Sleepless Nights; Cribs; Shower; AMA; Advice Needed re Reflux

1 12 2009

We were away at my family’s from Wednesday through Sunday night.  It was a great holiday and an amazing weekend.   I will say – sleeping was tough.   We stayed at my dad’s to save on hotel money – not worth it – they only have full size beds (we are used to a king) and they have in floor hot water registers and every time the heat clicked on, they made a terrible metal clicking sound.  Ugh – we did not get much sleep!!!  Mr. M ended up sleeping in a separate bed for two nights – I sleep with five pillows and it was just too much!!!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful – great food and I loved being with my family.  I do have to say the highlight was being with my sisters – I have two – and we have grown so much closer over the last few years.  We went and saw a movie together on Friday – just the three of us – and it was great, I wish I had more alone time with them.

Sunday was my 35th birthday (officially advance.d age) and my sisters had a shower for me at home.  I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude (and some fear that we were really jinxing this pregnancy).  I cried more than once – I just cannot believe that this is me, that this is my life.  My brother-in-law is a chef and got up early with my dad to cook really yummy food – lobster pot pie among other things – and my sisters worked their little butts off!!!

We received so many great things – I cried when I opened my first sleeper outfit, just unbelievable that we will have little ones to stuff into these clothes!!!!  I got both of my Chi.cco car seats, our bouncer, our swing, clothes and just so many darling little things.  My aunt is a very accomplished quilter and quilted two beautiful quilts for us – I was really, really thrilled with such a thoughtful gift and what a great legacy to be able to hand down.

We barely fit everything into our SUV to come home – where our new cribs were waiting for us…remember the free cribs my friend gave us?  Well, they were drop side cribs and with the, I just could not stomach using them – I would have been a nervous wreck.  So, we ordered what we originally going to – Da Vinci Ka.lani cribs and a changing table in espresso.  Mr. M put them together yesterday and they are gorgeous!  They are now filled with all of our shower gifts and my sisters in law are going to come over this weekend to go through everything with me – I was in there last night just touching the clothes…

Finally, I am having a very hard time sleeping.  I have horrible reflux and when I lay down, I feel like I am going to puke and I have woken up many times with vomit in my mouth – I have tried to eat earlier and not eat “offensive” foods but I am really struggling – do you guys have any suggestions???






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1 12 2009

Your Thanksgiving weekend sounds wonderful (barring the no sleeping parts!!). I don’t have problems with reflux but a friend of mine who had twins also said it was horrible for her (along with the hip pain) and the only way she was able to sleep towards the middle/end of her pregnancy was to really prop herself up on a ton of pillows and sleep on her back that way. So almost in a hospital bed head raised position. I’m not sure if this will help you (sleeping like this for me puts too much pressure on my lower back which I already have problems with), but it seemed to help her alot.

How exciting to have get all the gear! You are no longer jinxing it! You are seriously close to viability day!!! and, with twins you are likely to go earlier so my rule is that after 20 weeks or so, you are crazy not to be getting REALLY ready!!! After all, we aren’t going to be very energy filled in the last month…so we have to get it all together asap:-)

1 12 2009

Sadly, I’ve heard of people spending a good part of their pregnancy sleeping in a recliner in order to have enough head up. Others with bad reflux also try to prop up the head of their bed frame on blocks to raise the level a few inches. Not sure how comfy or feasible that it, but I’m guessing you’ll either be semi-sitting in bed or headed for a recliner sometime soon!
Maybe you could buy one of those wedges they used to sell to prop you up in bed to read? Might be more comfortable to have one pillow for your head on top of a ramp down to your hips than to have your back curved up a mountain of pillows.

1 12 2009

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like the weekend was everything you could have hoped it would be!!

1 12 2009

My friend who had twins last may slept propped up on pillows for the most of her late second trimester–she also got some good drugs!

1 12 2009
Melissa G

Happy Birthday!!! I’m so glad you had such a lovely weekend, you deserve it!!!

The reflux sounds awful. Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time with it, yuck.

1 12 2009

I swear every time I read your posts it sounds like my pregnancy all over again! My heartburn was AWFUL and I found that sleeping on the couch really helped keep me propped up…

1 12 2009

Hooray for a shower and getting teeny tiny little clothes, and even bigger hooray for knowing that very soon you will be filling them up with actual little people 🙂

1 12 2009

sounds like you had a good weekend!! 🙂 i have two sisters, too, but (alas) when we saw eachother this past week there was just a lot of fighting. the one sister that we don’t get along with very well was lecturing my other (closer) sister about how i needed to suck it up and take my kids out and about. (she was pissed that we wouldn’t meet them out at a restaurant when we had just eaten). she also told her that i “needed to learn how to pump and give my kids a bottle”…i think that she is offended by breastfeeding. the funny thing? i totally covered up and breastfed in private when i did it around them. whatev.

i think you’ll be totally happy with your cribs. and having the room put together really makes things real, doesn’t it??

so happy for you! 🙂


1 12 2009

and i forgot to mention that i slept with a bottle of tums smoothies next to my bed. 🙂

1 12 2009

Hi there,
I’m so glad that you enjoyed the long weekend, and had some special family time. I’m pleased that your sisters spoiled you because after all, you are going to be a mother!!!!! It’s such an amazing thing, isn’t it!?
Sorry to hear that sleeping has been difficult. I don’t have any advice on reflux apart from avoiding big meals and just eating smaller portions throughout the day (easier said than done over the holiday season).
Thinking of you.

1 12 2009
Miss MVK

I am so happy that you had a wonderful baby shower!!! I remember mine with Piglet, the hostess could not get through her toast before I was crying my eyes out. If it makes you feel any better, I am having TERRIBLE heartburn/reflux at night too. So I take pre-emptive action. I take a Zantac right before bed and so far it’s seemed to work. I still wake up with a little pain in the middle of the night, but it seems to dissipate.

I am also happy you got the cribs of your dreams and with no guilt!!! Hooray!

1 12 2009

Happy birthday and happy thanksgiving (which sounded wonderful, by the way.) Can’t help you on the reflux, vomit thing. Can’t help you at all…… 😦

1 12 2009

Happy birthday and shower weekend! So glad you had an amazing time! Glad you ended up getting the cribs you wanted…I know I love ours! As for the reflux, I’m assuming you’re already sleeping propped up on pillows? I found that helps me. Other than that, Tums or Zantac are your friend!!

1 12 2009

Sounds like you had a great trip, aside from the sleeping issues.

It’s a shame about the cribs, but I’m sure you’ll be loving the ones you picked out. And… I cannot even imagine needing all of that stuff. I’m soooo not even close to being “there” yet!

I’ve had heartburn (GERD) for quite some time now, so the prospect of it getting worse is kind of scary. My IVF nurse said it was ok to take Zantac, but it’s a class C med, so I’ve only been taking it when desperate. It helps a lot to try to eat before 6PM. At night I prop up the pillows (3). If you can stand it, elevating the head of the bed by 6 inches is supposed to help. We found it horribly uncomfortable though. Tomato based stuff sets me off, as well as anything spicy and kind of fatty. Tums are my friend.

1 12 2009

Hey, when did you start showing??? I’m kind of a big girl so I’m not sure, but I think I’m already starting to round out a bit… is that crazy?

2 12 2009

Sounds like a great getaway weekend.. and jealous about you and your sisters..
I can only imagine how sweet and emotional your baby shower was..

A friend of mine swears by milkshakes before bed… she freezes Mcdonalds shakes and she says they help..

2 12 2009

Ask your doctor what he or she recommends for the heartburn/reflux. DO NOT try to just wait it out, it will only get worse as the babes get bigger. Find what works now and take it. I am so not a pill popper, even for the yuckiest of pain, but thank god for Zofran and Zantac. It made being pregnant with the twins doable.

I am so excited for you. You are over halfway there! It’s so fantastic to hear about you actually preparing for the babies.

2 12 2009

It sounds like you had a marvelous time! I couldn’t be happier for you! I’d love to see some photos if you are willing to share. 🙂 Keep up the great baby baking … you are doing a fabulous job!

P.S. Ask your doc about Zantac. K is taking it and it seems to help her quite a bit.

4 12 2009

Yeah, sleep in a comfy chair or with lots of pillows propped behind your head. Also take Tums. They were my best friend in the 1st and 3rd tri.

Good luck girl!!!

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