Our Beautiful Babies

9 01 2010

We had our elective 3D ultrasound today at 29 weeks 1 day – it was great – my favorite photos are the first two – their heads snuggled together.  I have been and remain completely and utterly in love.  They could also see hair on her head – how freaking cute is that!!!!  Also – if you look closely, you can see the names we picked!!!  I am going to give them blog names – I do not want them searchable on the web – so please leave them out of your comments, thanks so much!  Also – for you delurkers that delurked already, thanks – it is good to hear from you!  Poor baby boy in the last photo – he is so smushed up in there – his face was crushed against the membrane and his feet were over his head!!!




19 responses

9 01 2010

Wow! Totally, and completely awesome!

9 01 2010

I have so much trouble distinguishing what’s what on 3D pics. 2D is so much easier for me to visualize for some reason. The couple face shots I could recognize looked pretty darn cute though!

9 01 2010

Oh the names!!! I love the R name–one of my personal faves for sure. So cute!!!

9 01 2010

Ooohhhhh, simply beautiful! They look very cute already…and ya gotta love the 4D u/s. Great names too!

9 01 2010

Love the names! At first I read “Jack” and then “R” and have a flash of the killer of either sirhan sirhan or…whomever killed JFK.

9 01 2010

Great name choices- my nephew has the same name. 🙂 I love the shots with the faces so close together… crazy that they can see each other if their eyes are open, isn’t it?

9 01 2010

They are just gorgeous! Love the names too!

9 01 2010

YAY so cute! We’re considering the boy name btw for our little boy, how cool!

10 01 2010
Melissa G

Awwwwwww, so fricken cute.

I CANNOT believe you are 29 weeks already!

10 01 2010

What beautiful photos. And the names are so gorgeous….They go well together!

10 01 2010

Cuteness!!! How exciting! That does look like tight quarters.

10 01 2010

Simply amazing!!!

10 01 2010
Miss MVK

Awwwww. So sweet!

10 01 2010
The Nanny

Those first two pics are SO sweet 🙂 and I love the names you chose!!!

10 01 2010

Another delurker delurking to wish you well!

Great names, too 😀

11 01 2010

I love love love love love loooovvveeee the names you chose!!!!
And you got great 3D pictures (EJ’s weren’t nearly as good!).

11 01 2010

Gorgeous names, great choice! Lovely pics too. Makes it so real seeing their little faces doesn’t it! Not long to go!

11 01 2010

LOVE the pics and the names!!! Glad your cervix looked good today. Hoping those contractions are just BHs and those babies cook for quite a few more weeks!

11 01 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

They are gorgeous Mama. So very happy for you and how amazing that we get a little glimpse inside.

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