Fun Times

11 12 2009

It has been a fun week – time for a list because I am tired and lazy:

1) I had a dream I was making out with Bo.bby F.lay last night – I do not even like him or think that he is attractive – I told my sister and she said it was really a hunger dream, that I was just really, really hungry.

2) I had my 1 hour glucose test this week and passed with flying colors!  My result was 90 and I was SO HAPPY!  It is one worry off of my list of the 3 big worries with multiples (gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and pre-term labor).

3) I had an appointment yesterday morning and I had my doctor measure me just for fun – they rely on the growth ultrasounds – and I am measuring 32 weeks, almost 33!!!  I have gained about 30 pounds so far – perfect!

4) My IRL friend has the same insurance as me and discovered that our insurance pays for our breast pumps!!!!   Woot!!!  Our practice fills out the paperwork and they send us a brandy new, top of the line pump!!!  Thank you K – you saved us a bundle!

5) Both babies are head down right now – they did a quickie u/s at my last appt – and their little heads were snuggled together!  I heart them so freaking much – they are moving so much now and they are so strong!

6) We started our “childbirth preparation” class tonight – we are doing it all in one weekend – and our instructor is  so OBNOXIOUS.  So – this is not a fun thing – she was making jokes like “you had to spread your legs to get pregnant, you have to spread them to get the baby out” and tongue in cheek nonsense when talking about uterine contractions “being similar to other muscles that get hard and fill with blood – guys you know what I am talking about” and “I am making an assumption that the baby’s head will be the biggest thing coming in or out of your vaginas”.  Yep.  Totally bizarre because when she stays on topic, she seems very knowledgeable and good at what she does.  But seriously, how inappropriate!  Maybe she is trying to bond with the guys but really, really unnecessary.  We have 6.5 hours with her tomorrow…




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12 12 2009

Great news about the GD test, AND about the insurance coverage! Our instructor was the same way last weekend- I think they try to keep it that way so that some husbands don’t sleep through the whole thing.

12 12 2009

BWWWWAAAAAAAAA HA HA HA. Making out with Bobb.y Fl.ay. Ewwwwwww. (shudder) Something about that man is just creepy…but I’d eat his food. Great news on the GD scan. w00t! I’ve got to see my twinsies this week in U/S. I smiled at your “I heart them so freaking much” comment, ’cause, um, yeah. As for the childbirth prep instructor, don’t you wish that it was at a comedy club and then you could be a heckler? Every time the bad jokes come, you could sit in the back after you’ve thrown back your 2 drink minimum and yell “YOU SUUUUUUUUUCK!”

12 12 2009

Ok that instructor is totally inappropriate! I would be complaining. Yikes.

So glad you passed the glucose test with flying colors! We see so many gestationals all day long and it really can get complicated. We had one woman deliver an 11 pound baby the other day, and we had her diabetes controlled! Freaky.

Keep up the good work!

12 12 2009
Melissa G

Woo hoo for passing the GD test! So glad you have one more thing on your side.

That instructor sounds absurd. I’m so annoyed for you.

Thanks yet again for all of the wonderfully supportive comments you’ve been leaving for me. I really, really appreciate it.

12 12 2009

Congrats on passing the glucose test!! Your instructor does sound irritating, but at least you’ll get it all done with this weekend. I thing the making out dream = hunger is hilarious!

12 12 2009

Congrats on the GD results and wow breast pumps covered by insurance? I’ll need to call mine and see- that would be so awesome.

12 12 2009

gross. i hate when people do that. they think that they are funny and i end up rolling my eyes the whole time.

that’s awesome on the breast pump. i didn’t know that my insurance covered it, it was just delivered to me while i was visiting the babies in the NICU. after about a month it just stopped sucking. (i got the same one that you will get). i called the hospital (the people that delivered it to me) and they had me come and pick up a brand new one!! so…the kids are not even 12 weeks old and i am on my second pump. lol. 🙂

so glad that the babes are growing and you seem to be doing so well!!


12 12 2009

Yay! and EWWWW! I hate those kinds of creepy sexual jokes.
Luckily for us IF’ers we too have to spread ’em too, or it would be enve more painful.

12 12 2009

So exciting and weird at the same time! I mean the instructor person, for the weird part. And oh, I kinda think Bobby is hot. He has grown on me over the years. 🙂

12 12 2009

Ugh, I’d complain about that instructor too – sounds like a bit of an ass!

12 12 2009

Wow! So glad you passed that gestational diabetes test. I’m kind of nervous about that one already because I know I eat a lot of carbs.

I think insurance companies should just come with a book that says, “here’s what we cover and don’t cover”, because I never have any idea. Like, I’m getting ready to have the NT scan and have no idea what’s covered. I’m just assuming, and I hate that!

That instructor would make me very uncomfortable. Do people actually laugh? I’m guessing so. Stupid people, if she just got blank or irritated stares, she’d probably stop.

13 12 2009

Wow….I’m not even sure what to say about your instructor. Maybe she is practicing her stand up routine?

That’s awesome that your pump is covered!! That’s huge!!

13 12 2009

Gotta love those pregnancy dreams…they sure are crazy huh?

Sounds like your instructor is a real wack job…kind of perverted. Maybe she’d like to do something like Sally Sex, if so, she’s in the wrong job for sure.

I think she’s trying to be light, but really it comes off as crass.

Good luck tommorrow.

14 12 2009

great news about the pump being covered…

the instructor sounds a bit icky.. sounds like she is male bonding for sure

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