MFM Appointment; Hospital Bag

2 02 2010

I had a doctor’s appt this morning – it was great to get out of the house – and great to see them on the quick in-office u/s – both still head down!  It is so cool – I can see their little bums in my stomach – especially when I have a little contraction.  

My biggest complaint is that my pubic symphysis is expanding/separating?  All I know is that I am in agony when I go from sitting to standing and when I walk about 70% of the time.  It really, really hurts.  My doc told me to take some tyle.nol and they would give me tyle.nol 3 if it continues to get worse…I hate the thought of taking another med but I am telling you – it really hurts!  

I had a non stress test today – both babies are doing fabulously – and my doc is having me come in twice a week for NSTs!  Yay – for getting out of the house and yay for extra reassurance that the babies are doing well.

Here is the list I have compiled for my hospital bag – thanks to all for your suggestions and let me know what else I should think about!

  1. Nursing tops (I am going to wear the hospital gowns as long as I can so as not to ruin my stuff);
  2. Slippers;
  3. Socks
  4. Earplugs;
  5. Wireless speaker and IPOD;
  6. Exercise ball;
  7. Tennis balls (for Mr. M to massage me with!);
  8. Twin nursing pillow;
  9. Some of my pillows;
  10. Computer and charger;
  11. Digital camera, video camera and chargers;
  12. Phone and charger;
  13. Phone numbers (including my insurance co so they can ship me my pump ASAP);
  14. Chapstick;
  15. Lotion;
  16. Snacks;
  17. Case of water;
  18. Maxi pads;
  19. Underwear (although I have been told to stock up on the lovely mesh undies from the hospital!);
  20. Lasinoh;
  21. Hand sanitizer;
  22. Baby blankets;
  23. Diaper bag with some wipes and diapers;
  24. Outfits for the babies to come home in, including hats, booties and mittens;
  25. Burp cloths;
  26. My own toiletries;
  27. Trash bag;
  28. Flip flops for the shower; 
  29. Extra bag to take stuff home with me; and
  30. Folder for Sugar and Spice’s paperwork.

I am SO EXCITED to meet them but I really do not want to meet them before 36 weeks!




12 responses

2 02 2010

Thanks for the list of things you’re taking. Until I read blogs, I was planning to just go there with me, myself, and I. I guess I’ve been so long in the “getting pregnant” I kind of forgot that the baby will need things (as will I) after he gest here, lol. I will be referring back to this list frequently.

One piece of advice a new mom gave me is to take an empty bag and fill up on the sample formulas and diapers and wipes they have in the room. Apparently at laeast at her hospital they didn’t mind and she stil has newborn diapers from the hospital and her baby is four weeks old!

2 02 2010

I packed my baby’s diaper bag, too, but I never used it. The hospital has plenty of diapers, wipes, nipple cream, etc; in fact, there was enough for me to bring some home afterward. They tell you to take everything from the room. They also have maxipads, and the mesh undies are great!

2 02 2010

Your hospital-bag plan rocks! I totally hope to steal it someday! (And, if I haven’t said it lately – because I’ve turned into a crap commenter – I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough for your support. You have been there at every turn of this horrific journey, and I appreciate it so much, even when I fall off the commenting board for days or weeks on end. Thank you.)

2 02 2010
Miss MVK

HOLY CRAP. IS *THAT* WHAT THIS HORRIFYING PAIN IS CALLED? Pubic Symphasis?! Because you described it to a tee. Getting up off the couch and then walking around is torture. I broke down and ordered a “prenatal cradle” today. Lemme tell you, it is dead sexy. 🙂

SO happy for you that your babes are doing so well! And you are so organized! Way to go!!!

2 02 2010

Your list is great! Other things I’ve read and added to mine: scrapbook paper for the footprints for baby/memory books) (the nurses apparently will do it for you while you are there) and you might want to consider a preemie sized outfit for each besides a newborn outfit- depending on their size at birth.

2 02 2010

That list is great–I love lists. The only thing I can for sure comment on is the mesh panties. I have to admit, I love those things. After so many freakin’ IF surgeries I always got a pair and they were lovely–not to look at, but so comfy. And the stretching they can do is freakishly amazing.

3 02 2010

You won’t need diapers wipes ect for the babies hospital gives you all that! DO take TP!!! And maybe a few different cloths for the babies you may be there a few days and you would also want something to take the hospital photos in! Preemie cloths is a good idea too! Good luck! OH and something for you to come home in 🙂

3 02 2010


time is a going.. not to much longer.. Hope the pain does not get worse..


3 02 2010

That is quite a list! I’m sure you’ll find you won’t use half of it (and the hospital will have most of it, but I always pack for the “just in case” stuff. LOL.

3 02 2010

Thanks for the hospital bag list. I haven’t packed anything yet. Don’t know where my hypnobirthing scripts are, or where my IPOD is. Not good! I’d better do some serious unpacking at the new house for the rest of the week.
Glad the NSTs were perfect. And that you’re almost at 33 weeks. That’s great!

3 02 2010

Wow, what a great list. Thanks for posting. (You know I’m hoping to pirate it later! 🙂 ). And pubic symphasis…was wondering what that was. You described it perfectly. I have been having that same soreness, thought there was something wrong with me.

3 02 2010

If you think that you may want to start any supplements , like mother’s milk tea to help with your milk supply then you may want to take them with you and you may want to pack some over the counter meds for your husband for headache as well as things for him for indigestion etc. There is nothing worse then having hubby being indisposed and having to send him out for drugs because of course he can’t get anything from the hospital pharmacy and often when he needs something then the hospital gift shop is closed! Hope this helps.

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