Loving the Moving; Baby Care

6 01 2010

My FAVORITE part of my pregnancy so far has been their movements.  I love, love, love feeling them move – and I love seeing my stomach bulge and move and contort and I play guess the body part – it is a freaking blast.

We just got home from our baby care class – it was pretty fun, they gave us fake babies to hold the entire time and each time I would look at Mr. M, he would have his baby in a precarious position – I know, different sense of humor but the man makes me howl.  I learned quite a bit – and BTW, I have been reading The Happ.iest Baby on the Bloc.k and the instructor covered a lot of what is in that book – especially swaddling and shushing – quite fascinating.

I also had a doctor’s appt this morning – manual cervix check too – and everything looks great – the doctor agreed that if there is one change in my cervix, no more work for me, but that since my cervix is holding up and my contractions are not a regular thing, I can continue to work.  I am almost 29 weeks and I was measuring about 35 weeks – GROW BABIES GROW!!!!  I have gained about 40 pounds so far and will probably gain another 20 – which is totally fine with me – the last growth scan showed that the babies were growing like rock stars so I am going to keep doing what I have been doing.

Quit reading now if you get grossed out by bodily functions…….my girls have been excreting drops of clear fluid for the last week and a half or so – I looked at my breast feeding book and ascertained that this is probably colostrum – but it has not been anything major – and yes, I have squeezed the ninnies to see if it increased – it is like a car wreck – you have to look, there is something coming from my ninnies – I have to squeeze.  Well last night I was laying on my right side and my right girl got squished and I felt a gush of fluid come out of my right ninny – I was like WTF  to Mr. M.  So I went to the bathroom and squeezed the girls and low and behold a LOT more of clearish/cloudy fluid came out of each one.  99% of me is like woo hoo – hopefully this means I will be able to breast feed like a holstein…1% got scared that this was my body preparing for labor – i.e. time to get baby out and produce milk (in the 1% fear is the fear that I will leak at work – hard enough to be taken seriously as a woman, much less a pregnant woman, much less a pregnant woman with leaking ninnies).  I talked with the doctor this morning and she said it was fine – that it is not a sign of imminent pre-term labor.

Finally – I have been sleeping much better – I ordered a “bol.ster” from massa.geware.house that keeps me upright and I quit eating after 7 pm – I wake up hungry when I pee – but it is better than waking up with acid/bile/throw up in my mouth.

So, I have renewed hope that I can make it to 36 and even gasp 38 weeks – hold on babies, hold on!!!




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7 01 2010

That movement and playing guess the body part does sound freakish–but freakishly fun 🙂 So exciting!

7 01 2010

I’m glad all is going well. I am so excited for you at how far you’ve come so far since I’ve been following you since you got the BFP. Grow babies grow! And kick! It’s so much fun to feel them kick 🙂

7 01 2010
Miss MVK

Hooray for bolsters and big babies!

And hopefully this will put your mind at rest, my dear friend started leaking MILK at around 32 weeks and she delivered her singleton at 39w5days. It really wasn’t any indication of early labor for her. I hope it’s the same for you! And btw, you are not alone, I’ve had some er, um, stuff coming out too. Though not as dramatically as you. 🙂

I love that you have totally made peace with gaining weight…it’s really the only way to go. I have a “friend” (totally fertile of course and pregnant with her fourth baby because she *thought* about it) and all she does is tweet and post status updates about running five miles because she’s getting weighed at her 20w appt the next day or my favorite which was complaining about how doing ab exercises was getting harder. Seriously.

Here’s to at least seven more weeks!

7 01 2010

Hi there,

I can imagine it must be a bit strange the first time you notice you are “leaking”. I read that it happens to a lot of women, and hopefully it is a good sign that you will be able to breastfeed.

I think I have put on more weight than you have, and I am only having one baby!
I keep telling myself that our body will put on whatever weight it needs to (as I reach for another chocolate – he he he).

Enjoy the babies moving around – what a special feeling.


7 01 2010

I have a cute son and I know how good is the feel when you feel the baby moments.
Happy motherhood!

7 01 2010

Too funny – “breast feed like a Holstein”? I’m snorting my breakfast cereal out my nose here, thanks a lot! So glad everything’s looking good for a full term delivery – grow, babies, grow!

7 01 2010

Ok, yeah, that was a lot of TMI, but thanks for sharing anyway. Because, you know, I read EVERY word you write, take notes, and then wait. :)))) Until it’s my turn. So I’m happy to hear all is well with your cervix. My 18 week appt is today and they are going to take a peek at all that. And yeah, I’m nervous. So happy all is well for you, though. 🙂

7 01 2010

Yay for movement! I’ll have to look back through your blog and find out when you first felt movement. I’m defintely eager for that part! I’m sure it’ll be a while.

I have that Snoogle pregnancy pillow, and I’ve gotta tell ya, I look forward to it every night.

My acid reflux is definitely getting worse, like within the past 3 weeks or so. I’m allowed to take 2 Zantac150’s (over the counter) a day, but I’m hesitent to take that much.

Did you read Barbara Luke’s book, and are you following that? Is that how you’ve gained? I think I lost 3 pounds during the 1st trimester but I think I’ve gained it back and then a few. I’m kind of worried that I won’t be able to gain as much as I should. Funny how that works, I can gain when I’m not trying to, but when I NEED to gain, I don’t know if I can do it.

7 01 2010

What is the “shushing” about?
And it think it’s time you invest in some breast pads!!! I love the word ninnies 🙂

7 01 2010

LMAO @ holstein! I have some fluid, but, have yet to look forward to a gush! I admit I’m guilty of squeezing too! Glad your cervix and babies look great!! Hope they stay put for another 7 weeks or so!!

8 01 2010

it has been so great watching your journey to mommyhood unfold… leaking now thats fun stuff..

Graet belly pic too..

8 01 2010

yay!! so glad that you are feeling better. AND sleeping better. you have to get it while you still can 🙂 funny thing, i remember feeling the same way when i started leaking. i was freaked out that i was getting ready to go into labor. my OB probably thought i was crazy!!!

keeping my fingers crossed that you will hold out for a long time yet!


9 01 2010

Sleep is such an important thing (your body is working so hard!), I am glad you got the bolster and that you are sleeping better!
And about the boob leakage, mine do from my pituitary tumor, and it is so friggin odd. So glad yours is not an indication of immediate action labor wise! I would not know what to expect. I am so glad things are going well, and the idea of feeling your little ones move simply thrills me. Go butterflies.


9 01 2010

Yeah for feeling babies move! I agree it’s the best part of being pregnant, that is until the later weeks when their movements actually hurt. Enjoy this, this is your moment.

As to the boobies, they start developing colustrum at around 12 weeks but usually don’t leak until late 2nd to 3rd trimester. Sounds like your body is doing exactly as it should, and it’s great your leaking so much so early, maybe that will be a good indicator that your able to keep up with TWINS to feed.

During the later weeks they say not to pump or stimulate the nipps to prevent pre-term labor as it could trigger it, but just leaking is a good thing and not a worry.

There are breast pads you can buy to put in the bra to prevent leaking through at work. Experiment with different types, as some are better than others when it comes to fit and avoiding the crumply bra look. Also you can get reuseable ones that you throw in the wash, I like them best, but like cloth diapers, your washing them.

Anyway, great news!!!

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