20 Weeks and Baby Stuff! Thanks Niki!!

6 11 2009

Wow.  It is unreal – I am 20 weeks today.  Me.  20 weeks pregnant.  With boy/girl twins.  I feel so lucky and so happy and just in awe.  The babies have really started kicking and I can actually see my stomach moving at times when they do – it is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  So beautiful. And intimate – it is just me and them.  I love that.  

A friend of mine from work gave me two identical cribs – they had two kids really close in age so they bought identical cribs.  I really wanted dark wood but they are really cute and I really like them (AND THEY WERE FREE!).  My husband put one together – a picture of it is below.


Inside the crib are clothes that Niki sent to me – thank you so much Niki – that she received when they thought Myles may be a girl.  I am so touched and honored to have one of my babies wear these clothes.  I hope that the next 17ish weeks keep going well and my little girl will be able to wear them!!!  Close ups are below.


 I went out to BRU about two weeks ago and bought the babies the first baby clothes I have ever bought.  I went into BRU swearing that I was not going to get pink and blue, that I would find a nice green, yellow or orange outfit.  But, I saw these and I HAD TO HAVE THEM!  Pictures below.





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6 11 2009

Hi there,

The crib looks great, and the baby clothes are so gorgeous. Your son and daughter will look so cute in them.

Congratulations on hitting the 20 week milestone!

C x

6 11 2009

20 weeks!! Time does fly!! The crib looks awesome, as do the clothes. The little outfits from BRU are so cute!

Just a thought – if you don’t have to return these cribs, and if you really want the darker wood, you could consider staining these cribs to a darker color. What do you think?

Glad everything is going well. I’m sorry I haven’t been very supportive, and thank you for staying in touch. ((Hugs))

6 11 2009

The crib is gorgeous, the clothes are gorgeous… I’m SO excited for you. 🙂

And your post motivates me a bit — I have a lot of junk still to clear out of my baby’s room before I can paint it and add furnishings. I need to get a move on!

7 11 2009

WOWEEE! Cribs and clothes–so completely adorable. I’m so glad you hit this milestone!

7 11 2009

Happy 20 weeks!

7 11 2009

Free stuff rocks (expecially when, with two, we’ll both need so much)! The two outfits you bought are adorable. I cna’t wait until I can see my stomach move too- must not be too long away, since I hit 20 weeks tomorrow. 🙂

7 11 2009

sorry about the spelling errors (especially and can’t)- I was typing too fast, I guess!

7 11 2009

you gotta love adorable and free baby goods! how fun!

8 11 2009

Congrats on making it to 20 weeks! Great news. I wish you many more good weeks to come. I love the crib and the cute babystuff. How exciting.

8 11 2009

Super cute cribs that were free to boot! Those two little outfits that you bought your babies are absolutely adorable … I can’t wait for the day you post a picture of the babies wearing them! You are welcome for the clothes! I’m glad you liked them. 🙂

9 11 2009
Miss MVK

Can I just say that I LOVE that you put the clothes in the crib! Adorable! And the outfits you chose? Precious. Piglet got an outfit from that line as a gift and it was so soft and cozy. Your twins are going to be beyond sweet in them.

I have been struggling with the crib thing too. We have Piglet’s but I don’t want to buy another one (it was sooo expensive) and my brother is offering his for free. Take it and run, sister!

9 11 2009

I just love the cribs! What a wonderful gift! And the baby clothes are too adorable!

I’m so sorry about the scare with your last scan. You must’ve been so overwhelmed and worried! I’m so, so glad your sister was able to reassure you. What an awful scare!

I hope you’re doing great now! Love the u/s pics! We need to see baby belly pics soon! 🙂

9 11 2009

Love the crib and the clothes are ADORABLE!!! Have fun setting up your nursery!

10 11 2009

How wonderful to get FREE cribs!!! If you’re into this sort of thing, keep an eye out for “brother/sister” outfits 😉

12 11 2009

🙂 you’re getting there. i’m so excited for you. and i say take anything free that comes your way. kids are expensive….and two at one time is crazy. you’ll be spending tons on diapers soon enough. 🙂

…and i think back to my childhood and i LOVED getting handmedowns. maybe b/c i was the oldest, so they always just seemed like new to me, but i loved it just the same.


14 11 2009

Happy 20 weeks! and I love your gifts, what a wonderful present! The crib is really cute and if you want the darker, you can paint it (or have your darlin do it)– sooner the better for fumes etc.

What a great present, and the clothes you chose? adorable!
congratulations Lisa, I am so happy for you and your little ones.

15 11 2009

So sorry I’ve been MIA….so darn busy! Think of you and little ones often though! So thrilled to see you are 20 weeks and getting ready. Wishing you all the best.


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