Growth Ultrasound; Coffee Cans

20 01 2010

I had my every-4-week growth scan today at 30 weeks 5 days – these babies are ROCK STARS!!!  Their estimated weights are as follows:  

Our little man – 4lb 11 oz (81st percentile)

Our little lady – 4lb 10 oz (80th percentile)

Yes, people, I have an estimated 9lb 6oz of baby in me – and I could not be happier.  They are growing – and growing well – my uterus, which I have hated with all of my being at times, is holding up and taking care of these two and they are thriving.  I am so, so thrilled.  I have gained 45 pounds so far and every pound is worth it and every pound I gain after this will be worth it if they are born big and strong and healthy and are able to avoid the NICU.  Please, please, please let that happen!  

The news gets better – they are BOTH head down.  Woo hoo – and my doc (I had an appt right after) told me that the chances of them moving to another position is small at this point – especially since they are so big.  I will do a c-section if I have to but I would give a few toes and shave my head in order to deliver vagi.nally.  Our little lady was also practice breathing – amazing to see – and did get the hiccups at one point – so cute.  She also kicked her brother in the head – we got a picture of that – which we will display with the one of him kicking her in the head!

I go strictly to a MFM practice and I have seen a bunch of different doctors there – this doctor was great.  He made me laugh when he was talking about how women pregnant with multiples start to get angry when they reach 37ish weeks – they are like, aren’t they supposed to be out by now?  He said that, in his experience, 40% of twins are born before 37 weeks and that 60% are born after 37 weeks and that I have a good shot at making it that far – no gestational diabetes – and although preeclampsia is always a possibility, my blood pressure is fabulous – it was 110/70 today.  

He did say that they would fill out my short term disa.bility paperwork whenever I am ready – I am measuring full term, the swelling of my feet and ankles at the end of the day is hideous (my stepson says my ankles look like coffee cans – tee hee) and I get a contraction when I go from sitting to standing almost every time.  Plus – I am flat out exhausted after working for even 6 hours.  And my shoes do not fit – I just ordered slippers that look like shoes (that is what I am going with) to start wearing…  And the foregoing will only get worse with time and I would really, really, really love to make it to 37-38 weeks but I have a feeling my uterus is going to give up on me before that…

So – happy, happy, joy, joy – all is well for now and I have stopped googling cord accidents and abruption and the like – I really, really want to enjoy this.

Finally, I am still overwhelmed by others’ generosity – my family, friends and coworkers are simply incredible and have been uber generous to us – we have just about everything – I will be finishing the nursery over the next few weeks and I promise to post pictures – it is going to be really cramped in there – but super cute.




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20 01 2010

How exciting!!!! They are growing big! 🙂 I am glad to hear they are head down so there is a good chance you can skip the C-section route possibly.

When do you plan to take short term disability? It would be nice ideally to take some time off before babies come to nest and do the things you need to do.

any trips to Atlanta before the babies arrive?

20 01 2010

Congrats! Those are wonderful numbers. I’m 37.3 weeks with twins and I’m defintely saying, “shouldn’t they be out by now?” I guess I better enjoy “normal” life until they come.

20 01 2010

I’m so glad that the twins are nice and strong!! I’m hoping that they will be able to avoid NICU. Look after yourself and don’t work too hard! xx

20 01 2010
Melissa G

Woo hooo for 9.6 pounds of babies!!! Time for new belly pics then right?!

I fricken love “hearing” the joy in your posts. I’m just so thrilled for you.

And again, thank you for all of your support. It means so much.

20 01 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

I’m so excited to hear your great news and to know the twins are growing like champs. Sorry to hear about the “coffee can ankles” but hopefully you can take it extra easy very very soon. Honestly, it is so good to hear positive stories of a person carrying twins. It gives me a glimmer of hope. 😉

20 01 2010

Wow, they’re growing like weeds! That’s amazing. Can I ask where you got the percentile info about the babies’ weight, if it was online somewhere? My own baby measured fairly large the other day (though not as big as yours!) and I’m curious what my percentile is.

I’m glad it’s going so well for you, and that you’re trying to enjoy it. 🙂

20 01 2010

Coffee cans, eh? You should post a pic of that 🙂
Glad everything is going and growing so well!

20 01 2010

Wow!!! Those babies are rock stars, indeed! With a rock star momma, too!

21 01 2010

Wow. My singleton measured 4lb11oz today at 33w5d. And is only 35th percentile. Your babies are apparently rock stars!

21 01 2010

fabulous, fabulous, fabulous news!! keep holding strong……….i’m so happy for you and your little rock stars!

21 01 2010
Miss MVK

Hooray for big babies and awesome work by your uterus! Go MAMA! Can you believe you’re going to meet your babies in less than two months? So exciting! Many hugs your way.

21 01 2010

Excellent news, and this gives me encouragement too. 🙂 You must find relief in the fact that they could probably be safely born at any time from here on out and they would do great. Congrats! P.S. Are you still popping zo.fran?

21 01 2010

wow. those are great weights!!! can’t wait for the nursery pictures! also..make sure you’re getting lots of rest and sitting with your feet up when you can!!! let’s get those coffee cans down a bit!


21 01 2010

I’m so excited for you after reading this post! They will be over 5lbs before you know it and hopefully that will keep them out of the NICU!! And that blood pressure is awesome!!!

23 01 2010

Wow, you do have some ROCK STAR babies! I can’t believe you are still working. I’m so glad I finally called it quits, I don’t know how I would still be dragging my butt into work each day – kudos to you!! Keep baking those babies!

23 01 2010

Sounds like you are doing fabulous!

23 01 2010

Wooohooo, I’m so glad everything is going so well! That sounds like great weight for 30 weeks!

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