Crying Jag

1 02 2010

I have had a great pregnancy as far as mood swings are concerned (I do not count the sheer terror of the first tri and the sheer terror of thinking the babies have died/are dying, etc. – I feel that is a natural side effect of my history).  However, this morning, I cried my eyes out.  Over nothing.  My husband did not come running fast enough when I called for him last night (both babies were hiccuping at the same time and I wanted him to feel it, I wanted some help with some perineal massage and, even though it is impossible, I wanted to try and get a little frisky).  That on top of the fact my stepson has been a lazy bum around the house the last few days sent me over the edge this morning.  

I was on the phone with my husband’s employer – they f’ed up his W2 – and started to tear up a little.  My stepson left for class and I started crying like a five year old.  I called my sister and completely vented.  I then got in the shower and cried uncontrollably for about 5 minutes – literally like a five year old.  I am not a big cryer – but man – it was crazy and it kind of scared me!   I feel better after showering, putting on makeup, curling my hair and wearing “real” clothes and not pajamas.

For you women who do strict bed rest or hospital bed rest for weeks and weeks and weeks – I give you all the props in the world.   I am a crying wreck after only a week of modified bed rest!




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1 02 2010

Aw hon- that sucks 😦 Sometimes it can all just build up, and without your job to give you distraction with other things going on it can all build up faster than you knew possible.

But hey- it means the hormones are doing their thang… which is good. . . I’m glad that the shower and getting ready helped you feel better.

They are almost here! Just a little big longer! You will make it through!

1 02 2010

Hey sweetie

I’m not a crier either, but I have found in the last trimester that little things can overwhelm me (and the tears start for no apparent reason). For me it started when I finished work. I think it was just the enormity of the adjustment from working woman, to being-at-home waiting and waiting for the baby to arrive. I feel much better now that I only have a short time to go.
So I think what you are going through is completely normal. Life is about to change big time, and although it is wonderful, it is also a little scary.
Look after yourself and cry whenever you want to!

1 02 2010

Thought this might make you smile:


1 02 2010

Well, you already heard me ramble on about the very same thing in my last post and I’m not technically on bed rest at all (just have to try and keep my feet up as much as possible). I’m just a hormonal mess with no excuse! 🙂 At least we know it’s normal right? I read somewhere today that crying in the end of pregnancy is good because it’s you bodies way of letting go of the stress built up during pregnancy so you can have faster/better labor. Don’t know if it’s really true, but I thought it was an interesting philosophy! Hang in there…just a few weeks left!!

1 02 2010

Breathe. Only a few more weeks and then you’re going to have 2 little creatures doing all the crying! 🙂

1 02 2010

Ugh. Hormonally-enhanced moods are the very worst. Hang in there. Thinking of you and wishing a bit of respite for you.

2 02 2010

Whoever said we didn’t cry like a five year old!!?? Welcome to the club. You are one of us now 😀

Oh, one more thing to add to your list if I haven’t mentioned it before. If you have trouble with breastfeeding (if you’re going to try it) and your little ones have trouble latching on, ask for a breast shield. Since EJ was so small, his mouth wasn’t big enough to fit around my DD(!) nipples so the breast shield was a HUGE help.

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