Babies Stay Put; Trip #2 To Triage

29 12 2009

Sigh.  Things were (and still are) going swimmingly.  Yesterday, I started to have “contractions” – more frequent than the on and off tightenings I have been having the last few weeks.  I then started to have some low, menstrual like cramping, which is always a reason to call the doc, which I did at 5:15.  The doc on call asked me to come in and I was in triage by 6:00.  They hooked me up – yes, I was having contractions – long spaced out ones – together with short spiky ones in between those.  

The resident on call tried to drive a tow truck up my lady parts performed a cervical check, very high and very closed so Yay!!!  and did a fetal fibronectin test (took a sample of fluid from around my cervix to ascertain my chances for going into labor in the next two weeks), which was negative, so Yay!!  They then gave me two bags of IV fluids although the nurse said it was obvious I was not dehydrated – and the smaller, spiky contractions seemed to diminish greatly and I was released to go home.

My MFM practice (that I see regularly as my practitioner) has an on-call doc at my hospital at all times – the one last night was the same as I had before and she is great.  Let me preface the following by saying that I really do love my job and I love what I do most days – however, I do not want to be a martyr and if there is any correlation between having an irritable uterus and contractions and my job, I will stop working.  I have cut down my hours by at least 25%, if not more at this point.  At any rate – she stated that there are no studies that say that bed rest is effective in preventing pre-term labor but that if I am really uncomfortable at work it may make sense to stop.  I am going to have a more in-depth discussion with my doctor at my appointment next week.  I have a great short-term dis.ability plan at work that will pay me 100% of my salary if a doctor clears me from work, which they may or may not do if not “medically necessary”.  I would like to continue working but ONLY to the extent it is not or will not impact this pregnancy.

I called the doc’s office today to see what I could do to help prevent pre-term labor – and apart from tripling my water intake – there is really not much I can do besides rest when I can (I have been) and to eat well (I have been) and to just baby myself.   I really think my uterus is like, WTF – I will be 28 weeks on Friday but I am probably measuring 35-36 weeks – so I hope my uterus, which I have hated in the past due to my prior losses, continues to work with us!

I was fine last night but when I was telling my sister about it this morning, I started crying – it was really scary and I really, really need these two to stay put for AT LEAST six, preferably eight, weeks.  I cannot believe we are coming down to the wire – I cannot wait to meet them but I do not want to meet them soon!




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29 12 2009
Melissa G

Wow, so glad to hear everything is going well, and that your cervix is where it should be. 😉 I’m sure that brought you a lot of relief.

Cook babies, cook!

29 12 2009

Ugh….I feel your pain. Really. I started having mild and infrequent contractions (likely braxton-hicks) but it scares the living crap out of me. I have really cut back my work, pretty much to half time and think I may make another 4-6 weeks tops. You are right to pamper yourself. You are almost home free!

29 12 2009

Sorry you had that scare. I’ve been dealing with the irritability for over 14 weeks now. So far so good. 28 weeks is a huge milestone in terms of preemie issues decreasing, and if you can make it 4 more to 32, you’re totally set. Sure, there’d be some NICU time, but there’s low need for any true respiratory support at that point. Seriously, a few more short days and you’ll be past 28 weeks and can heave a huge sigh of relief. And I think twins are supposed to mature in utero a little faster than a singleton does, so that should count in your favour.
At least you know what signs to look out for, and I’m sure if they were really worried that you’d go into preterm labour soon, they’d have kept you in, given you tocolytics, and given you steroids for the babies’ lungs. Just keep an eye on things like you’ve been doing, and don’t heistate to go in if you think things are acting up. I’m pretty sure you’ll keep them in there at least another 4 weeks, if not longer.
Hang in there!

29 12 2009

I’m sorry things are hard for you right now. I’m now 34 weeks along with twins and I started having contractions too at 28 weeks. It scared us pretty bad. Since 28 weeks, I have been on bed rest and it really has helped. I too have short term disability at work that pays 100% and decided to take it. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do my job and I do like my job but emotionally the stress was too hard for me and I think it was affecting the babies. Here’s wishing they stay put! I’m hoping for the same but then again I’m so uncomfortable that I might have to rethink that!

29 12 2009

Ack. How scary! So glad to hear everything’s all right! Hoping for many more weeks of discomfort for you (but goodness for the babes, of course!)

29 12 2009

You poor thing–you do NOT need more worry and stress. You are doing everything humanly possible to give these babies their best chance. Hang in there!

29 12 2009

That does sound really scary! Crossing my fingers for at least six more weeks for you.

29 12 2009

I’m so sorry for the scare. I want to commend you for recognizing the cramping and heading to the hospital. Also glad to hear your cervix is stable. Thank you for writing about this. The more we all know the better these kiddos will be. Maybe taking a month or a few weeks off just in case to get yourself to around 32 weeks wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I’m so glad you have the option with pay. Wishing you all the best.

29 12 2009

Ugh…that’s so scary! I hope that your uterus cooperates and stops being so irritable! Stay put babies! I am thinking that I may also need to stop working in a couple of weeks. Driving all day in my low car is just not working with a belly this size! Hang in there!

29 12 2009

I agree with everyone, that sounds so scary and I am glad you are ok! And I think you should do *everything* you need to to feel more comfortable and reassured, and if that means working less or not at all for the duration, then sweetie, do what you need to for You, ok?

You and your uterus are doing something amazing and miraculous, and if you are lucky enough to have disability, it might make sense to do that, even for a week or two to feel more settled and more under control. Maybe it does not have to be all or nothing?

thinking of you and wishing calllllllmmmmmm thoughts on your uterus, and love to you,

29 12 2009

Sorry about the scare.. it’s goood to hear you are back home and taking it easy.. fingers crossed that your babies stay safe and snuggled for a while longer..

30 12 2009

Wishing you all the best. I hate to say it, but it sounds just like the weekend we had (spent nearly 5 hours at the hospital with contractions and pelvic pain). It was extremely scary! I hope you are able to rest and take it easy. Let’s hope time flies by the next few weeks!!

30 12 2009

Wow – that must have been quite a scare! Glad your cervix is holding up, and things look good. Here’s hoping for a quiet and uneventful 8+ weeks more!


30 12 2009

Oh sweetie – I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through. That must have been incredibly scary.

I am thinking of you.

30 12 2009

Yikes! But, it sounds like you have a good set up, workwise, if you decide you would feel better just stopping altogehter, and that is WONDERFUL.
Stay put babies!

30 12 2009

I know I say this all the time, but there are so many similarities in our pregnancies. Just take extra good care of yourself and tell your honey to start the princess treatment 🙂

30 12 2009

so glad all turned out well in the end…at least for now. and so glad to hear you are taking such good care of yourself and your little ones. here’s to staying put for 8 more weeks!

30 12 2009

yikes! so glad that you are still doing well. i hated getting to the point where it “might be okay” but you still wanted everyone to stay put. it just brought on more feelings of anxiety for me. take a breather, drink tons of water, and do whatever feels right!!!


30 12 2009

Ugh- I was there a week ago. The good news it that my doc said it doesn’t mean that I won’t make it all the way to 38 weeks, it is partly because our uteruses are the size of a singleton pg at 36 weeks- we’re going to feel the effects much sooner. I hope you reach a good balance with work. AND that your (our) babies stay right where they are for 8 more weeks!

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