30 Weeks!

15 01 2010

Wow.  I am 30 weeks.  I will for sure have these babies in a week that starts with a 3 and definitely within the next 8 weeks.  Wow.  I am so, so floored! My secretary threw a shower for me at work on Tuesday – it was incredible.  So many of my female colleagues showed up and it was so, so nice.  Two of them pitched in and bought me a Petun.ia Pick.le Bott.om diaper bag from Nordstro.m – I have never heard of that brand before (I am pretty low maintenance, Ma.cy’s is about as fancy as it gets for me) and it is freaking beautiful and has backpack straps – I am really digging it.  People have been so generous and we are so, so grateful for the love and support.

I have been pretty emotional lately – getting excited for the babies to be here – but more than that – thinking of where we have been, what we have gone through.  I am so ready for this next chapter – the chapter where we are not undergoing any fertility treatments, the chapter that brings me back to myself in some ways.  I struggled with depression and loneliness through our journey and I am so ready to have all of that behind me.  On an even more personal note, during our struggles over the past few years, I have not been as careful about the way I look – I guess I am as vain as the next woman – but I do not do my hair, I wear the bare minimum as far as makeup is concerned (eyeliner, mascara and chapstick) and I wear whatever is comfortable.  I work in a profession where it bodes well to look professional – and while I do not drink the company kool aid on a regular basis – I do want to be comfortable at work and not self conscious.   So, I am getting my hair cut tonight – nothing too drastic – my hair is half way down my back and I am going to get it cut shoulder length.   And – we bought a minivan – wow, cutting my hair and driving a minivan – the me that was 15 years ago with cropped bleached hair, tattoos, nose and tongue rings would be dying!!!!!




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15 01 2010

30 weeks is wonderful, and bodes so well for your little ones’ health & future happiness! And you sound fantastic, too. Calm and serene and so happy to be where you are that it shows on the page. You & yours are in my thoughts.

15 01 2010

I know! I never thought I’d be the minivan type, lol…but boy did I jump on that bandwagon when I had the chance! Okay, no minivan yet…but a small SUV and if (when) we do this again (I love love love being pregnant and want to do it again), I think a minivan is a necessity with big dogs and 2-3 kids…so bring it on! Don’t think about that old you with the tattoos and piercings…if she stuck to her guns she’d be totally getting old, single, miserable by now…b/c we all get old and grow up:-)

Love the very classy diaper bag…I’ve heard of such things but couldn’t imagine buying one either…but it is fun to have (my SIL bought me a Kate Spade one…I was like, um, my purse is a Nine West…what made you think I’d even consider that crazy thing…but it is sweet of her).

15 01 2010

Wonderful wonderful on all counts!

15 01 2010

Congrats on 30 weeks! Big milestone. Anything after 32 is icing on the cake, or so I’ve heard. Hope you like the haircut!

15 01 2010

Congrats for getting to 30 weeks! That is a big milestone. Hang in there! I never thought I’d get there and now I’m almost 37 weeks with twins and can’t believe it. I am so happy for you because I’ve been there too. After struggling with 6 1/2 years of infertility and people asking why we don’t have kids; to finally have 2 will be a dream come true for me!!

15 01 2010

Congratulations on 30 weeks! That is huge. I am blown away by it because on one hand I feel time creeps at a crawl with us gestating IFers and yet I can’t believe you’re already here! How far you have come. Jack’s been talking about a mini-van too…. and we’re just having one kid, but apparently the prices are pretty good lately and the gas mileage isn’t too bad!

15 01 2010

What a great milestone- congrats!! I’m glad to hear you have such supportive thoughtful co-workers. How exciting to be on the countdown …

15 01 2010

Congrats on the big 3-0! Time sure flies huh?? Good luck in the next few weeks! I’ll be checking in on you!

15 01 2010

Hold up…you must post a pic of the 15 years ago YOU! Seriously, that made me smile.
Hooray for Mom-mobiles and for haircuts (I LOVE getting them) and also for 30 weeks (duh!)!

15 01 2010
Melissa G

I’m so excited that you’re at 30 weeks, and things are going so well. But more than that, I love what hitting 30 weeks has done for you. I can hear the smile in this post.

“so ready for this next chapter” . Indeed hun, and I can’t wait to watch you blossom there.


15 01 2010

Woohoooo for 30 weeks! Isn’t it amazing to think of all you’ve gone through in the past few years and now you are FINALLY on the other side?! Such a great feeling!!

15 01 2010

Wow! Happy 30 weeks!!!

15 01 2010

yay 30 weeks! time sure has flown by!!! i’m so excited for the coming weeks.

haircut AND a minivan? instant mom! 😉


16 01 2010

Happy 30 weeks! That’s awesome. You are a beautiful and caring person, and you will be a wonderful mother.
I can’t wait to follow your journey.

16 01 2010

Like my peri says, any week that starts with 3 is a good thing! Congrats. You must be relieved!! I know I am counting the weeks myself until the 3 appears. As for the mini-van (*snort*) well congrats on that too. 🙂 And I can laugh about the hair. I don’t have any tattoos, but I did have pink hair for awhile (and then it was platinum) and I do have my navel pierced. Which is like, half amusing and half disgusting now.

16 01 2010

Happy happy 30 weeks and
that tattooed chick? She’s in there ALWAYS. Even in the minivan. That is the very best part.

So glad you are doing so wonderfully, and I love your baby pictures!
30 weeks. holy moly. that is just so great.

17 01 2010

30 weeks, your doing GREAT! I can hear the excitement through your words.

17 01 2010

I stopped reading after you mentioned your new P.P. diaper bag. I’m super jealous!!!!!


17 01 2010

You don’t know me but I was googling “cd 15 no surge” and found your blog…read from your iui surge panic to now…you have me crying like baby. I’m soooo happy for you. I can hear your happiness and hope as I read your blog. I was feeling pretty horible earlier this evening…feeling low and wondering if I am broken, or if I will ever be a mother and just feeling “gutted”…now I am just feeling..happy for you. Congratulations and much happiness to u.

18 01 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

Congratulations! I am very happy for you. So looking forward to knowing you’ll reach the next chapter of your life and get to enjoy the experience of meeting and raising those kiddos.

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