Spectacular Night; My To-Do List; What to Bring to Hospital

27 01 2010

Last night was CRAZY.  My fault – but crazy.  I snacked before bed – just a “small” snack – mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli that I made.  I thought it would be fine, since I sleep sitting up on a bolster with eight pillows.  I went to bed at 11, I was up at 2:30 until about 4:30.  And then I ate a half of a turkey sandwich…  I then woke up at 5:30 throwing up and choking on the most painful, acidic bile ever, I could barely breathe.  I got that under control, went to the bathroom (had to take off my wrist guards that I sleep with to prevent carpal tunnel because I cannot wipe properly with them on – good times!!!!) and proceeded to completely slam my toes into Mr. M’s dresser.  I wanted to cry, get into the tub, fly to the Caribbean…it was rough!  I went back to bed until 9:45.  The only cool part of the night was that the babies were doing a ballet or something – they were moving around so much!  Truly – it takes the utter horror of some of this stuff down more than a few notches – grow, babies, grow!

Okay, so I need some accountability on my to-do list, so, sorry to bore you with it here (note, not in order of importance)!

  1. Start memory books (started);
  2. Clean refrigerator;
  3. Get family room ready for guests – we have a pull-out but I have hundreds of books that I need to donate/organize and I need to make it more comfortable;
  4. Clean and organize linen closet (making room for our whale of a tub and baby bath gear);
  5. Clean and organize medicine cabinet (I hog most of it, need to make more room for Mr. M);
  6. Finish belly picture/ultrasound book for the babies (my neuroses resulted in many, many ultrasounds!);
  7. Pack hospital bag (I just ordered some nursing nightgowns and a nursing bra);
  8. Make first aid kit;
  9. Make/buy feeding/diapering chart to keep track of all that stuff once babies get here; and
  10. Finish nursery.

My endurance is very, very limited and I cannot do much of this by myself (no lifting, etc.) – luckily for me, my stepson is home much of the time and is going to help me get all of this done!

I have all of the generic lists of what to bring to the hospital – what else should I bring to the hospital???




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27 01 2010
Miss MVK

Egads. What a night. I’m sorry!!! It IS getting to the really, really uncomfortable place now, isn’t it? Yesterday as I tried to put on a pair of boots, I realized that I can no longer bend down and it’s slip on shoes for me from now on.

As for what to take to the hospital, be sure to take your boppy or whatever nursing pillow you plan to use! Also bring several lip balms and some hand/foot lotion because for some reason the air in the hospital rooms is very drying. My favorite hand lotion is from Bath and Body Works and is called “Look Ma, New Hands!” Every time I smell it now, I think of when I had Piglet. 🙂

27 01 2010

Holy shit.

27 01 2010

What an awful night, you poor thing! I hope tonight is much better. I am starting to get into a pattern where I wake up at 3am and can’t go back to sleep. Fun times.

As for hospital stuff, I plan to bring some comfy pants, nursing tank/bra, robe, slippers, twin BFing pillow, toiletries, and blankets/outfits/hats for the babies.

My friend just sent me this nice idea for a twin schedule/log thing. I think I’m going to buy it:


27 01 2010

Yikes! That sucks 😦 I hope you are feeling better now!

I wish I took more belly pics, I only have one at 20 weeks. I will have to get on the ball now because that keepsake memory book sounds so nice!!!

27 01 2010

Hi there,
It sounds like you are big into the nesting phase! Good luck getting all your chores done – you will feel great when you have everything in it’s place.

As for packing the hospital bag, I will email you the checklist that I used.

I am so glad the babies are active and doing well. Take care of yourself!


27 01 2010

snacks!! you need a way to have some food when you need it-stat! 🙂 i was also psyched to shave my legs.

i *still* have not done anything with my US pics or the weekly pics we took!!

27 01 2010

Sounds like such a shitty night, oh my!
I get the want to cry/run away thing totally and I am only gestating me!

Seriously now, I am sorry for the discomforts and happy for you that it is clear you need to be not-at-work now, and
have any friends you can coerce to come help with the fridge (bending over?? not a great idea) and the linen closet?

If I were closer I would seriously volunteer.

Hope tonight is much less dramatic and uncomfortable (your poor toes),

sending love to you and your little ones,

28 01 2010

Don’t bring any clothes to the hospital that you would mind if it got ruined. Things get very messy postpartum…there is lots of blood, spit-up, urine, pooh, breast milk, etc. Just try not to over pack (I know, easier said than done). You probably won’t have any “free” time, and if you do you’d rather be sleeping than anything else. Make sure Mr. M has change…there may be quite a few trips to the vending machines and it could be any random hour of the day or night when the cafeteria may be closed.
Geesh…I could go on, but I’m sure you have it covered 🙂

2 02 2010

Bring warm socks, your own pillow ( handy as extra support for nursing and nicer than the scratchy hospital ones), your own duvet for comfort, nipple cream and shields in case you need them, your favourite parenting/ new baby book with a section on breast feeding, ear plugs and eye mask if you will be on a ward, baggy t shirts that won’t chafe sore boobs, lots of knickers, phone or devise with Internet access. So excited for you!

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