Question for Internets – Doubl.e Joggin.g

24 01 2010

We have most of our baby gear – but I am totally torn about which double jogging stroller to buy.  Prior to IVF, I used to run – up to 8 miles a day – and I would really love to get back to jogging of some sorts (to help take off the 15 IVF pounds and the probably 55 that I will gain from this pregnancy).  So, Internets, please tell me – which double jogging stroller did you buy, why and do you love it?




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24 01 2010

We got the Bob Revolution Duallie. Obviously, we haven’t used it yet, but we put it together and tested it out and it rocks! It steers super easily, so I’ll be able to push/steer it with one had while walking our big dog with the other. The seats recline pretty far back, so I think the babies will be able to go in it pretty early. The tires are also nice and big and will make for a smooth ride. One of my best friends has the single version for her 10 month old and loves it. Happy shopping!

24 01 2010
Miss MVK

BOB Revolution Dualie with the 12″ AW wheels. I have the single version and I love it so much I can’t part with it despite having had many offers to buy it. It’s the best jogger out there and so easy to push and fold down. My friends with the Phil & Ted’s and City Mini all wish they’d gotten the BOB. Trust me on this!

25 01 2010

i don’t have one, but holy crap—it’s just hit me again! you’re having TWINS! you need a double stroller……….! i’m so happy for you and good luck finding the perfect stroller.

25 01 2010

Obviously we haven’t used it yet, but we ended up going with the Baby Jogger City Select (the new stroller by Baby Jogger). Ours is not a jogging stroller, but I thought I’d share what we decided to go with. Hope you are doing well! Grow babies, Grow!!

25 01 2010
Miss MVK

One more thing (just to show you how strongly I feel about this)! My good friend just had another baby and so she got the BOB Dualie Revolution. She sold her single BOB Rev. for $300 (she paid $389 for it) three years later. It sold after being on CL for one day. No bargaining or anything! They really retain their value, so you will easily be able to sell if when your babes have outgrown it. I just got back from a trip to the zoo with my BOB and pushing it, even in my *very* pregnant state was like pushing a cloud. Seriously! Oh and I recommend the 12″ wheels all the way around because it makes the stroller a bit more compact while retaining complete mobility. Ok, stepping off the soap box now!

25 01 2010

Oh ok, I’ll chime in on my research even though I haven’t bought one yet. I went to the local baby boutique with the hubby and we tested out the BOB, the Bumbleride, the City Jogger, and Phil and Ted’s then I read reviews online and there is a website that reviews the strollers complete with videos. Sorry, I can’t remember the name, but if you google stroller reviews I bet it comes up. The BOB was good (hubby didn’t like the way if folded) but I think the City Jogger was substantially cheaper and comparable to the BOB (and they’re on sale right now). Skip Phil and Ted. That leaves the Bumbleride, which is the one I’m leaning toward. It’s not for hard core joggers, but it has good suspension for off road type walks (we’re thinkging beach.) It’s also the most expensive but has lots of cool gadgets and accessories. Still, after I saw the sale that big box store is having on the city jogger right now, I’m tempted by it. Let me know what you decide!!!

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