I should get the results next week.  Also, they told me about a H1N1 vaccine clinic they are having on Sunday and told me to go get the vaccine…

I have not done a survey yet – I am going to have some fun and do one now:

Total Weight Gain? 21 pounds (holy shit – I gained six in the last three weeks – grow babies grow!)

Maternity Clothes?  Pants all of the time – I try to wear regular shirts since I am not a fan of maternity shirts.

Stretch Marks? Not yet!

Sleep? I wake up at least 2 times per night to pee but many, many other times to change positions – I have to start sitting up because the acid reflux/heartburn is really bad – and then I have to change positions multiple times and it is not easy since I have a pillow between my knees and some on the side.  Definitely getting ready for when they get here!

Best Moment this week?  Knowing that my babies are healthy and are growing well.

Food Cravings?  Grilled cheese sandwiches, bagels with cream cheese, pickles (it was Ramen noodles – I ate them every night for like six weeks)

Sex?  Yes please – my libido is crazy???!!!!  But if you are asking about my little ones – it is a boy and a girl!

Labor Signs?  Some tightenings every now and again – nothing crazy – but my doctor did tell me to pay special attention to all of the possible warning signs.

Belly Button?  Starting to look weird and change shapes.  

What I miss the most?  Nothing – I would not trade anything for this – I am happier in my heart (aside from the fear, which still comes and goes and new fears about being a good mom) than I ever have been

What I am looking forward to the most?  Meeting our son and our daughter, holding them, kissing them.

Milestones?  I am over halfway there for twins!!!!  I love being on the other side of the timetable!!!

And here are my babies sweet forms:

Our little boy:


Our little girl – she had her hand up to her face quite a bit – and we got to see her sucking her thumb – it was awesome and the tech tried to capture that – hence some of the blurriness:





22 responses

30 10 2009

Oh, I’m so glad the doctor cleared that up! That sounds scary!

We’ve had grilled cheese about three times in the past 10 days. Yum!

Are you able to take anything for your heartburn? I’ve still been taking my zantac, and they didn’t tell me I couldn’t. What do you think? Do you take Tums?

30 10 2009

How profoundly unprofessional. Generally speaking an ultrasound tech is not able to discuss any findings of any sort, because the ultrasound tech certification is about 1 year, and a radiology certification is about 10 years. Truly, that’s horrific. Hope that’s it’s ok.

Try papaya enzymes for the heart burn.

30 10 2009

What a scary day, but whew that your niece had the exact same thing & is just fine. Those are some beautiful pictures, my friend!

30 10 2009

What great pictures! Now you can spend the next few weeks staring at them in awe…
I did a two-week elective in maternal-fetal-medicine back in med school, when I was all keen to go into Ob/Gyn. At the high-risk pregnancy clinic of a major Canadian city. I can’t tell you how many people had been referred to them because of choroid plexus cysts found on a scan. And they reassured everyone that there was nothing to worry about. It seemed like for a lot of them, they couldn’t even find them on the follow-up scan they did after the referral to the high-risk clinic. I’m sure your lovely daughter will take after her cousin and be just fine!

30 10 2009

First of all: GORGEOUS!!! So adorable 🙂

Second of all: HOW scary. Even though you know all is going to be okay, God Willing, its just scary to hear ANYTHING when we’ve been through all we have. Still, thank goodness you had your sister to compare notes with and you can see for yourself that its okay.

30 10 2009

First, I must say that you have quite beautiful babies! Second, what is wrong with that u/s tech?! I thought they weren’t supposed to say anything? Third, thank goodness for having a great doctor and sister who understand you and did their best to help you calm down. This may also help calm your nerves some–my best friends little girl who is now 6 months also had these same cysts and she is absolutely perfect. With that said my friend was a wreck until she was born. Finally, I am just so darn excited for you! Congrats momma your babes are little cutie pies!

30 10 2009
Mommy's Midlife Crisis

Geez, what a scary experience, but with a great outcome it seems like. I’m SO glad you were able to quickly get that reassurance from your doctor and sister. I know I woulda been freaking out, too.

Speaking of which WHY do people say things like, “I am going to share some information with you but you cannot freak out…”?? Of COURSE we’re going to freak out with a set up like that! They’d be better off just skipping that part and getting to the point.

30 10 2009

I cannot BELIEVE that the u/s tech told you that. Good gosh! BUT I am so glad that the doctor cleared things up. Your babies are beautiful! I love reading and seeing your updates, because I’m only a little bit behind you! I cannot wait to share boy/girl twin stories once both sets of ours are born- they will be almost the same age. 🙂

31 10 2009

It seems like this happens so often w/ ultrasounds! They always find something that causes panic, but turns out to be nothing.

Your babies are doing so well!!! How are you feeling otherwise? M/S all gone?

31 10 2009

I just stumbled on your blog but I had to comment that one of my twins had CPC and is now 8 months old and perfect in every way. We were so freaked out but it truly means nothing in most cases. And I’m sure you have found in your subsequent reading and research that most cases go away by the 24 week ultrasound – well my son’s did not really go away and we could still see them through the last ultrasound at 34 weeks, and he is still perfectly fine and ahead developmentally. Try to not worry.

31 10 2009

such cute luvs…

Sorry about the stress of the u/s.. I have heard of techs that keep mum but give me a tech anyday who kinda shares info with dont freak out..

31 10 2009

Those are beautiful pictures! I’m so glad your sister was able to give you comfort…it really does sound like there isn’t much at all to worry about.
Yum, your cravings are making me hungry!

1 11 2009

How scary for you! I am glad the doc was able to put your mind more at ease. I will be thinking of your little girl!

LOVE the pics! Beautiful babes.

1 11 2009

Those pics are just incredible. I’m ecstatic for you that you are past the 1/2 way mark – big high five! Sorry about the scare. I think you doc is right to hate U/S’s sometimes. In the good ol’ days, there were less scares when you couldn’t watch the 9-mos. development on screen. So glad your sis was able to give you some much-needed comfort.

Thanks for your comment too. I read all your posts on your hyperstesis (sp?) and it sounds absolutely awful. I should be careful what I wish for.

I think I recall reading that you’re a lawyer?? I am as well. Just curious your plans on working after you have the babies? I have huge doubts personally on my ability (and desire) to work full-time once we have a baby (or two). Hope you don’t mind me asking.

2 11 2009

my friends had that at the 20 wk US and then they could never find them again…and now they have a healthy 6 month old!


3 11 2009

love all the pics.

and YAY for reaching 1/2 way mark.

i’m glad your dr. and sister were able to sooth your fears and praying the cysts are absolutely nothing.

6 11 2009

Half Way! Woohoo You. I can’t believe it.

I’m thinking of you lately.

I just visited the babies and their family for a week. Twins are a hand full, but there couldn’t be anything sweeter than the way they love on each other.

hugs to your roundness!

20 11 2009

I just came across your blog by accident and wanted to let you know both of my sons had these cysts. The first time, I freaked out but by the time boy #2 was on his way, I had done so much research on this that I decided all babies probably get these and only some are caught on ultrasound because they go away every time. I bet it has nothing to do with other birth defects.

8 12 2009

Whoofs….must tell u this doc is simply awesome…, as we have got just the opposite one who has scared us a lot…

we share the same story and cant tell u how we are feeling after reading ur article, its the most soothing stuff one can read (Believe me i have read it three times already) its giving us a lot of hope…congrats once gain and happy pregnancy…just wish the same for us…

12 02 2010

It has been my experience that soft markers are not a good indicator of downs unless there are other signs. I had a choroid plexus cyst (CPC) on ultrasound for my third pregnancy. No other signs. My daughter was born normal with very high intelligence. I’ve been looking to see if a CPC can actually indicate high IQ. I found a post from a woman saying her child had one and was testing her child for giftedness. My child is also gifted. And from your post above it sounds like your niece may be gifted. For my fourth pregnancy, I had a soft indicator in the bowels on ultrasound. No other signs. She’s normal. Now 1 years old.

4 09 2012

Hello. I hope you still check this site. I am currently researching the same thing at the moment… Wondering if you found any info on IQ related to CPC’s?

29 01 2012
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