Irritable…Uterus,Taking Off Panty.hose in the Elevator, Baby Shower

22 11 2009

I had QUITE  a week last week.  Time for a bulleted list:

  • On Thursday at about 3:00 I felt what I can only describe as menstrual like cramps.  I was busy at work so I got some more water and started chugging.  They did not go away and felt worse.  I called my MFM after-hours service at 6:00 and she said to drink more water and if they did not go away, to come in.  They did not go away and I went to the ER at about 7:00.  I was TOTALLY intimidated – I guess after 20 weeks, they take you to labor and delivery and triage you.  Yeah.  I really, really do not want to see labor and delivery for at least another 14 weeks.  So, I went in, they hooked me up to the monitor and the nurse said it looked like contractions.  They checked my cervix – long and closed – and did a quick u/s to see heartbeats on the babies – the looked great.  After time, the doctor said I was not having rhythmic contractions – it was more like an irritable uterus – there was action on the monitor but it was not “contraction – rhythmic like”.  The cramping went away and I felt fine.  BUT LET ME SAY THAT IT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME.  Really – I was really, really scared.  But, all is quiet and I have done a ton of work around the house this weekend – it feels great to get some things done.  
  • Friday comes around – I wore a really cute grey maternity dress to work – I only had regular (not maternity) footless tights.  So I put them on and even though they only came up halfway over my stomach, I thought it would be okay.  I drove to work, went to the bank and got up to my office.  I went to the bathroom and got really, really hot and felt like I was going to “pass out” – note – I have never “passed out” so now I know that I was not close in the bathroom – but really, really close later…I went to my office, pulled my dress up and used scissors to cut the top of the panty.hose – and decided I HAD TO go to Mac.y’s to get a pair of maternity footless tights.  I got to the elevator, started going down, and it all went to hell – I could only hear my heart in my ears, I saw black spots and I stumbled against the wall – I then tried to rip my panty.hose off right there in the elevator (I work in a 42 floor building – how or why no one else was in there is a miracle) and I was totally out of it – the elevator stopped – I tried to get off but I could barely walk because my panty.hose was around  my knees – I got back in the elevator and went back to my office – I did manage to get the hose completely off in the elevator.  I got to my office – I was shaking and sweating so badly.  I immediately called my doctor (they have to think I am nuts) and spoke to the nurse – she said it sounded like classic low blood sugar. I did have raisi.n bran for breakfast 2ish hours before but she said to eat – I did, some peanut butter crackers and a banana – I felt much better.  BUT LET ME SAY THAT IT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME.  I was convinced that it was my panty.hose and that they cut off circulation and I killed the babies – the good thing is I felt them move after that – and the nurse actually laughed out loud when I said that was what I was afraid happened…yeah, they have to think I am crazy.  I have not had any other episodes, thank goodness.   
  • My first baby shower is this weekend – I cannot believe that.  Me.  A baby shower.  For me.  Because I am pregnant – I feel so unbelievably lucky and just so amazed and grateful and hopeful and happy and just blissed out to be here.  
  • Finally, a belly pic at 22w2d:




17 responses

22 11 2009

Wow Lisa, those episodes sound quite scary! I’m glad that all is well and that it wasn’t anything to keep you worrying. I’m silently giving your irritable uterus a little pep talk as I type this. I do have to tell you that the vision of you ripping off your pantyhose in the elevator made me laugh, but also should admit that I would’ve worried about the very same thing! 😉 Woo hoo for the baby shower this weekend! You very much deserve it!! Your twin baby belly is absolutely perfect! 🙂 Keep up the great work, friend!

22 11 2009

Well, the nurse may think you’re nuts, but who cares… I’d be scared too! There are times I really hate the feeling of anything tight around the mid-part of my belly, too. Geez, what a terrible week!

Anyway, my congrats to you for your upcoming baby shower; that’s really exciting. And congrats on 22+ weeks. exciting to make it to the second half of this journey, isn’t it? I’m so happy for you!

Oh, and yeah, awesome photo. Looking gorgeous! 🙂

23 11 2009

Irritable Uterus is something I hear about a lot lately but I can’t think of any scarier feeling in the world then to have to double check this sensation in the L/D room. Im glad that all is well though *hugs*

23 11 2009
Melissa G

Oh man, you poor thing- What a week! I’m sorry for the recent SUPER scary events, but really glad to hear that everything turned out okay.

This might sound nuts, but I totally did not picture you as a blonde. Not sure why. And I love that you have your Christmas tree up already!

I hope your baby shower goes well! I’m so happy for you.

23 11 2009

I am so sorry that you had to go through the scary things. My gosh what an absolute ordeal. I have always said that pantyhose are the work of the devil and now there is actual proof. I sincerely hope that there are no more scares like this any more and that the next several months are uneventful…well other than fabulous baby showers and cute belly photos because let’s be honest. What a cute belly you have there. Congrats!

23 11 2009

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear that you have been having some scary times. I hope that things settle down and you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. I loved seeing the belly shot – you look fantastic.

Enjoy the baby shower!


23 11 2009

Its a shame you had to ruin a good pair of pantyhose.

23 11 2009

Tertia had an irritible ute with her twins, and that was a reason they put her on bedrest…I really hope that doen’t happen to you!
look at your adorable belly and your pretty blond hair!

23 11 2009

OK that sounds like the week from hell. Happy all is ok. The blood sugar thing is a trip if you’ve never been on it before but it makes a lot of sense. Cute pic…you look…..knocked up!! 🙂

23 11 2009

aww such a cute baby bump!

24 11 2009

i’m glad all is well…and my, you had me crackingup with your descriptions! so much so that my huz came over to check out what the comotion was about!

24 11 2009

holy shit.
that sounds so scary!
I am so glad you are ok and so so sorry about all of *that*– damn pantyhose, I knew they were devil spawn.
you (and those babies) look great!

happy baby shower pregnant lady!
how friggin cool is that??

24 11 2009

my doc told me that she didn’t want to do any stress tests until we “needed to” b/c people with twins always have an irritable uterus and it will look like tons of contractions on the monitor. so scary though for you!

i would have done exactly what you did. i would probably start carrying scissors so that i could cut off clothing at a moment’s notice!! 🙂

you look super cute. i’m so excited for you!! btw: do you already have a tree up?? 😉


25 11 2009

Hey! So, I just went back and read/reread all of your pregnancy posts. LOVED it! It was really reassuring, kind of just knowing that it’s normal to have anxiety about everything.

I was excited to hear that you get to see the OB every three weeks! I’m SO hoping that is me too! I have my first appointment on the 3rd. I’m also shocked to realize how close I am to the NT appointment and all of that–which I’m totally scared of.

I’m feeling really lucky to not have as much morning sickness as you have, good grief! Mine seems to be really just about bad smells, so far.

So how soon should I rent a doppler? What do you think?

Love the belly shot!

30 11 2009

Oh goodness it sounds like you’re going through what I did. I hope it gets easier for you in these remaining weeks. Oh and your belly looks adorable!!

2 12 2009

Have you been checked for a uti? Sometimes UTIs manifest as irritible uterus. But really, it’s normal with twinnies.

You look amazing. and Super YAY for baby showers!

22 04 2010
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