Preparing for Child.birth Class Part Deux

12 12 2009

Today’s class was better in some respects than others – the instructor only made two obnoxious “comments”:

1) When demonstrating a pushing technique on her hands and knees, she said “hey, some of you probably got pregnant this way”; and

2) When discussing ways to stimulate labor – one of which is nipple stimulation – she actually gestured it on herself and was like “I know the guys are going to be happy to hear this”.

Sigh.  Yes, some people did laugh.  PJ – I did just give her blank and irritated stares.  The bizarre thing is that she really knew her stuff and we learned so much and I am so much more confidant than I was before the class.  

I do hate to make fun of other people – I hate it when people talk about the google searches and how some dumb search led to their blog – I really feel for people looking for answers and I really do not think it is right to make fun of them – sorry, I will get off of my soapbox – but there was a man in our class that was – well I am not sure what he was, but these were his comments:

1) He obviously did not want his wife to have any pain relief and asked the instructor, rhetorically, “but no one ever died from the pain, right”;

2) At one point he was like – “women have been doing this for thousands of years, they should just know what to do”; and

3) My personal favorite – the instructor was discussing reserving the jacuzzi for your delivery – and that you could reserve it overnight – and he was like “Isn’t it dangerous to be in the jacuzzi that long” – yes, asshole – your wife will be in the jacuzzi for 14-20 hours straight.  I could not help it – I started laughing so hard tears came out of my eyes – Mr. M would not look at me because he would have started laughing and he was trying to get me to stop – let’s face it – it was rude of me!  But seriously – this guy was a moron and I felt so bad for his wife.

I am going to draft a simple birth plan and the class, although surreal and inappropriate at times, really helped me.  Also – I have a good friend – she works as a doula – and she is going to help us too.

Still in shock a bit that this is me – that this is us – and we get to worry about and talk about these things – I feel incredibly lucky.




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12 12 2009

ICK about the guy in your class. Jeezzzzz. And at least he’s a participant but for the TEACHER to have made those comments….. shudder. I have been debating going to these classes, if they do help to ease nerves it might be worthwhile.

13 12 2009

Oh my–sounds like some weird characters in there! Glad you got some good info out of it.

13 12 2009

Hi there,
I feel sorry for that guy’s wife! As if childbirth isn’t hard enough she also has to deal with him.
I’m glad that you got some value out of your classes. Isn’t it amazing that your babies will be here in a few months?

13 12 2009

I’m glad you got loads of information from the class. I have to say your instructor is a real winner….I have been to a number of classes like this and never had one described as yours.

But I HAVE seen some asshole husbands and labor coaches. Lordy be, someone needs to slap them down sometimes.

14 12 2009

Oh my! Thank God I’m not married to that jerk! And your instructor sounds like a real peach (not!) Hope she give you an evaluation to fill out! Congrtas on 25 weeks!!!!! Yay!!! 🙂

14 12 2009

Hey L,

Congrats on 25 weeks, you are doing awesome.

Funny stories..

15 12 2009
Kandi Ann

Well, I laughed at the guy too. Thanks. hehe. But really, Miss inappropriate teacher should have a nasty come back for Mr. She don’t need pain meds. Like O.K doofus, Push a watermelon out your special place and then and only then do you get to dictate pain management. Dude probably just jealous he doesn’t get the drugs. And, he sounds like he may be abusive at home. I will Pray for that family and yours too. Your at a great place. Congrats!

15 12 2009

Ahahaaa! She actually demonstrated the nipple thing! Seriously? Wow.

I guess if you really learned what you needed to from the class, the other stuff is ignorable. I’m glad you did get something out of it.

However, I KNOW I’d have reacted to that guys comments! His poor wife.

18 12 2009

I would have been laughing right along with you!

22 12 2009

I went to EVERY class and there were absolute morons in each one. Not everyone but enough where I was in continual danger of busting out in inappropriate laughter. Yes, I felt bad but I could not stop myself.!

That guy is priceless.

BTW..I did go without pain meds while induced (twice) and I do not judge anyone who wants some pain meds. While I did it…I really don’t thinks it’s for everybody. The one with the vagina gets to decide!

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