32 Weeks – Woot!

29 01 2010

I am 32 weeks today – it is unbelievable.  I am barely having any contractions – besides the normal pregnancy complaints – I am feeling quite well.

Also – I have posted a poll as to when you think I will deliver – they are not allowed to come before 34 weeks so I did not even list that as an option!  

Mr. M is so cute – like a kid at xmas – last night he looked at my stomach and was like “it is getting BIGGER” all gleeful and happy because that means our little ones are still kicking ass and taking names in there.  So, without further ado – here is my 32 week belly pic – and sorry if the bare belly grosses anyone out – I just think the black t-shirt is so slimming (haha) that I wanted to get the full picture out there!

My updated to-do list is below – thanks to everyone who had great suggestions on what to bring – and Maria – please go on and on about what to bring to the hospital!

Updated List:

  • Start memory books – started;
  • Clean refrigerator – done, except for side drawers;
  • Get family room ready for guests – we have a pull-out but I have hundreds of books that I need to donate/organize and I need to make it more comfortable;
  • Clean and organize linen closet (making room for our whale of a tub and baby bath gear);
  • Clean and organize medicine cabinet (I hog most of it, need to make more room for Mr. M);
  • Finish belly picture/ultrasound book for the babies (my neuroses resulted in many, many ultrasounds!) – up-to-date, just need to add those from here on out (FYI – I am using kod.ak gallery to make the book);
  • Pack hospital bag (I just ordered some nursing nightgowns and a nursing bra) – I am making a great list – thanks everyone for your suggestions;
  • Make first aid kit;
  • Make/buy feeding/diapering chart to keep track of all that stuff once babies get here I bought a six month supply of this:  http://www.justmultiples.com/twin-schedule-3mos.html
     – thanks Bella!!!
    ; and
  • Finish nursery – I ordered sheep wall decals, some clouds and a sun – we also had our fan/light installed – I am still waiting for my little cast.le chair and a ha.lf glider – I ordered it 8 weeks ago – ugh – should be here next week.
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    15 responses

    29 01 2010

    you’re too cute! you’re carrying so much lower than I did!

    we were looking for a stroller that would last for many years, too. i ended up going with the city classic from baby jogger. you can get at ebay for under 400. we also liked the mountain buggy. phil and teds bought the company and made some good changes (two canopy’s instead of one, etc), but that one was close to 700… let me know what one you pic!

    29 01 2010

    congrats! Hey, what kind of maternity jeans are those? they look great.

    29 01 2010

    What a gorgeous belly pic! When I see these I wonder how in the world those shows exist–I didn’t know I was pregnant! I’ve even seen one with a twin pregnancy. Sheesh.

    You’re knocking that to-do list right on down, that feels so great!

    29 01 2010

    You look great! I love the bare belly shot…I’m jealous that you have no stretch marks! You’ve gotten a ton done! Way to go! Congrats on 32 weeks…what a great milestone!!!

    29 01 2010

    Congrats! Great belly shot. I have no belly shots as of yet. I will need to get on the ball. I voted 38 weeks- these babies are coming full term!!!! 🙂

    29 01 2010

    Great pic. I’m too embarrassed to post mine. But apparently not too embarrassed to talk about turds. Go figure. I’ll make my list off yours! It’s great being able to copy!! 🙂

    29 01 2010

    I think the bare belly pic is fabulous. You look great. Good job on your list so far!!

    29 01 2010

    You’re looking great! I’ve seen people look like that with one at 32 weeks, so you’re carrying your babies well. And making good progress on that to-do list. Maybe I need to make one myself!

    29 01 2010
    Melissa G

    Wow,that’s a big list. I though you were supposed to be resting!

    Thanks for the belly pics – SUPER cute.

    29 01 2010

    I can’t believe there are TWO babies in that belly of yours!!!!! OMG this is getting so exciting that you’re already 32 weeks!!

    What else to bring…or to leave home…
    This may be obvious to you, but I’m going to say it anyway since I know more than one person who got it wrong. Make sure you bring maternity clothes to wear home. You will NOT fit into your pre-pg clothes just yet 😀

    Bring soap from home. The stuff at the hospital is worse than hotel soap (same for shampoo/conditioner). LOL.

    Bring some hand lotion that isn’t too fragrant. You’ll be very dry from the heat in the hospital and you’ll put lotion on often so you don’t want the smell to get to you, or the babies (I seriously just typed “baby” and had to delete to write plural!!).

    Leave magazines and books behind (maybe just bring one). You won’t have the time to do any leisurely reading.

    Bring your cell phone charger and make sure you have all VIP’s phone numbers/emails.

    If you’re bringing a robe, make sure it’s long enough to cover your backside. Mine was not and I had to wear a second hospital gown backwards to cover my tush.

    If you deliver vaginally, a great way to “cushion” yourself is with an egg crate foam pad. An even better way is to use a small pool inner tube.

    If you end up having a c-section, ask for the belt-thingy that looks like a weight lifting belt. I helps hold things in place and takes pressure off your incision.

    Opt for socks over slippers. They’re much safer when walking the halls with babies in tow (which the nurses will make sure you do a lot).

    If you bring your own pillow, use two layers of old pillow cases. That will keep any mess off the pillow itself and you won’t feel bad if the cases get ruined (mine did when I puked on them after my spinal. Yuck).

    Well, I think that’s enough for now 🙂

    30 01 2010

    wow! you look fabulous! i’m too shy to post my belly pics. thanks for sharing yours…i’m almost certain i must be having twins since i’ll be 32 wks on tuesday and i think my tummy is right on par with yours. 🙂

    i’m so happy your babies are staying put and you’re feeling great!! now i’m going to put my vote in for when they’ll come……..i’m thinking 36 wks!! not long now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31 01 2010
    IF Optimist (Traci)

    My lawrd woman, you’re organized and have a gorgeous belly and the kiddos are doing great. YAAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOO! I voted for 37 weeks, a mixture of nice and well developed twins minus a week of late term discomfort for you!

    31 01 2010
    Miss MVK

    I love reading your weekly milestones because that means I am not too far behind! Your belly is adorable.

    Great to hear that you are feeling so good right now! Guess what – almost a week without puking for moi! Still taking two Zofran a day but that sure beats the 4-5 I was taking before. Almost free!

    Can you even believe how close you are to meeting your babies? Hooray!

    1 02 2010

    I totally hear you on the crying over dumb shit thing! That’s pretty much how I spent my entire weekend. Sometimes I didn’t even really know why I was crying! I haven’t really been very hormonal either (IMO at least 🙂 up until now. I almost have to laugh at myself…I’m such a mess! Feel better and hang in there! You are getting really close too!!

    2 02 2010

    You look so awesome! Sorry I haven’t been around much. I think of you often and can’t wait to hear about your little ones!

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