, Hip Belt or a Walker?

3 02 2010

OMG – this pubic symphysis pain is out of this world – I called my doctor’s office today and these are my immediate choices:

  1. Tyle.nol with code.ine – no thanks, not right now;
  2. Some kind of hip belt that I need to go downtown to get fitted for – okay, I will try this, they are calling in the Rx today – Miss MVK – I will let you know if it sexier than  your prenatal cradle…; and/or
  3. A WALKER!!!!!  WHAT THE FUCQ?  I laughed for like ten minutes – is it totally vain of me or what – but I was like, I would try the codeine before I strutted about town with a FUCQING WALKER.  I am laughing right now like mad, crazed woman – I doubt I could maneuver it properly because of the awesome carpal tunnel wrist guards I wear (okay, now just being dramatic, I only wear them to bed).

Disclaimer:  All funniness aside, the pain was so bad at some point this morning I almost cried and could barely walk – and you know what – to keep them safe and me safe if I have to use a WALKER, then I will.  I took some regular tylen.ol and a warm bath – it helped.   Honestly, I am not complaining – I am seriously bowled over by being so lucky to be where I am right now and I want Sugar and Spice to stay in the womb for weeks and weeks more – I am not wishing them out – or unhappy about being pregnant.   But fucq, it hurts – and I hope this does not screw up my chances for a delivery…




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3 02 2010

So very sorry you are hurting!
Gosh, I hope the low tech measures (hip belt??) work wonders.
And being uncomfortable does not for one minute sound like you are anything other than happy (miraculously so) to be pregnant– no worries about that!
please take care of yourself however you can, You Matter Lisa, not just as a rock star gestatory superhero.

Hope you are much more comfortable soon.

3 02 2010

A walker?!? I had to LOL at that one. (Not laughing at you, just picturing myself using one is pretty amusing to me.) Isn’t it great to feel 80? Just the other day at the grocery I seriously considered getting on of those little motorized carts ride in. I didn’t, but I wanted to! 🙂

All joking aside, though, I really hope you feel better ASAP! You don’t sound ungrateful to be PG at all! It really is hard here at the end! Hang in there! Almost there!

3 02 2010

If you end up using a walker you just HAVE to post pictures, lol. So sorry you’re in so much pain!! It will all be worth it in the end when Sugar and Spice are here, safe and sound. 🙂

3 02 2010

Ugh, I had to look it up to figure out what it was. It sounds horrible.

Ahem, I used a walker when I broke my knee and just wasn’t having the crutches. Yes, I felt like an old lady, but I also didn’t go out that much so it wasn’t a huge deal. Get the walker! 🙂

I admire you for being so anti-drug. Hope you find some relief, quickly.

3 02 2010

Oh goodness! You poor thing! All of those options sound less than ideal! Talk about sacrificing for the kids (before they even arrive). It sounds like you are trying to keep a sense of humor about this experience.
Let us know what you decide.

3 02 2010

I’m sorry you are in so much pain. I’ve never even heard of this condition… You are really brave for not accepting the codeine. Brava!
good luck with the walker, and yes, post pictures if you go that route. 😉
healing vibes to you

3 02 2010

Is it me, or do all of these “solutions” seem a bit lame? Seriously, I hope something gives you some relief, because it sounds purely miserable, but sheesh! Modern medicine and they want to truss you up & give you something to hold onto?

Thinking of you (and yeah, I’ll definitely want to see pictures of the lady-truss & the walker. Together, please, perhaps with you looking loopy from taking so much codeine…)

3 02 2010
Miss MVK

I just got the email from Amazon that my awesome jock strap on steroids shipped so I will let you know ASAP! From what I have heard, floating around so you can feel “weightless” in the pool is really helpful. Dude, the pain sucks, but I think yours has surpassed mine. No walker was mentioned at my appointment yesterday. You poor thing!!!

3 02 2010

I’m sorry your pain is so bad. I hope which ever solution you end up trying does make a world of difference, walker or not!

3 02 2010

Oh my. I have to say the idea of a walker is surprising and kinda funny (don’t hate me). I think the pool idea is a great idea if you have access to one…

I hope the brace thing works!

4 02 2010

Oh how I feel your pain! I actually called my doctor on Saturday night because I was in TERRIBLE pain. Everytime I stood up, I felt like my legs were going to buckle from pain. Taking a step forward seemed impossible. Then there is the middle of the night rolling over pain which is almost the WORST. I have on more than one occassion woke up with tears in my eye and my husband telling me I was groaining in my sleep! Needless to say….I feel your pain!! Keep me posted how the support belt works, if it works for you, I may request a script and try one myself!!

4 02 2010

Oh gawd. I don’t know what to say to this.

4 02 2010

I’m so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. I’m cringing as I think about it, but then the laughter took over when I picture you with a walker 😀

4 02 2010

At least your doc gave you 3 options. Mine said, “This is normal and will last until you deliver. You can take tylenol.” Thanks. I did that and it didn’t help.

I have been using a belly-holder-upper-back-brace and it seems to help a bit, but it’s uncomfortable to wear while seated.

Here’s to being happy about pregnancy, while in pain. 🙂 It’s worth it for the bambinos.

5 02 2010

sorry to hear you’re in such pain…i love to hear your determination to do whatever it takes to keep your babies safe and sound. i just hope it doesn’t continue to hurt like hell for the duration!

5 02 2010

my friend had the same pain. it was so bad that she couldn’t get comfortable in ANY position at the end 😦 so bad that despite how much she wants another baby she won’t even consider it now (also b/c of all of the IF tx it took, i’m sure).

yuck. it might be fun to use a walker for a bit, though. just think of what kinds of looks you would draw. people would wonder if you needed a walker BEFORE you were pregnant, too…..

you’re getting soooooooo close! i can’t wait!!!


5 02 2010

Go to a chiropractor who is expereinced in dealing with PS. If you lived near by, I’d send you to mine, it’s one of her sepcialites. She cured a woman of incontinence by fixing it. Really. I swear. Chiropractic or osteopathy. Safe for all involved.

5 02 2010

Awe, I’m sorry your in so much pain. Seriously, twin pregnancies are very very hard, people don’t realize that unless they’ve done it. I spent 7 weeks on strict bedrest, my body hurt all over.

The stretching of the ligament and opening of the pelvis, that pain should come and go and it is okay to take Tylenol with a little bit of codeine in it. Because of my migraines I had to take it once in awhile with doctors permission of course.

Think about it, it’s important your not stressed or your blood pressure doesn’t spike because of the pain…both of those could cause labor too.

Hang in there, your on the home stretch!!!

7 02 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

Sorry to hear that you are dealing with such pain. Hope one of the solutions works for you. And seriously…a walker? Well, I hope it doesn’t come to that. Yikes.

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